Morning Yoga – Yoga To Start Your Day!

What’s up, everyone? Welcome to Yoga with
Adriene. I’m Adriene. Today we have an awesome morning yoga practice for you. We get a lot
of requests for more yummy morning yoga. People wanting to start their day off right and connect
mind, body, and spirit. So today’s practice is all about that. Nice, beautiful practice
to start your day. I did wanna mention before we get started that we actually created an
entire seven day morning yoga program based on this big request for morning yoga and if
you’re interested in that you might go to to get more information
and just get clued in so that you’re the first to know when it’s ready for you. Okay. So
for now let’s do a nice, big stretch and hop on our mats for a morning practice. [[00:00:40]]
♪ [music] ♪ [[00:01:00]] Okay. So this morning we’re going to begin
in a nice, comfortable seat. You can lift your hips, your bum, up on a blanket or a
block or towel if that feels best for you. Just allowing the legs, the knees to drop
and eventually for the heart to lift, to rise. So take a second to settle in. This moment
is the most important moment. Yes, our sun salute is lovely and vital for the system
to get energized for the day, but I feel like this is the moment where you just give yourself
permission to be still, to set intentions for your day. And we’ll do that by focusing
on the breaths. So take your time getting there. You’re just gonna let the video roll
on here, you don’t have to pause it. You can take your time, give yourself a little massage
if you need to, any movement that feels good so that you can then find a little stillness.
So we embrace the reality of, basically you might have animals around you or children.
You might be a little strapped for time. So just do your best. Take your time getting
to a place of stillness, and then relish in the stillness. Notice the quality of air in
the room, maybe you notice the sounds. For me, I can hear the birds outside. Soften through
your jaw, your lips. And then permission to just close your eyes and take out the visual
of the video for a moment here or maybe for the majority of this practice. Noticing your
breath… noticing your energy. You’re sleepy. I’m sleepy. And allowing the hands to just
fall wherever they naturally lie. Then we’ll begin to deepen the breath, really truly seeing
if we can deepen that inhalation. Extend it. Make it longer, bigger, fuller. [breathing] And then letting the exhale do the same. [exhaling] Notice if that changes anything in your mood,
your energy. Let’s try it again. Deep breath in… and a big breath out. And one more just
like that. Inhaling in, big breath… and exhale out through the mouth if you haven’t
already. [exhaling] Awesome. Draw the palms together at the heart.
Take a quiet, private moment here to set an intention for your practice or set an intention
for your day. This can be one word or it can be a string of words, a beautiful sentence,
something that is positive that will serve you in the present moment. When you feel like
you have your intention, go ahead and repeat it to yourself honoring the power of word,
the power of thought. Now with the palms pressing together at your heart in prayer position,
we’ll go ahead and bow the head. Bow the mind intelligence to the heart, to the body intelligence.
And we get a nice, beautiful stretch in the back of the neck and the back body. Confirm
your intention with a big breath in. Consider it already done, already so, as you exhale
out. Stay here. No need to look up for the video. We’re just gonna spend a couple more
breaths here. You might draw the shoulder blades together and down. You might anchor
a little bit of weight in the elbows down. So we’re just maximizing each moment with
the breath but with a little bit of consciousness. I also like to call this ‘getting your money’s
worth’. You basically get the most out or your yoga by breathing deep and really, really
relishing in each stretch. So whatever that means to you, just take a couple quiet breaths
here making the magic happen. And
for me this is also just a sweet moment of prayer, of– I almost said remembrance. But
of surrender. Take one more breath here and then we’ll slowly
release palms to the kneecaps. Tuck your chin into your chest. Slowly roll up, up, up. Cool.
Head over heart, heart over pelvis here. Draw the shoulders up to the ears. Take a deep
breath in, exhale, drop them down. Continue to move, rolling the shoulders up and back.
Big breath, exhale down, and one more time. Awesome. Take a look at your hands. Maybe
give them a little massage here, massaging now to the wrists, maybe the forearms. And
we’ll take just this awareness of the hands, the knuckles, the fingers, the wrists, the
forearms and bring that awareness with you into tabletop position. Wrists underneath
shoulders, knees directly underneath the hip points. You know what to do here. Take a moment
to really find integrity through the spine. Make sure that the neck is not collapsing. So chances are you’re looking at the video
here, which is great. So when you feel like, “Okay, I know what we’re doing,” bring your
gaze down straight, maybe just slightly in front and in between your index fingers. And
then let’s begin to bring the rest of the torso with us, so drawing the lower ribs in,
navel up. Breathe, breathe, breathe. And make sure you’re not locking in the elbows, so
a little softness here. A little buoyancy. Great. Inhale in, on an exhale press into
the tops of the feet. Press into all 10 toes if you can. Just try. And then lift your knees
up so we can engage our center, our core. Hovering table here, hovering cat. Shoulders
draw away from the ears. We start to shake, we start to panic, and use your breath baby.
