Morning Yoga Flow ♥ 15 Minute Intermediate Wake Up | Joshua Tree

Hello friends welcome to beautiful Joshua Tree National Park We are here at the Indian Cove campgrounds the Sun is just rising over the mountain and the energy is pure bliss right now and Today I’ve got a yoga practice for you That’s going to wake up every muscle in your body and get that energy and the blood moving through your system This is going to be a quick and effective flow so if you’re short on time. This is a perfect class for you So if you’re ready grab your mat grab your water, and let’s get started All right friends we’re gonna begin today’s seated on your mat. Let’s take an inhale reach both arms up to the sky And then exhale bring the hands start Inhale again reaching up to the sky, and then exhale go ahead and release into your child’s pose Taking this time to connect with your breath and then on your exhale go ahead release into your cows you’re gonna inhale arch the back and Exhale come back into that child’s pose Now let’s do that again round through arching the back looking up towards the sky Exhale rounding into your child’s pose Inhale again, let’s come up at this time tuck your toes and release into that plank position Shoulders over your wrists, just take a moment to connect with your bellybutton in your spine Engaging the core and then pushing back into that downward facing dog Giving yourself a moment to release into that downward dog chest falling towards the mat Inhale let’s round through into your plank position and then on your exhale You’re gonna push back into the downward facing dog a couple times here. Just like that adding movement to your body inhale come forward exhale come back Inhale round through each vertebra of your spine as you come into the plank and then exhale pushing back Good let’s do that again round through inhale exhale this time taking your chaturanga dandasana inhale upward-facing dog Opening the chest and the heart and then exhale pushing back into the downward facing dog Let’s take an inhale through your nose On your exhale now you’re gonna round through into play This time shifting your weight to one side extending your other arm up into your side point Staying here with your feet stacked or taking it to the next level Bringing the foot to the inside of your thigh balancing on that bottom foot Stay here inhale exhale release the hand now sitting keep the knee towards the chest Inhale you’re gonna reach up to the sky, and then exhale touch the need to chest for a one inhale extend exhale Bring it forward to your plank for two inhale extend and exhale bring it forward for three and one more time Exhale bring it in for four hold it here, and I’ll just pump the leg two three four five six seven eight Awesome extending the leg up inhale and then one you’re ready Exhale you’re gonna take a big step with that left foot to the top of the mat Square out the hips find your Center, and once you ready both arms reach to the sky High lunge is find that position Finding your breath here Connecting with your body and the breath Slowly from here take your opposite arm forward Singh arm back so right arm forward left arm back and Then releasing that forward arm to the ground into your twist Deep breath in Exhale I’ll continue to reach with those fingers Another inhale through your nose And then exhale releasing the hand all the way down shifting your way to that Supporting front foot and then coming into that warrior three position Make sure the hips are square so your right on your left hip are aligned lift the body again connecting the core Visualizing the belly button in the lower back drawing in towards one another Slowly go ahead and lift yourself up now that back leg comes forward towards your belly button exhale stepping back into our warrior one inhale exhale extending the front leg Slowly start to release the body all the way down and then coming into that reverse triangle posture So your opposite hand is on the ground the other arm is reaching up to the sky And then slowly release come on up warrior one posture deep breath II Exhale shift your way back into that warrior three again Grounding through that bottom foot like the root of a tree standing tall and strong Deep breath in And exhale out slowly Bend and step your back foot towards your high lunge Find your Center Open up through the chest open through the heart Inhale exhale Release the hands down stepping back into that plank position And then give me one pushup here, and then take your chaturanga dandasana inhale upward-facing dog And then exhale downward-facing dog Give yourself a moment here to go a little bit deeper into that downward-facing dog and Then slowly come on forward into that ply let’s reverse it now so come on to your side plank on the other side Extending that top arm and bringing the top leg towards the inside of your thigh If this is too challenging just stay in that side plank position Deep breath in and keep reaching up pointing that top knee to the sky and then releasing the top hand bring the knee towards your chest and Then from here you’re going to extend it