MPD Academy Takes Physical Training to the Streets

this is one of our biggest groups there's 59 people so we're pretty excited we've been pushing really hard to recruit as you can tell we have a very diverse class of Cadets books and ethnicity and a variety of backgrounds we do have some webinar though I am really heavily recruiting women I'd like to see it's so nice to see young eager and ready to go through stay sharp stay focused glad you are here learn to really push yourself a lot of camaraderie between your fellow cadets you really do a lot of bonding during that time you will never forget people in your cadet class because when you go through the rigors of physical training just like one does in the military it does something to your psyche it makes you stronger it makes you all the better and you don't forget the people that stood next to you sometimes those people have to pick you up and that's critically important once you get out of this job you may rely on your life for that person standing next to you

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  1. Good job MPD keep ging don't give up

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