(upbeat instrumental music) – My recovery and keeping
my MS in remission started almost 20 years ago in the kitchen when I started the MS Best Bet Diet that was created by my father, Dr. Ashton Embry, in 1995. I cannot stress how
important this diet has been in keeping me healthy. I started the diet six
weeks after I was diagnosed and never looked back. So if you’re 100% committed to MS Hope and controlling your MS
without the use of drugs, you have to be committed
to changing your diet. So what exactly is the MS Best Bet Diet? Well at the bottom of this webpage, there’s a downloadable
PDF that will give you a detailed roadmap of the foods you need to totally eliminate, the
foods you need to reduce, and the foods you can eat. Before you download the
PDF, I’m going to give you a brief overview of the diet. Let’s get started with the foods you need to totally eliminate. Dairy products, foods that include gluten, legumes, foods with high sugar content, foods that cause an allergic reaction. And when you eliminate dairy products, I mean all dairy products. This includes milk and milk of all kinds, 1%, 2%, creamers, all of it’s got to go. All cheeses, yogurt, ice cream, and any product that has
milk or milk ingredients on the label. You’ve got to check them all. Now I know this is
going to be challenging, but it can be done,
and you may worry about your calcium levels, but we’ll talk about supplements later. The second group of foods
that you need to eliminate are any products with gluten in it. Now gluten is a protein
that exists in grains like wheat, rye, spelt, and barley, and gluten is in countless products. Gluten is in products like
breads, pastas, cakes, buns, salad dressing, granola bars,
cookies, cereal, and crackers. All of these foods with
gluten need to be eliminated, and you are literally going
to have to check every label on the products you buy to
make sure they’re gluten free. Now. There are a number of
products on the market now that are gluten free because they’re made from grains like rice,
but you’re going to have to check the label to
make sure there’s no milk or they’re not high in sugar. Next on the elimination list is legumes. Now legumes include beans of all kinds, lentils, peanuts, peanut
butter, and all soy products. Now if you’re at the health food store, you’ll see dairy alternatives, but these are mostly made from soy, and we don’t consider that
healthy in the MS Best Bet Diet. You also need to eliminate
foods with high sugar content. This includes soft drinks,
candy, chocolate bars, desserts, and fruit
juices with high sugar, like orange juice or apple juice. And now that you’re checking
the labels at the supermarket, you can’t buy any product with sugar as the first, second, or
third ingredient on the label. Finally, any foods that
cause an allergic reaction need to be eliminated. To determine what foods
you’re allergic to, first monitor how you feel
after you’ve eaten something, and I highly recommend that you set up an Elisa blood food allergy test with a naturopathic doctor. This test will help you
determine what foods you’re allergic to and was a huge help in helping me refine my
diet and keeping me healthy. Now there are a number of other foods that need to be reduced. Foods that need to be reduced include foods with saturated fat, foods with omega six polyunsaturated fat, non gluten grains, alcohol. Alright, here are the food
groups that need to be reduced. Saturated fat. Saturated fat is found in all red meat. Now red meat can be eaten, but I only eat it once a
week and only lean cuts. Omega six polyunsaturated fats. Now these fats are found
in products like margarine and salad dressings. What I do is I use olive
oil for my dressings and in my cooking. Non glutenous grains. These grains include rice, corn, and oats. Now non glutenous grains can be eaten, but only in moderation,
and you should really see how you feel. Personally I avoid most grains altogether because when I eat them,
I have a little bit of a brain fog and I
don’t feel all that good. But if you’re okay with them, in moderation they should be fine. Alcohol. Now the Best Bet Diet doesn’t
recommend alcohol at all, but we all have our moments, so we recommend red wine
if you are going to drink, and try to avoid beer altogether. So those are the foods
you need to eliminate and the foods you need to reduce. So you’re probably asking
yourself what can I eat? No milk, no cheese, no bread, no beer. Well here are the foods that we recommend on the MS Best Bet Diet and the foods that I’ve been eating since my diagnosis and I’ve been in remission. Low fat animal protein, fruits and vegetables, supplements. Low fat animal protein includes
skinless chicken breasts, fish of all kinds, and
lean cuts of red meat. Personally I’ll have a serving
of protein at every meal. I do this for energy. It also makes me feel full. Second, fruits and vegetables. There’s literally no end to
how many fruits and vegetables you can eat on a daily
basis for this diet. Personally I keep my fruit
consumption fairly low and eat lots of vegetables,
especially leafy greens. This is for fiber, carbohydrates,
and micro nutrients. Third, the MS Best Bet Diet
recommends supplements. At the bottom of this webpage, there is a detailed PDF that will tell you all the supplements you
need and the specific doses. However, there are four supplements that you need to take on a
daily basis without question. That includes vitamin
D, calcium magnesium, omega three essential fatty
acids, and probiotics. These need to be taken every single day and the specific doses are
on the downloadable PDF. So that’s a brief overview
of the MS Best Bet Diet that I’ve been following
since my diagnosis in 1995. I understand that making
these dietary changes is challenging and requires
enormous dedication and energy, but I and many others around the world, are living proof that it works. Once you commit to this
diet, there’s no going back. It’s a commitment to a
healthy way of living and a healthy way of eating, and a healthy way to control
your multiple sclerosis. Once again, all the information
you need for the diet and for the supplements
are in downloadable PDFs at the bottom of the webpage. This is MS Hope.


