Morning Yoga – Refresh | 10 Minutes

good morning everyone welcome to Rachel
Pichler yoga my name is Rachel we’re gonna get started by just finding a
comfy seated position so whatever that looks like for you you can make your way
there now just ideally finding somewhere where you can sit nice and tall
and then we’re just gonna place our hands beside us on the floor on your mat
one of my favorite things to do in the morning is to stretch the sides in my
body so we’re gonna start there so keeping that left hand on your mat with
an inhale start to reach your right arm up and over and you can lean as far over
as you need to to feel that stretch but keep that arm active awake reaching with
the fingertips and then just staying here for a moment and then use a nice
deep inhale to lift yourself all the way back up
reset sitting nice and tall and then an inhale that left arm is gonna reach up
and over feeling that awesome side body stretch and then slowly lifting yourself
back up your hands can find your knees take it inhale lengthen and with an
exhale start to twist to the left turn to face the left side you can look to
the left as well that left hand can come behind you push it into the floor to
help you sit a little bit taller and then starting to turn to go the other
way twisting sitting up tall if you can
breathe just feel your body starting to move starting to wake up and bring
yourself back to face the front we’re gonna find our hands and our knees or
tabletop position so take a second just to bring your wrists under your
shoulders spreading your fingers nice and wide I’ve got to tie my hair back
one thing I forgot to do this morning so when you’re up in that tabletop on your
hands and your knees we’re gonna take an inhale start to drop your belly lift the
chest you can look to the front of the room and just hold it here sticking your
butt out arching your back push into your hands if you want you can start
shift the gaze a little bit higher or just keep it where it is stay for
another breath in and then use an exhale to round your spine completely tuck your
tailbone under bring your chin towards your collarbone imagining you’re pulling
those shoulder blades apart away from each other holding it here squeezing
your belly button back toward your spine and then with an inhale starts you drop
the belly again finding a nice flat back and then tuck your toes if you haven’t
already lift your knees off the mat for downward facing dog so just keeping
those fingers spread nice and wide taking your dog for a little walk so
keeping those knees nice and bent pedal the feet let your head relax here soften
those shoulders again she’s moving nice and slowly we’re just waking up so just
feel your breath scan your body warming things up and then with your next inhale
we’re gonna start to look to the top of our mat and as you exhale walk your feet
all the way up to the top bending those knees a lot here pausing in our forward
fold so you can let the arms dangle or you could hang on to your elbows maybe
rocking the hips from side to side but just feeling the length of the back of
the legs gently pulling your belly button back towards your spine and
letting the head be nice and heavy so if you have your elbows right now release
your hands back towards the floor or in a step or walk our feet all the way back
into our downward facing dog so again a few breath here option to pedal those
feets there’s waking up the body moving in any
way that feels good and then we’re gonna start to bring our
big toes together with an inhale start to lift your right foot up towards the
ceiling gazing to between your hands as you exhale pull that knee to your
chest and drop your foot we’re gonna bring the back knee down and with a nice
deep inhale start to reach your arms up towards the ceiling sinking your hips
down and forward waking up those fingertips spread them wide you can even
look up here take one more breath in and exhale bring your hands down plant your
hands step your foot back into your downward facing dog
bringing your big toes together inhale the left foot nice and high exhale look
to the top of your mat as you send that foot all the way up dropping your back
knee inhale reaching up Crescent lunge sink those hips down and forward
relax your shoulders waking up those fingertips breathing here awesome you
guys one more inhale exhale start to drop your hands step your front foot
back into your downward facing dog just a few breath here paddle those feet
if that feels good and then with your next inhale start to look to the top of
your mat exhale walk or step your feet all the way up inhale halfway lift
exhale fold forward inhale halfway lift nice flat back exhale fold one more
inhale halfway and exhale fold plant your hands Walker step your feet back
into your downward facing dog big toes are gonna come together again inhale
