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Hey guys welcome to beautiful ubud bali. We are standing on this gorgeous rooftop of Akash restaurant I’ve got Incredible Rice fields behind me I got rooster stinging and yes The beautiful morning here in abood and I wanted to give you a morning Sunrise Yoga Routine now this yoga routine is going to really focus on just waking up your entire body Waking up your system For this year the class today. I want you guys to really think about going inward So think about clearing your mind think about things present throughout the entire practice turning off your cell phones Turning off your email account and just allow yourself to have this moment for you think about what it is You’d like to let go of today You can start your day with a nice fresh clean slate So [if] you guys are ready grabill max grab a water and join me in this beautiful place in a booth this Alright guys, we’re going to start today in child’s pose Go ahead and just release your body over your legs arms at your sides Just starting by bringing all of your awareness inward Taking a deep breath into your nose interlacing the fingers exhale go ahead and reach the arms as high as you can up towards the ceiling a really nice stretch here for the shoulders and then slowly Rounding yourself up to your kneeling position and allowing yourself to release back Having the arms and the fingers pull you down And then come back to seated and all the way back down to that child’s pose continue to hold on to the fingers Again give those shoulders a nice big stretch here Release the fingers at this time let’s reach the arms forward into your child’s pose holes and breathe Inhaling any tension you may feel and then exhale all that out as you roll into your cat cow rounding the Spine here and then arching the back as you look up and again rounding the Spine and Arch Wonderful one more time and then Neutral tuck your toes and from here [table] [top] hole just go ahead and lift your knees and allow them to hover above the floor Really think about pulling the belly button right into your spine here shoulders right above your wrists Focusing on the breathing do not hold your breath Continue to bring so much oxygen into those muscles into the brain and then from here go ahead and bring all of your way to your heels you’re going to shoot out into a plank and Again your hips to heels like you’re sitting on top of the heels and then shoot out to plank for two good job again and shoot out to plank and one last time hips to heels and Nice, and strong come into plank position hold and prepare yourself for two push-ups here bring it down and push Right up and one last time again. Just warming up the body and Then let’s take a full slow Chaturanga, Dandasana upward [Facing] dog hold it here shoulders down and pushing back into downward facing dog Wonderful job. Take some time here really let those heels sink into the mat do a little walk out if you need to Taking the time here to set your intention for this practice. What is it that you like to release? What is it that you need to leave behind you can start this day in a beautiful fresh way Let’s extend the right leg up [to] the sky Oak now go ahead bend the knee and let’s stack your hips So right hip left hip feel free to flux that top foot as [well] Now staying here, or if you’re comfortable go ahead and take your flip dog posture You’re just going to plant that foot arch the back and opening the heart opening the chest Taking this time to bring all that positive energy into your body into your heart breathing and Then exhale bring the hands back to the mat take the leg back up pull from here, we’re going to take our need to chest and Then extend right back up into your one-legged dog Warming up the core hair again waking up all of those muscles this morning You can have all the energy that you need to have a beautiful wonderful day and Then from here one more time bring that knee to your chest this time you’re going to hold it there and pump n e8 x 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and Reach it up hold the leg there And then when you’re right, you’re going to take a big giant step between the two hands Find your center find your balance here Going to just take a moment again bring your awareness to this present moment feeling than that underneath you and then when you’re [ready] reaching the arms right up to the sky lunge Position here hold focusing on the inhale Releasing everything you don’t need with your exhale Slowly the Hands come in prayer position And twist your right then take your twisted lunge left elbow to your right knee hold that position Now again, if you’d like to stay here. This is great for you continue to hold if you like to take it one step further What you’re going to do here is try and extend both elbows Give it a shot if you fall out you can always come back to that first posture with both hands together focus free fill the line Hands together and just gently dropping that back knee to your mat holding your twisted Low lunge a little bit easier here, so go ahead and try to twist a little bit further if you can awesome untwist the body Reaching both arms up to the sky into your low lunge So you can bring those hips a little bit further forward so you get a nice stretch to Bestow us through that hip flexor Clucking your back toes go ahead and lift that back knee off the mat again hold pulling the Belly bunch of spine slowly lowering the hands all the way down and then extending the [front] knee fold opposition squaring off the hips a wonderful stretch for the hamstring staying with the breath Inhale coming back to your lunge position hands are grounded from here We’re going to extend that right leg right into that one legged plank hold the position and pump the back leg three four five six seven eight Chaturanga, Dandasana upward Facing dog Hold for a second and then take it back into that downward facing dog Letting the heels come down a little bit deeper into a mat really opening through the shoulders stern on falling to the mat At this time let’s take the left leg up to the sky bend the knee Select the Top foot and then start to stack the hips so sink left hip over right hip Again here if you’re comfortable you don’t want to go anywhere further Stay there if you like to attempt the flip dog go ahead and [release] the foot down Opening the chest opening the heart Again letting go all that no longer serves you An accepting bringing in positive wonderful energy that’s going to benefit you through this day hold and breathe and then when you’re ready on your exhale slowly both hands come back to the mat take that left leg back up and From here, we’re going to get that knee to your chest in a plank position for one Extend the leg all the way up and again. Take it forward for two extend the leg and again reach up to the sky Last [one] here knee to chest hold that position and pump the knee two three four five six seven eight Wonderful of reaching me leg right up to the sky again And then this time go ahead take a big step to the top [of] the mat between the two hands Gather your center