  1. Great video, thank you! So easy to understand and follow, albeit a challenge as a foodie.

  2. Thanks so much. I emailed you a couple of weeks back , thanks for your response. My son is now on this diet, he does eat the rice and some of the gluten free products as he has trouble keeping his weight up with the job he has. He is in the very early stages of MS so hopefully the diet will help to slow progression. He gets most of his veggies and fruit in the form of smoothies as he finds that easier to do. I would recommend a vita mix to anyone who is trying to get more fruit and veg in but doesn't like to actually eat them. On some of the supplements too….vit D seems to be quite important.

  3. you are a hero

  4. I follow the OMS diet……which allows gluten and legumes…as did the swank diet which is the grand daddy of ms diets. Hard to know which one is right. Where is the science or studies behind this diet to look at?

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  6. i cant find the PDF brother , would you please send it to my e-mail : [email protected]
    thanks a lot .

  7. What does your father believe is the cause of ms, Matt?

  8. i went ketogenic and mu ms symptoms went away in 5 weeks. it is a high saturated fat diet. i don't eat grains, fruit or high carb vegetable. i am trying to find a link between what has kept his ms at bay and what reversed my ms symptoms. so far it is wheat.

  9. Why no legumes? No explanation.

  10. thank you for sharing , can you please send me PDF ? im seen my wife's pain and i want to help her any way possible, my email is [email protected]

  11. Can t find the pdf…would u send it to me plz.. [email protected]

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  20. Drs McDougall and Swank have over 50 years of anecdotal evidence that a high-starch diet can control or cure MS.

  21. Some ppl get better benefits from low carbs and some from low fats, even good fats. I work better with low carbs & no bad sat fats. No processed foods or sugars & no dairy at all. I don't eat any red meat and only drink distilled water.

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  26. Why do we need to supplement with calcium? The leafy greens and meat provide plenty, and the vitamin D will increase its uptake. Not sure calcium supplements are heathy or needed.

  27. Vegan of 15 years and not a single MS symptom to date. I eliminated all animal products (for ethical reasons), besides that, nothing that this “diet” recommends. Google Dr Mcdougall’s newsletter on MS.

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  29. Go to for the PDF

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  31. been living on beef butter salt eggs and water for 2 months. i feel good and my symptoms are improving. been spms for 30 years…

  32. Not sure if I would be eating olive oil (see attached video link). Great video though.

  33. Matt , cant we have a plain yogurt as probiotics also where is the pdf ?

  34. Very informative, Thank you!

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  36. I’m starting the diet right away!

  37. I do the carnivore diet and feel great. No plants whatsoever. I do use butter and heavy cream(barely a teaspoon in my coffee), it’s allowed but not really necessary. The trick is high fat and zero carbs. It’s only been a week and I haven’t felt this great in years! I am committed:)

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  41. My bff went low fat plant based and went from three lesions to one in no time. Keeps getting better and off 95% of meds. Her neurologist now recommends this diet to his patients.

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  43. I’m already taking tecfidera for MS. Will I have to stop taking it completely and switch to this diet? Any ideas?