Calm it down. I can hear sirens. [laughing] Which is kinda perfect for this pose. Your
body starts to go, “Oh, shoot.” And then we’ll slowly release. Awesome. Curl the toes under
here and send your sit bones to your heels. Reach the fingertips forward and this is another
sweet surrender as we melt the heart down. Forehead to the earth, breathing big, full
breaths. Relaxing the shoulders as you stretch, getting some nice, beautiful stretching in
the soles of the feet which is kind of, I think, pertinent for a good day. You might
gently rock the head a little side to side, massaging the forehead. You might feel a nice
release in the heart, in the shoulder girdle, in the upper back body. So just start to play.
Start to notice the mind is going to want to think of what’s next on your agenda and
see if you can just kind of use this time to practice being in the moment. Practice
noticing where you’re at today. [breathing] Then slowly we’ll bring ourselves back up
to that tabletop position. Find your alignment. Find that integrity from the crown of the
head to the tip of the tailbone. So we’re not dropping here or collapsing here but we’re
finding nice connection. And then we’ll open the floodgates whenever you’re ready, using
the breath to explore a little, bit of movement in the spine. We call this cat-cow. [breathing] When you get bored, begin to veer off the
railroad tracks shaking the hips a little left to right, coming forward if that feels
good, maybe rotating the ankles. You know, anything and everything here that’s really
kind of slow and mindful to just kind of wake up the body. Say hello to your joints. Not
those kind of joints, these. Just kidding. That might have been inappropriate, sorry.
And then whenever you’re ready we’ll walk it to downward dog. But nice and slow, so
with the same mindfulness of waking up the body. No pressing, no yoga robots here, no
pushing. Just easing into it. So what that looks like is entirely up to you. Stick with
your breath. Keep the knees bent. We’ll go for a nice slow walk toward the front edge
of your mat. You got it. Toes pointing forward, lots of space between the feet here. Hello.
Good morning. And then we’ll release over, grab the elbows, feel that nice, beautiful
stretch in the legs. Beautiful stretch in the back body. Big breaths. Life is good.
Then release the fingertips down and on an inhale we’ll slowly lift up to a nice flat
back position, kind of recreating where we were in that hovering table or that tabletop
position. Big breath in and soft knees as you forward fold down. Bring the feet together
and slowly with the knees bent, soles of the feet really connected to the earth. We’re
gonna slowly roll it up. So nice soft knees as you press into the earth. Maybe taking
a moment here to loop the shoulders, draw circles with the nose, anything and everything
that feels good. So you can fix your drawers, kind of get all the wiggles out, all the little
movement so that then… You know, maybe it’s a big just organic good morning stretch…
So that then we can come to a place, a moment here, of stillness. A place where we can just
find a moment of stillness. Remember your intention and begin to deepen your breath
even more. Maybe it’s an ujjayi breath here. Maybe it’s just continuing to return to that
big inhale and that big release out. Now we’ll begin to marry the movement with
that breath by inhaling, reaching the fingertips all the way up and overhead, stretching through
the side body. Take your right hand. Grab your left wrist and begin to stretch through
the left side. Inhale to center, big breath in, exhale to the other side. Inhale to center.
Exhale, bend your knees, bend your elbows and take it all the way back down. Inhale
halfway, lift your aversion and exhale. Bow. Step the right foot back and begin to stretch
the legs. Lower the right knee, maybe rock a little back and forth stretching through
the hamstrings, stretching through the foot, stretching through the groin. Sorry. Beautiful.
Then we’ll lift the right knee up, nice low lunge here. As you loop the shoulders inhale.
Let the heart radiate forward. Then plant the palms. Take your time. Slide the left
toes back to plank. We’re gonna pedal it out here nice and strong. Big breath in, big breath
out. Then send the hips up and back, downward-facing dog. Melt the heart back. Press into all 10
knuckles. And then we’ll step the right foot up into the lunge. Same thing here, nice..
