MTHFR GENE MUTATION Diet, lifestyle and supplements (with Troubleshooting guide)

have you got the MTHFR gene mutation and you're wondering what diet lifestyle or supplement changes you should be making or perhaps you've already tried meth or followed and you just don't seem to tolerate it even though you genetic codes suggest that you should benefit from it well these are the topics that we're going to discuss in today's video if you haven't already seen my video on MTHFR symptoms and health conditions I suggest that you do that first if you haven't met me before I'm dr. Janelle Sinclair and on this youtube channel we discuss natural strategies for depression and anxiety so if you're interested in that topic please subscribe so let's move on and talk about intensified gene mutation and treatment considerations now let's discuss how you should compensate for the MTHFR gene mutations I say compensate for rather than treat a genetic mutation because we're not actually treating the gene we're just compensating for the biochemical glitch that it's causing so we're going to talk today about diet medications to avoid lifestyle changes and supplementation with the supplementation I'll talk about the different types of supplements you could consider in the dosages and also troubleshooting so if your genetic codes suggest that you should do really well on these supplements but you don't I'll give you some different options there so if I just want you to keep in mind that if you hear azygous 4 in MTHFR genetic weakness then you should just really be concentrating on the diet communications to avoid any lifestyle changes you may consider a b-complex or a multivitamin containing some methyl formate but by and large you really should be concentrating on the diet to help support a genetic weakness whereas a few homozygous for an MTHFR and genetic weakness or your heterozygous for both of the MTHFR snaps that we discussed them in the previous video then in addition to the diet and lifestyle recommendations you should also consider supplementation and really if if you're doing well and you're healthy you may only need minimal supplementation support however if you've got a condition like we said like we discussed in the previous video like depression or infertility it's more likely that you're going to need higher doses of supplements I've put all the treatment considerations for the MTHFR gene into a free report for you you can download that report by using the link in the description below so I think the most important consideration when it comes to compensating for the MTHFR genetic weaknesses is to eat folate and vitamin b12 rich foods so ensure you're getting at least a couple of servings of these a day so here's a list of the folate rich foods they include citrus fruits broccoli romaine lettuce spinach beets avocado seeds and nuts asparagus beans peas and lentils now this is a post that I put up on Instagram so if you haven't joined me via please do it dr. Janelle Sinclair so secondly ensure that you're eating enough vitamin b12 rich foods and these include organic liver fish red meat and eggs now I recommend that you avoid a vegan or vegetarian diet if you do have these MTH of a generic weaknesses the vegan and vegetarian diets are very low in vitamin b12 and it's such an important nutrient for the methylation cycles another option is obviously just to supplement vitamin b12 but be very vigilant about doing that also consider that cooking destroys folate so make sure that you're getting some of these rich folate foods eating them raw okay also you need to avoid supplements and food containing folic acid so because the in th of our gene mutation means that you've got a weakness and convening folic acid until there the active form of folate you don't want to go and put more folic acid in your body you're just overloading an already weak system also avoid folic acid blocking drugs such as birth control and methotrexate also nitrous oxide or gas which is used in dentistry and childbirth will also put stress on the methylation systems also avoid antacids as these block the absorption of vitamin b12 and other important nutrients for methylation so another way to improve methylation and the body is to remove toxins from your environment basically if the the body's trying to get rid of toxins that's using up lots of its methyl groups so methylation is being reduced with those toxins around so also support toxic detoxification and pro sleep and reduce stress as all of these will improve methylation I've discussed this in a previous video that talked about epigenetics in methylation and that's the video that is showing via okay now let's just talk about supplementation to improve methylation so the first thing that you want to consider is supplementing with a B complex or multivitamin with methylfolate or methyl b12 so this is a great option for anyone that is heterozygous for the MTHFR synapse in anyone that's healthy in heads they're homozygous I mean in MTHFR snips the products that i've shown here and the screw on screen by seeking health as some really great options now i've joined as an affiliate with seeking health because i believe in the products so much and so you can find some affiliate thanks to these products in the description below and you'll be supporting this YouTube channel now don't forget to download your free report on the MTHFR gene and treatment considerations I'm including all these dietary recommendations as well as links to the supplements and troubleshooting too if you're homozygous for the n-th of fast notes you may want to consider supplementing with methyl folate and vitamin b12 so my suggestion is that you start with vitamin b12 first before you add in any