  44. This has been a life changer for me! Feeling better than I have in a VERY long time! Thank You!!!

  45. I don't see any link to a PDF list of foods.

  46. Hi .Thank you.where is the PDF?

  47. For my MS I find the opposite of the Keto diet is working best for me. This means I eat a pure plant based diet (lots of raw veg, salad and fruit), juice with veggies. I start out my day with juicers using a masticating juicer. I juice carrots, celery, spinach and a small amount of parsley or just carrots and 1 apple. Followed by 1 cup of slow cooked rolled oats (Bob mills Oats or Rude Health Sprouted Oats seem best to me), topped with banana and grated apple. Sometimes I add soaked Then for dinner I have jacket potato, mixed with a little bit of nutritional yeast as can get B vitamins from this, and it gives the potato a little bit of a cheesy flavour, or brown rice which I cook in water to which I've added some spices and herbs such a organic tumeric. I eat the JP plain with lots of fresh salad or raw veg made into a salad. Followed by smoothie as a dessert. For eg, 1 banana, 1 payapa with handful of fresh or frozen berries with glass of coconut water makes a delicious smooth. Leave out the coconut water and you have almost a healthy ice cream. You can mess with all different flavours and they are healthy. I try to avoid processed foods of any kind. And you can have as many veg juices throughout the day. Very yummy. You can make your own soup and have some soup with your dinner as well. I cant stomach any saturated fats at all. Just makes me worse.. I've cut out sugar, apart from sugars found natural in fruit and salt. You can get plenty of protein from leafy greens and celery is naturally high in 'organic' sodium, not inorganic salt like table salt, which isn't good for you. Oh by the way, never cook spinach it turns the oxylate acid naturally found in spinach from its organic form to the inorganic form which is then harmful to health, otherwise in its raw fresh state spinach, especially juices, is amazing for you. I've had MS for 9 years and within the first year it was very aggressive and I was given chemotherapy to stop my immune system attacking me the way it was. I'd lost my eyesight twice in a year, the 1st time for a month! I experience 5 major relapses within the 1st year. 5 years ago I had my 6th and most devastating MS relapse, which saw me completely incapacitated and requiring 24 hour care for a long time. I had no control over my limbs, I could barely see or speak and my bowels stopped working. It was beyond awful and I was sent home by the hospital after giving me a fall years worth of prednisolone within 3 weeks, saying that their was nothing else they could do for me!. Ive had no choice but to learn and trial different diets because once I realised that I was born healthy and it's what I've done to my body that has made me so I'll, so what was that? I spent a few years learning how our body works, Ive trialled differediets and supplements etc to help myself. It has only been I the last 9 months, that I became full cir le, that I have modified my diet and you would not believe the difference! I am definitely going I the right direction. Still a long way to go but it will take time. Food is medicine! I still have a very long road to reverse my health issues bbecause it wasn't just MS that I had. I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in 2000 and 2 other autoimmune issues as well as the MS. I barely survived my last big relapse. I am not going to let this happen again. I eat the opposite of the keto diet (Jacket potatoes or brown rice almost everyday) because dairy and meat are high in saturated fats (I avoid gluten completely and any processed (carbonhydrates) and their is just too much evidence that saturated fat isn't good for MS. Saying that, the lady below is saying that the keto diet is helping her so I think the lesson from this is we are all different and you have to trial what is best for you. The reason why I dont want to try the keto is because our bodies are naturally designed to burn glucose from non processed carbohydrates (ie natural carbonhydrates) as its fuel source. This is how we where created. The keto diet changes your bodies ecology so its primary food source is to burn fat instead of glucose??. This may help you to feel a little better because most of our toxins are stored in fat cells to protect us and these will be released and eliminated. It will help you to lose weight also, especially if overweight. But I've lost 2 stone and reduced my BMI by eating the way I do, without exercising (cause I cant at present), without any saggy fat and its the natural way our bodies should be burning fuel. Idont caleriet count and I eat plenty in a day. I eat twice per day within a eight hour period so I am still intermittent fasting. This seems to be working for me and my motto is if it's not natural dont do it! That's my new philosophy in life. Raw foods provide us with vitamins and mineral but most important the enzymes that our bodies need to work! Enzymes are destroyed by heat and freezing. Do what's best for you but know their are options and ways of eating that can improve your MS symptoms. You have to trial what is best for you and listen to your body.

  48. Damn! The main foods I eat he has said I need to eliminate! Smh This is crazy but I'm willing to try!😭🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ I'm so tired of dealing with this crappy MS! 12 yrs to long!

  49. Hi my mom knows you on facebook her name on facebook is: Agazana Da Silva

  50. Why no legumes? I love beans!!

  51. He recommends Udi bread in the video but the diet , created by his father Ashton Embry, says eggs are dangerous for MS. But yet Uti's bread does in fact contain eggs. All gluten free breads do. So are eggs dangerous or not? Regardless, MS is complex that's why so many different diets work. Keto works because ketones are neuroprotective at the mitochondria level and it works the same as calorie restriction. It's not a diet I would do but it can work. I think what these diets have in common is:

    1) Calorie restriction becomes neuroprotective . All these diets are restrictive.