your strength your focus taking a deep breath in and [when] you’re ready exhale both arms reaching up to the sky here hold Holding the belly button to your spine find that balance engaging the core muscles hold Palms together slowly to your heart from here taking a twist to your left. I’m taking your twisted lunge Think about pressing each palm into the other holding a lot of energy here between the two hands and Again feel free to stay here or if you’d like to take it out one extra level you can try and extend both elbows To both of your arms are straight Beautiful just keep holding this position here Staying present in this moment aware of your body aware of your breath Palms together just gently go ahead and drop the back knee stay in this twist This time she didn’t go a little bit deeper into the twist Take that deep breath in exhale and twist the body just simply reaching both arms to the sky Allowing the hips to fall a little bit further forward, but making sure that the front knee stays directly over top of the front angle hold and breathe slowly release tuck the back toes lift the back knee Up to your high lunge here The breasts and the nose exhale slowly take the hands down You know whenever you’re ready extending that front leg hips are square Pushing the right up forward pulling the left hip back and allowing your body to completely fold over that left leg if you can Really feel [that] hamstring releasing letting go of any tension in the leg Sting still with the breath here Beautiful let’s come out back to your lunge And then you’re going to take yourself back into that one legged plank and just pump the leg back three four five six seven eight beautiful take your chaturanga, Dandasana upward facing dog hold for a moment and exhale downward facing dog Allowing the heels to slowly release even further Letting go of any tension in the back Inhale let’s reach the right leg back up to the sky Exhale this time taking a big step between the two hands they’re going to turn the back foot for the heel is grounded cartwheel the arms into your warrior two Checking that the front knees on top of the ankle not passing the toes so when you’re ready both palms together in prayer extending both arms and then bending the front knee extend and Bend Wonderful two more times Waking up the quad of the right leg here Last one hold that warrior two and then slowly extend both arms out Just take them on one focus of what you’re looking at Releasing the back arm behind your back, and I’m taking your peaceful warrior Stretching out the side of your body here Take a deep breath in Exhale it out Come back to Center Extending the front knee hips are back Reach you like to try and touch something in front of you, and [then] take your body all [the] way over into your triangle pose Either looking up to the sky or if you like to keep your gaze down to the floor Just sting still with the breath here feeling the lengthening on the other side of the body slowly coming out of the posture and Then flexing the front foot Turning both toes in reaching the arms up to the sky and then taking our wide-legged forward fold now Just be careful of the toes [are] slightly pigeon-toed here to protect the knees and can come down onto the floor and if you’re comfortable with this see if you can bring the forehead to the mat You can also try and reach for the ankles if you like three let go Now let’s take a little twist here go ahead and reach your left hand to your right ankle and The other arm is going to reach up to the sky you’re going to look up at that arm Okay, let’s take it to the other side same thing Extending that armor the opposite hand is reaching for the ankle hold Take a deep breath in and then exhale release both hands back onto the mat Bending the knees and then slowly rolling yourself up to standing in Here let’s reach the arms up to the sky Then exhale turning and opening the opposite foot out And then coming into that warrior to position again Just check your posture quickly and when you’re ready both palms in prayer position Let’s wake up the other leg extend and then exhale warrior to extend Bending the knee again making sure that the knees always on top of the ankle you don’t want it to pass your toes Beautiful last time stopping that warrior to position and then slowly extending both arms out hold and breathe [and] then when you’re ready that back arm goes behind your back top arm reaches back [into] the peaceful warrior We’re using into your nose exhale it out Breathing it again and exhale Take a moment to come back that intention Letting go all of that. No longer serves you Starting your day fresh in a positive way Stand the arms extend the front knee shift the hips back Reach for the front and then let that front arm guide. You down into your triangle pose three inhale Exhale wonderful slowly come back to center warrior two Both arms up turning both chosen and this time you’re going to turn both Toes out to make sure the toes point Outward, and then slowly bending both knees into our yogic squat Now we’re going to do something a little different here I want you to place both of your hands in prayer in front of your third. Eye Chakra and Then slowly extend both arms keeping the balance here. Just focus on the breath don’t focus on the pain extending both legs and bring it down for one extend Reach up to the sky and then bring it down for two remember to keep the core strong here three last one remember to hold this position for Hold it extend both arms Nice strong position focus on the breath and then slowly Reach both arms up extending the knee turn the back toes and front toes out and stuff to the top of the mat here Just taking a moment here gather up your center your strength inhale reach the arms up to the sky exhale forward fold Hey, come over here inhale halfway Exhale grounding the hands Step or jump back into plank Chaturanga, Dandasana when you’re ready all the way down Upward facing dog on your inhale shoulders down away from the ears exhale downward-facing dog take a moment this [is] your time right now Slowly make your way back onto your mat And then let’s come into a seated position just a simple lotus posture crossing your feet sitting up nice and tall and Doing a quick release for the neck first we’re going to reach the arms up to the sky And then your left hand it’s going to reach for the right ear pulling the left ear to your left shoulder The opposite Arm is reaching away from you, so you’re feeling [that] lengthening stretch through the side of the neck Let’s switch sides same thing Now this feels good for you guys you can always pause the video and hold a little bit longer if [you] wish always remembering to breathe here Wonderful, let’s slowly release those arms reaching up the sky Exhale bring the hands down to your heart one last big breath in fill the lungs with oxygen Exhale Hands to your heart Taking a moment to bow down to your heart and thank yourself for this beautiful morning practice Thank you guys so much for joining me today Lots of love I can’t wait to see you again Namaste you


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