MPB Gets to Work in Healthcare: Health Information Technology at ICC

my name is Nico Xing I'm a student at 8:01 Community College in the health information technology program his face girl program did these into the background of healthcare I was born with spinal muscular atrophy it's a neurological disorder so originally I wanted to be a nurse but when I couldn't do that I still wanted to work in healthier so I look towards this moral because I can help people behind the scenes instead of being right there on the scene this program trains individuals to work in hospital settings or clinical settings and they manage the electronic health record that is generated when the patient sees a physician or a nurse or receives any medical treatment this should attract a student who knew they wanted to study about diseases about the human body but didn't necessarily see themselves providing care at the bedside so this is an excellent way for them to use those interests and have it translated into something that can really help the patient the hands-on clinical is not for everybody not everybody wants to be a nurse or hands-on with a patient but if you're real caring and you want to really help people in the healthcare industry it's a great field to go into I'm actually the oldest in the clay it's been hard because I work a full-time job but I worked in fact out kept getting laid off it's a wonderful school and it's a wonderful moment I wish I had done it earlier but I had another job now I'm gonna have a career my daughter and my granddaughter they are my greatest motivation my granddaughter loves to stay with me so she misses me right now she say I'll be glad when you get through with school so I can come and stay with you some more the nice thing about this profession is there's also opportunities to work from home since we are so technology heavy in this field any place with a good computer and a connection to the internet they could actually work from home I thought walking at the age of five so we're levying able to work with health information technology from home that I could be at home and do the work on all the time schedule that meet my needs I'm a blessed man I mean I've lived a great life I'm not in pain and you know people just try to like put you in a box and I'm not I'm too big to be in any box for more information about a career in health care visit getting to work dot American graduate getting to work is brought to Mississippi by MPB and made possible by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting

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