    2) Most have high nutrient foods which helps the immune system

    However, I honestly think the calorie restriction is where it's at that's why Dr. Longo's diet works where you mimic a fast.

  52. Matt, I can't tell you how much I admire what you are doing for the MS community — and for all of us who are committed to self-health and to understanding what profit does to impede honest research in the medical realm. The pharma industry is a mammoth on a path of destruction, and your story is an inspiring reminder that not all drugs work, not all pharma promises should be trusted, and that diet and exercise can take us a long, long way into healthy living. Also, YOU ARE A HERO OF COURAGE!!!! With Appreciation, Carla

  53. what about eggs ???

  54. I know people are going to have a go at me but this is some good, some bad advice but lots of rubbish as well. These clams on diet are made by lots of people with MS and there all different you have to find what is Wright for you a well balanced diet keep your V B12 B6 up and no smoking, drink lots of water 3 litres a day is a good start keep your weight down lots of low impact exercise take your medication if you need it

  55. No one is mentioning the Swank diet? My gut feeling is that vegan would be a bit better than this diet, with may be vegan vitamin D and vegan EPA and DPA made from algae, no need to kill the oceans of the world

  56. Do you eat eggs

  57. All the PDFs he mentioned are here: .

    By the way I don't have MS but was fascinated by Matt and his fathers story in the documentary. Their research and these guidelines are fantastic for a LOT of conditions/diseases.

  58. Matt, THANK YOU for you, your family and everyone who researched and helped you! Thanks to you, people have HOPE!
    I believe this Diet is how everyone should eat. When I was told, I had early ovarian cancer, I followed a very strict diet and never felt better. Months later, I went back to my homeopathic Dr and there were no signs of cancer.
    This diet is good for not just MS, but for people with Cancer and inflammation.
    Again, Thank you and your Dad for being proactive when you were diagnosed and using that information to help so many.
    It’s sad, the MS organization hasn’t embarrassed your research and worked along with you as opposed to working against you.
    The fact that most of the money they receive go to salaries and only 16% towards research.
    To me, if they were really wanting to find a CURE, they would work with you and. Or against you.
    I wish you the best and hope and pray you remain in remission for the rest of your life and are symptom free.

  59. Thank you Matt* for your testimony & hard work'
    Matt's diet is basically a Paleo diet natural & nutrient dense.
    I've been eating Paleo for about 5 years now….
    This type of diet helps me thrive' Thank goodness'
    For anyone wondering there are no legumes eaten.
    No beans, peas, chickpeas, lentils, soybeans, or peanuts.
    Hard shelled nuts only' Lean meats, red less often, fish.
    Matt's pdf is found on Google; MS Hope The lists are there.

    Personally my family and I take vitamin D3 and vitamin K2.
    Vitamin D3 & K2 are pervasively needed and inexpensive.
    Vitamin D3 collect the calcium from your food.
    Vitamin K2 directs it into the bodies hard parts like bone
    teeth, and nails. K2 also directs calcium away from the
    soft tissues like the heart, kidneys, joints……

    K2 is different than K1. Vitamin K2 was found in organ meats
    and fermented foods of which our Ancestors consumed more of.
    These vitamins are for Bone and Heart health.
    If you are on blood thinners check with your doctor. Be well'

  60. what is the cause of demyelination?

  61. There was no correlation between whey protein and ms

  62. What about almond milk

  63. If we’re supposed to take 6-9 probiotics a day, what amount of CFU is that exactly? I’ve seen bottles range from 5 billion to 100 billion CFU?

  64. Okay started this recently…It’s not really clear and I cannot find much information about this ..for example what about potatoes? What do people put on your bread I mean gluten-free bread? It’s really hard because all the things I like I have to avoid.. but is definitely better than Ocrevus .

  65. Where is the PDF file

  66. Definitely will try! Thank you!
    I’ve had MS since 2008

  67. I sent this video to a friend that is in need of your help

  68. Watch his movie on Amazon prime called “Living Proof.”

  69. I really want to do this. My refrigerator is gonna be empty for now, 😂.

  70. Been on this diet for the last 2 years. Right after being diognosed. Drug free and I feel fantastic.

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  73. Do you do cleanses for parasites, pathogens, organisms, et al?

  74. Thank You. I am going to try this diet.

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