Most Notorious Lifter Ever | Andrey Malanichev | Super Training Gym

didn't know you're sneaking up on me over there just trying to sneak in some biceps already had a great training session this morning but now you're over here let me tell you about this andre mallanna chef-inspired t-shirt here andre mallanna chair for those of you that don't know is the strongest power lifter in the history of power looking strictly by the numbers Andre I'm Alana Chavez squatted over a thousand pounds he's bench pressed nearly 600 pounds and he deadlifts nearly 900 pounds he's somebody that I've been truly inspired by over the years his raw total is almost better than my multilayered multiplied cheating power to thing total unbelievable power lifter unbelievable guy he's a lot of fun I got the opportunity to meet him a few times some of you may have seen him in the animal cage before Andre it's just a real beast of a guy his kneecap is is probably I'm not even kidding his kneecap is probably about the size of my quad if not maybe even bigger and you guys have may have seen the videos of people just wrapping his knees and stuff he's real throwback to the sport of powerlifting he's he's what true powerlifting is all about and that's being good at all three lifts he's a true professional at all three lifts and I saw Andre likes to have a lot of fun on Instagram so what inspired this picture right here and what inspired this shirt was what inspired this t-shirt was Andre posting this funny picture of him sipping on a little little cup of coffee and not it's not like an espresso Cup it's also not a regular mug either but you can see how large his hand is and I thought the face he was making I just thought it was hilarious and so we did our notorious notorious b.i.g kind of field of this to one of the greatest of all time Andre Milania full record-setting Russian power lifter he came up with double K holds of World Records I believe in super heavyweight for the squat he's a legend you


  1. Just wondering how much can eat such beast of a man

  2. Am I the only one who thought it was a Kanye West t-shirt 😂?

  3. Good mornings at 4am, couldn't be more precise timing!

  4. Make a squat video with Malanichev!!!

  5. I want one!

  6. Notorious BIG inspiration for the shirt right there.

  7. do a collab with the notorious Jason Genova! retard strength this guy has

  8. Hope Andrey gets a percentage of the profit from these shirts? I'm sure he will.

  9. Biblical

  10. Put his name and totals on back?

  11. Make a video ,, How to Squat ? With Andrey Malanichev" 🙂

  12. When is the Jason Blaha t-shirt coming.

  13. "NORTORIOUS" might wanna correct that


  15. I've never heard of this guy before this video but that is dope man. Definitely checking him out. Like the shirt!

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