methylfolate this just helps open up the methylation cycle and the methylation pathways and can reduce any side effects with these these products so you can start with 500 to a thousand micrograms a day and take this for about a week before you add any methylfolate so the usually the form of vitamin b12 that I recommend is methyl cobalamin but you may not tolerate this if you have a genetic weakness and the content and we'll discuss that a little bit later and also in next week's video so after adding in vitamin b-12 then you can add in some methylfolate and the adult dose for this is 400 to 800 micrograms a day and if you're very unwell or you have severe depression or infertility this dose may go up to even 1,600 micrograms a day but my suggestion is that you start low on around 200 micrograms a day and build up slowly because then you'll avoid any side effects with meth or folate and there's a seeking health product via active b12 with mthe Rodgers methylfolate so that's a really great option and it's a Lawson so you can cut it in quarters so you can start with a quarter to begin with and then build up maybe every three days taking the extra quarter okay so some of these there are potential side effects with methylfolate and some of the symptoms include anger outbursts headache migraine rashes irritability anxiety joint pain muscle pain and Sonya and depression so I know that some of you will be taking methylfolate to treat depression and/or a treat migraine but the thing is what you're looking for is any new symptoms okay so if you've never had migraine before and you start to get migraine after starting the methylfolate then that's potentially a side effect from the supplements so look for any new side of new side effects or symptoms after you've started the methylfolate so let's talk about how you can reduce these side effects will avoid them altogether or what to do if you get them okay so firstly start on a low dose of methyl folate and b12 and build up slowly so more is not always better because you don't want to over missile eight but you don't want to under methylate either so it's just trying to find that balance dr. bean lunch talks sometimes about just taking it every second day also you know taking it for three days and having a day off so and just keep consider that for the future if if you're not quite sure if it's working right for you also if you're having side effects like muscle aches and real pain in your body it may be hid its consider taking electrolyte and this is a seeking health optimal electrolyte and that's been formulated begin by dr. bean lunch and he's the one that has recommended that people take the electrolyte and that can really reduce the side effects with methylfolate okay so moving on can when you consider about side effects of of the methylfolate remember that when you're increasing methylation in the body you're actually increasing detoxification so some of these side effects can be due to the body actually just going through a normal detoxification of so if you are reacting badly to methylfolate again just drop the dose and build up slowly but also support your detoxification pathways so taking charcoal or something like toxic prevent which is a zeolite product can reduce side effects and take them separately at separate time so in between meals so is take the charcoal and toxa prevent separately to the methylfolate okay also infrared saunas are a great way to support detoxification and the body also just check that you're having a regular bowel motion everyday because yeah you want to make sure that you are going regularly drinking enough water so one and a half to two liters of water a day and even juicing vegetable juicing is a great way to support the kidneys so if you've followed the suggestions for troubleshooting you're still having problems with the methylfolate even though you have you're homozygous for the MTHFR genetics snaps and and another option is to take a little bit of nice and alongside than methyl b12 and their miss or folate just helps balance out their methylation and you can take fifty milligrams and seeking health make a nice and lozenge and remember the affiliate links are down below in the description the other option is to take hydroxy b12 and awful and the acid supplements instead of them methylated b12 and methylated folate so the this is giving the methylation cycles the vitamin the vitamin b12 and the folate but it's not giving them the methyl groups and so just for sensitive people this can help improve methylation but as doesn't yea give you those side effects and this is usually I'm really good for a great option for anyone with the Conti genetic weakness so if you are have the con teach and in it weakness in a homozygous for that this is a consideration that and yeah that you might want to follow I've put all this information together about MTHFR and its treatment considerations and I'll put that into a free report for you so I suggest you download it there's a link in the description below this video and if you haven't joined me on Facebook or Instagram yet check me out at dr. Jenelle Sinclair thanks for watching the video and I'll see you next time


  1. Download my free MTHFR symptoms and treatment guide. Have you tested your MTHFR genetic SNPs? What did you find? Did it help your health?

  2. One of the most informative videos I've seen on how to compensate for MTHFR mutations in a LONG time. Great information, particularly about how to start taking supplements, the order in which you should begin your regimen, what type of negative side effects you can expect to see, and what you should do if you experience them. Bookmarking and sharing!

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