Just beautiful, slow check-in with the legs. So lower the back knee… And take your time,
noticing where you’re sore, where you’re tight. And then eventually we’ll lift that back knee
up maybe. Maybe keep it lowered. And we’ll loop the shoulders, let the heart radiate
forward. Big breath in… and again planting the palm, sliding the right toes back this
time to a strong plank. Feel free to lower the knees here. Gonna take a couple breaths
here in and out, in and out. Really pressing away from your yoga mat, drawing your navel
in and out. Find that uti and abunda. So wherever you are, make sure you’re breathing full breaths.
Then together we’ll slowly hug the elbows into the side body. Send the gaze forward,
so find a nice, long neck, and lower all the way down to your belly. Take a rest. [breathing] Align your ankles and your toes with your
hip points, pressing your foundation and then slowly inhale. Lift up, nice baby cobra. Palms
underneath the shoulders but really we’re trying to bring some integrity into the spine.
So you might even just lift your hands for a second. Make sure you’re not cranking up
into this cobra shape prematurely. Keep it soft and easy here. Maybe even find a little
sway… And then we’ll curl the toes under. Lift the kneecaps up. So lift the kneecaps,
reach your heels towards the back edge of your mat, draw your navel up, and press into
plank. Big breath in… big breath out, downward-facing dog. Awesome, everyone. Pedal it out here
if it feels good and then find a moment of stillness pressing into all 10 knuckles, melting
your heart back. No need to straighten the legs. If you wanna keep them bent as you stretch
it out. It is nice in the morning to give yourself that space. Awesome. And then we’ll
repeat that slow walk up towards the front edge. Take your time. Keep breathing. And
when you’re ready inhale halfway, lift, flat back position. Long, beautiful neck. Exhale,
bow. Inhale, sweep the fingertips left to right, slowly roll it up. This time fingertips
are reaching all the way up towards the sky. And then on an exhale hands back to your heart.
Awesome. Lift your sternum to your thumbs. Let your tailbone grow heavy here and remember
your intention. Cool. So we’ll drop the hands to the waistline here
and we’re gonna kind of turn on our maps… Maps? Metaphor. Turn on our mats so that we
can come to a nice wide stance. No need t rush getting here, so if you need to move
your mat or get situated so you can see the video please do. We’re gonna draw energy up
from the arches of the feet .Turn the two big toes in just slightly and there’s a tendency…
We’re just kind of built this way, to go wider than we need to like we’re doing the splits
or something. So just make sure you have a nice, stable stance. Doesn’t have to be too
wide. Firm body lifts up, back body grounds down. Tuck your pelvis. Kind of a superhero
pose here, a power pose. Great to start the day. Lift up from your armpit chest. If you’re
not too sweaty, you might even take your thumbs to this area and give yourself a nice, big
lift, a nice, big stretch. And keep that lifted. Hands come back to the waistline. Notice if
you’re locking through the knees or if there’s a little bit of awareness there through all
the muscles. Big breath in… On an exhale, we’ll keep a flat back as we come just halfway.
Again, just recalling that flat back position, that tabletop. Imagine placing a little teacup
on the back of your neck here. Inhale in. Exhale, continue the journey all the way down,
wide-legged forward fold. Adjust the feet as needed. Palms can come to the mat. This will look and feel a little different
for everyone based on where you’re at in your physical yoga journey so just take good care.
Maybe you’re here. Maybe you have a block. Maybe you have even a chair or something nearby
that you can lift the earth up to you. Maybe you are able to walk the palms back and in
line with the arches of the feet. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Maybe you’re able to bring
the crown of your head to the mat. Hug the elbows in if you’re here. Keep nice right
angles. Stay aware of the shoulders. We have lots of options for wide-legged forward fold.
Super awesome, really really great yoga pose to wake up the body. Find your breath. If
you have a headstand practice and you wanna come into a little tripod here you might,
but only if you know that you are safe and ready. Press into all four corners of the
feet. Don’t forget about your energetic body here everyone. Big breath in… and use your
big breath out to begin to unravel. Right hand comes to the center line, just gonna
take a little twist here as we inhale. Left fingertips reach up towards the sky like we’re
pulling back a little bow and arrow here. Reach, reach, reach. Breathe into your belly.
Draw your shoulders away from your ears. And then we’ll exhale, release and switch. One
more time to the other side. Again, energetic bodies. We’re not collapsing into our foundation
or letting this extended arm grow limp, but we’re pressing away from our yoga mat, away
from the earth. Reaching, reaching energy through the right fingertips. Inhale in. Exhale,
release. This is the awareness practice that’s gonna make your day freakin’ awesome. Okay, from here I’m gonna heel-toe, heel-toe
the feet in and then I’m gonna allow my bum to release down to the earth. Lots of crazy
things happen here. The heels might wanna come up and we’re gonna go ahead and let them.