your right foot nice and high looking to the top of your mat as you exhale when
you send that right foot to the outside of your right hand
so dropping the back knee your hands are gonna be under your shoulders your right
foot is on the outside of that right hand this is lizard so your knee is
gonna come out to the side and you’re just gonna try and drop those hips down
towards the mat awesome you guys so as you lower those hips I want you to shine
your chest for the front of the room try and pull your shoulders down away from
your ears breathing here getting into those hips a little bit that gluts and
then starting to tuck those back toes under lift your knee off the mat a
little hovering that knee above the ground just one more breath and with an
exhale start to you send that right foot back into your down dog big toes are
going to come together inhale your left foot nice and high exhale send that foot
to the outside of that left hand and drop your back knee so relaxing those
hips down towards the mat as much as you can letting that knee just come out to
the side a little bit and then once you’re settling settling in start to
lift that chest look forward pull your shoulders away from your ears
lizard feeling those hips and the one if you’re ready for when you’re ready for
it you can tuck those back toes just for a moment if you want it still dropping
the hips towards the mat lifting the chest make one more inhale and then
exhale step that left foot back into your downward facing dog
so bring your feet hip width apart if they aren’t already and inhale start to
shift your weight forward into a plank as you exhale send your hips back up for
your downward facing dog inhale come back into your plank exhale downward
facing dog one more inhale plank exhale downward facing dog
awesome you guys inhale back into your plank but this time we’re going to lower
all the way down to our mat come all the way down onto your stomach
untuck your toes slide your feet out so they’re about mat width apart with an
inhale lift your chest roll your shoulders back and down and really
squeeze your elbows in towards your sides so a wide legged low Cobra you can
stay here or you could straighten your arms a little bit more but again only go
as far as you need to to feel something to feel something good and drop those
shoulders away from the ears try and soften your gluts here I’ll walk that
back maybe you’re getting a stretch through your abdominals breathe nice you
guys let’s take one more inhale and with an exhale start to lower your chest back
down bring your legs back together tuck your toes under push yourself up into
your tabletop lock your hands underneath your shoulders tuck or cross your ankles
have a seat find that comfy seated position that we started the practice in
today and then just close your eyes once more start to slow down your breath
again scanning your body one last time noticing how good you’re feeling
compared to when we started the class maybe you’ve got a whole new level of
energy we’re going to start we’re gonna stop we’re gonna close our practice
today by taking one more nice body stretch here so with an inhale start to
reach that left arm up and over maybe you can go just a touch further than the
first one we did and then bring yourself all the way back up and inhale that
right arm up and over reach lean stretch and then bring yourself all the way up
some practice you guys I hope that you’re feeling ready to tackle the day
whatever is coming ahead of you until next time namaste


  1. I love your cute little waves at the start of the videos. 😁

  2. I have never tried Yoga before and this was really easy to follow, thanks

  3. A great way to start your day is with a quick yoga session. Find some space and lets start waking up! 🙏

  4. girl this was the best morning flow! I only have a short amount of time before I have to get ready and go to work, so this was perfect and just enough! also THANK YOU FOR NO CHATURANGAS! my muscles and joints are way too sore and tired for that in the early morning. but I was happy to see some juicy hip stretches!
    could you possibly make more like this for busy mornings? maybe include some hamstring stretches too cause I stand on my feet all day on concrete! thanks lovely!

  5. This is awesome just what I needed! Thanks great way to start the day! Lisa

  6. Great video, thank you for sharing this. I do need to do some more Yoga:-)

  7. Thank you for subscribing to my channel! Can't wait to watch your videos – yoga is an important part of my life. Thanks for making these!

  8. Just what I needed this morning, Rachel! Thank you!

  9. This was amazing Rachel!! Perfect for after filming 2 workouts yesterday. I'm planning on incorporating more of your videos this month. ❤ Thanks so much for sharing your gift of teaching yoga.

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