MSP Functional Fitness Assessment Test

Regardless of gender, all applicants are
required to complete the following exercises without rest in between at least
eighteen pushups in one minute, at least 27 set up some one minute, flexibility
test reaching at least 1.4 inches beyond the feet, and a 1.5 mile run under 15 minutes and 20 seconds pushups
are to be performed in plank position hands shoulder width apart with feet
together the chest must touch the instructors fist with each repetition an arms must fully
extend upon the return. Incorrect methods include not touching
the instructors fist and not fully extending the arms ways
cannot tip or raise the break up the plank position.
Resting is only allowed in the upright position and any knee down in the test. Sit-ups are to be performed in a seated position
with legs in a 45 degree angle with hands cuffed behind ears. Elbows
must meet the knees and shoulder blades must touch the
ground on each repetition. Incorrect methods include kipping
elevating the buttocks off the ground. Resting is only allowed
in the upright position the flexibility test requires a sit and reach with a slight bend in the knees applicant must reach and pause at least
1.4 inches beyond his or her feet in three attempts.
Incorrect methods include too much bend at the knees for failing to stop at the final
measurement. Trooper applicants are required to complete an additional
handgun trigger pull test


  1. What's the point of 1.5 mile run?

  2. Despite the 1.5 mile run it looks like the MSP physical test is slightly easier then the Baltimore Police department simply because Baltimore City its 29 sit ups in 1 minute. I could only do 22. 20 push ups in 1 minute I did 20. Then the bench press. And the flexibility is 16.5 inches for BPD. So hopefully I can pass the MSP written and physical exams and since the written for me isnt until 7/2/13 I have plenty of time to get in shape.

  3. Basically all police departments want to make sure all candidates are in proper shape for the position and thats one thing that they require that you can go. I never did the 1.5 mile run when I took the Baltimore Police department physical agility test since i failed the sit up part and gave up once that occured. But I have plenty of time to get my butt in shape for the MSP physical test since i dont take the written until July. And it may be a few weeks from the pass of that to the physical.

  4. When did they add the 1.5 mile run? I passed a different test back in the early 90's which consisted of sit ups, push ups, pull ups, and I believe it was the squat thrust for cardio.

  5. I was in the army for 5 years I'm 24 now about to be 25 in December. Idk y everyone is worried and trying to find the (easy) way. If you need help getting in shape I can help I scored iver 300 on my pt tests and my 2 mile run I ran in 1235. My pushups were 99 in 2 minutes so its possible. Jidt train hard eat right n everything will work out. What I want to know is who gets paid more state or county?

  6. Why the numbers of the candidates are usually small? Does it meant that, every Police Department selects the best applicants? I have Physical test on 2/2014. I hope I pass the written test and the agility test.

  7. Don't walk run!!! Most hated state 5 million truckers voted

  8. How about a comprehensive bill of rights test!

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