You might come into a nice low squat. Wherever you are, just take one more breath here. You’re
not gonna be here long. Awesome. And then we’ll release, coming to seated, sending the
legs out long. So we want a nice, healthy, strong back for our day, one with strength
and awareness so we can maybe maintain proper posture throughout the day. So the stretching
is good but we also wanna engage the core. So I’m not trying to be mean, but I’m thinking
about your posture and everyone always wants to work on their core anyway. So no complaining.
Loop the shoulders. Bring your hands to the backs of the thighs. We’ll keep this fun and
pain-free. Actually that felt good on my sacrum. You might just rock a little back and forth
and then we’ll lift the shins parallel to the ceiling. We might just stay here or you
might reach the fingertips forward. Inhale in. Find a big breath out. Don’t forget to
breathe. Then we’ll bring the palms together at the heart. Again, we could just be here.
Others will bring the palms together at the heart and we’re gonna extend the right leg
out long. Keep a brightness in the feet. Keep the heart lifted, everyone. So a variation
is to keep the hands on the legs and be here or here. We’ll switch right knee in, left
leg out… and switch. Keep moving as if you’re pressing an imaginary… something away. Great
teacher. [chuckling] Just kidding. Great. Do one more on each side. Woo, yes. And then we’ll bring the hands to the thighs
and we’ll begin to roll it down for yogi bicycles. So you can take a second here to hug the knees
into the chest if you need to. We’ll interlace the fingertips behind the head when you’re
ready. Inhale in, extend your elbows left to right. So open up through the chest and
then we’ll lift the shins up. Scoop the tailbone up so lower back is nice and flush with the
mat. And here we go, right leg goes out. This time we kiss elbow to left knee. And then
we move smoothly through center so no need to get hard and crunched. Keep it soft and
easy and then take it to the right. Smooth move through center and take it to the left.
Press into your right heel smoothly through center. The reason I say that is we’re used
to like [grunting] “Gotta get the most out of this!” And I feel like you dissipate all
your energy and the muscles just get this jolt instead of this encouraging tone. Anyway,
hopefully you’re still moving smoothly through your yogi bicycles. Let’s do one more on each
side. You’re doing awesome. Way to stick with it. Bring on the heat. And then we’ll release.
Awesome. Hug the knees to the chest. Big breath in, and on an exhale soles of the feet come
to the mat onto the outer edge here. So walk them all the way out. Allow the knees to fall
together. Inhale. Reach the arms up and overhead, full body stretch. And exhale, slowly lower
them down. Repeat. Inhale, reach up. Close your eyes. Notice what’s going on in your
shoulder blades here and exhale down. One more time. [breathing] Awesome. Palms come to the earth. We walk
the heels in line with the hip points for a bridge pose. Inhale, press into your foundation.
Scoop the tailbone up and whenever you’re ready exhale. Slowly begin to lift. Interlace
the fingertips behind if that feels good. Walk the shoulder blades together. Open up
through the front body. Big breath in… and exhale. Release, nice, slow journey down.
Awesome. Cross the right ankle over the left. Grab the outer edges of the feet, might wanna
rock a little side to side here. You might choose to do a little happy baby pose here
or a… Plow pose, sorry. Shoulder stand, anything like that. Maybe some circles of
the sacrum. So take a second to fulfill whatever you’d like here in the body and then we’ll
meet by rocking and rolling all the way up to seated. Take your time, though. So doing
a little rise and shine freestyle moment here. I feel like it’s important. And when you’re ready we’ll meet back in sukhasana
with crazy hair. And really, actually you can come to any comfortable seated posture
of your choice. So if you’re comfortable being on your knees, that’s great. If you have a
chair or bench nearby and you wanna sit, head there. The goal is to inspire you to get into
a comfortable seat where you might want to sit maybe a little bit longer beyond this
video. Maybe do a little meditation. But if you have to boogie which sometimes we do,
a lot of times we do, I wish you the best. I hope you have a beautiful day. Thank you
for sharing your time and your practice with me. We take a couple big, full breaths in
together with the hands drawn together at the heart just connecting to the big picture.
Remembering to take the nutrients of our practice and our intentions with us on into the day.
And we’ll seal the deal by once again bowing the head to the heart, bowing to ourselves
and to one another. Thank you so much. Namaste. ♪ [music playing] ♪


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