Morning Yoga | Full Body Stretch | 11 Minutes

good morning everyone welcome to Rachel Pichler yoga my name is Rachel today we are gonna start our day off right and
do a nice morning yoga practice so if that sounds good to you find a little
bit of space to move and let’s get started so let’s begin by finding a nice comfy
seat so whatever that looks like for you you can make your way there and then
just place your hands on your knees and if you’d like to close your eyes feel
free to do so take a nice big inhale sitting up tall and as you exhale start
to turn your upper body to face the right side just twisting a little bit
but only going as far as your body allows you to go take another inhale and
sit a little taller and exhale just hold that twist one more inhale and exhale
nice you guys inhale start to turn to face the front again sitting tall and
exhale over to the left side finding that breath starting to wake up the body
taking another inhale lengthen your spine exhale hold the twist one more
full breath and then slowly turning yourself all the way back to face the
front keep your hands on your knees draw the shoulders up to the ears and pull
them back and rest them down and then do that again a nice low shoulder roll
mm-hmm it’s so good thank you guys so feel free
to open your eyes if you were closing them but we’re gonna come on to our
hands and knees for a tabletop so once you’re in tabletop nice and
balanced bring your hands right under your shoulders your knees under your
hips we’re gonna lift that right arm up into the sky so use an inhale little
twist starting to reach up you can look up almost like you’re going for a nice
big stretch to that upper body take another big inhale reach up and as you
exhale lower that right hand down reset your tabletop and then using an inhale
start to reach those left fingertips up for the ceiling but again only go as far
as feels good but think about taking a nice big full body stretch as you reach
up stay for an inhale and exhale lower down
laughs 10 all right reset that tabletop we’re gonna take our right leg and
extend it out behind us so push the ball of the foot into the mat and think about
sending your heel towards the back wall you can rock forwards and backwards if
that helps or maybe you can find that calf stretch no problem
awesome you guys stay for another breath here and use your exhale slide that
right knee back in and then extend the left leg out ball of the foot pushing
into the mat rocking it out if you need to you or just be nice and still beautiful you guys slowly inhale slide
that left leg or that me back in we’re gonna tuck our toes under and lift all
the way up into downward facing dog so keep those fingers spread nice and wide
you can take your dog for a nice little walk first downward dog of the day take
your time move if you want to move breather ever
you are whatever you’re doing breathe awesome you guys use an inhale look
between your hands and as you exhale walk your feet all the way up to the top
of your mat all right we’re gonna keep our hands planted so if you need to bend
your knees bend your knees so that your hands can reach the floor or you could
grab a block and we’re just gonna lift the heels off of the mat so keep those
knees bent let your head be nice and heavy find your balance
nice you guys getting a little bit more active through those legs let’s take
another inhale and exhale lower your heels down inhale start to lift the
upper body half way up exhale let’s fold plant your hands on the floor on your
block pick those heels up just a bit or however high they want to go
and then just feel those legs starting to work starting to wake one more inhale
exhale lower the heels down take your inhale lift up halfway exhale as you
fold planting your hands stepping back into your downward facing dog nice you
guys walk those feet pedal those feet if you want it or start to find stillness
but let’s take another inhale and exhale bring your knees all the way down onto
the mat all right we’re gonna extend our right leg out long I’m just gonna turn
if you want to turn so that you’re still in your mat you can as well but bring
that right leg out start to bring the right hand to that thigh and slide it
down your leg as you inhale that left arm all the way up and then lean on over
side body stretch take a nice big inhale to lift yourself back up bring that left
hand all the way to the floor and inhale your right arm either up for the ceiling
or you could reach all the way over for the side of the room nice you guys he’s
a big inhale lift yourself all the way up use that core and then slide the
right leg in and start to bring the left leg out so again try and bring that left
lay out nice and straight then your hand can find your leg inhale that right arm
up lean on over breathe use a big inhale lift yourself up and then lower that
right hand and try that left side reaching up or all the way over hmm awesome work you guys use a nice big
inhale lift yourself back up and then slide your knee back in I’m just gonna
pivot bring your hands to the floor in front
check those toes underneath and let’s lift up into downward facing all right
you guys walk your feet out to the edges of your mat so wide leg it downward dog
can still have your knees bent you could technically still take your dog for a
little walk but our feet are out nice and wide so let your head be really
heavy you can just stay here while they get down dog or you can take your left
hand and reach for the outside of that right calf or ankle getting a little
twist you can even shift that gaze underneath the right arm nice you guys
take a nice big inhale at that left hand come back up to the top of your mat and
then reach back for the outside if you can of that left leg so a little twist
and you might have your leg like or you might have your ankle you might have
your calf or maybe even just have your hand on the floor a little twist inhale
let’s bring that right hand all the way back up and you can step your feet back
together or hip heel toe them back together but let’s take another inhale
and exhale lower your knees all the way down onto the mat all right we’re gonna
tuck our toes under and find our lovely toast squats toe squat so tuck all the
toes under sit back onto the heels you can keep some weight in the hands or you
can actually sit on your heels so you could be up here as well
or maybe you’re down here we’re gonna add a little bit of arms to this though
so reaching your arms out and then bring the right arm over top of the left
Eagle arms palms together as best you can and then just lift those elbows up
drop the shoulders away from the ears imagine you’re pulling your shoulder
blades away from each other open awesome work you guys use an inhale
unwind your arms reach them all the way out and then bring the left arm over top
palms together lift those elbows drop those shoulders forget about those toes
those feet and just breathe nice work you guys using a nice big inhale start to reach
your arms all the way out and then as you exhale
your hands to your lap just a few more breath here in the tow squad mmm one
more inhale and exhale nice you guys bring your hands to the floor or take oh
oh wait how do the feet that line a little bit of a shocker first thing in
the morning well it’s a little bit of a shocker all the time but we’re gonna sit
on our heels now so just sit on the heels we’ll do a little counter stretch
so just start to lean back take some weight into the hands lean back and then
see if your knees wanna just lift off of the floor a little bit
bringing the length into the top of the feet into those ankles you might feel
stretch to the feet lift those knees lean back as far as you need to to feel
something mm-hmm nice work you guys slowly lower the
knees back down and we’re just gonna bring the hands out in front bring out
the knees nice and wide sit back on the heels and then drop the forehead down
finishing off our practice today in Child’s Pose so please stay as long as you’d like
here in Child’s Pose if you are ready to come on up if you
got to get to work or get going be productive today come on up bring your
hands together at heart center and have a really terrific day you guys I’m
telling me it again that namaste


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