all the way into the three-legged dog Inhale you’re going to bring the knee to the chest come into plank Exhale extend into your three-legged dog Inhale bring it forward exhale Extend Inhale bring it forward exhale Extending into that three-legged dog keep going need to the chest and Pushing back Let’s do that one more again This time you’re gonna hold that me and pump it three four five six seven eight Awesome extending the leg inhale and then exhale big step between your two hands at the top of the mat and Then reaching both arms up to the sky finding your center inhale And then exhale your opposite arm is going to come forward so your left arm comes forward Right arm comes back. Go ahead and look over your shoulder if you can Deep breath aim On your exhale release that front hand to the mat. The other arm is reaching towards the sky Good just continue to breathe staying with your breath here and then Exhale releasing the hand all the way down Shifting your weight to that front foot lift your back leg Square the hips out one arm and then the other arm comes next to the side of your body Or feel free to extend your arms forward if you wish Really think about aligning those hips so left and right hip completely squared Lifting the back leg from the glute and then slowly from here stepping back into that warrior one Extending the leg and Then shifting your weight all the way down with the chest into a reverse triangle so your opposite hand is staying on the ground your other arms reaching up to the sky and See if you can follow that top arm with your gaze Again just stay with your breath Allowing your breath to be the reminder to come back to the present moment anytime your mind starts to go elsewhere Let’s slowly release the arm. Deep breath in exhale Shifting your weight and come on up to your warrior one and Then from here bringing yourself forward into that warrior three So all of the weight comes to the front foot the hips are square Deep breath in Palms together now over to your heart Release and bring that knee towards your chest inhale exhale Step the foot right back into that high lunge inhale Exhale just finding that Center and opening the chest Allowing the hips to sink down to the ground and Slowly, let’s release the hands you’re gonna step back into that plank position giving me four push-ups this time one and two and three Last one and for taking your chaturanga dandasana inhale upward facing dog and Exhale pushing into the hands taking it back into that downward facing dog Deep breath in here just allowing those heels to sink low to the ground Deep breath in exhale step or hop to the top of the mat Inhale have for ya, and then exhale folding into that standing forward fold Folding from the hips at this time take your arms behind your back interlace the fingers and allow the hands to fall forward Not only feeling a great stretch through the hamstrings, but also feeling a nice stretch through the shoulders Deep breath in and exhale Slowly release Lift in your body and let’s come down into that chair posture Allowing the hips to sink low arms are reaching up to the sky you Can bring your hands to your heart if you wish or keep them out this whole time? inhale exhale Let’s release the arms down and come back into that forward fold Give yourself a second here inhale again Let that chest release and then once you’re ready come on down to your mat in Transition right into that plow posture so your feet are reaching for the mat over your head Feel free to bend your knees slightly if you have to or support the lower back with your hands If you’re supporting the lower back with your hands see if you can extend into that shoulder stand one leg extending at a time support your hips and think about reaching for the sky with the toes a Wonderful inversion here to release any tension in the body this helps to release headaches Deep breath in exhale out Slowly releasing one foot over your head at a time Releasing the palms of your hands or interlacing the fingers Let’s stay here for a moment in that plow position Feeling a nice stretch through the back Again feel free to bend your knees slightly if you have to or keep those knees straight the whole time Inhale and Exhale releasing the hands and let’s slowly use the core and take the legs down one Vertebra at a time with your back first and then continuing to release the legs All the way down Wonderful coming into that shavasana now and allowing yourself to take complete relaxation of your body Letting go of your arms and your legs With each exhale allowing yourself to completely surrender to your mat Inhale and exhale out Letting go of any tension in the face Allowing that relaxation to move downward through your shoulders your chest your thighs Your calves your feet and allow your arms to stay heavy by your side Feeling heavy relax No just slowly bring awareness back to your breath Come on your fingers and your toes go Ahead and give yourself a big stretch here reaching both arms over your head knees to the chest and then rolling over to your fetal position and Then come on up to your seated position on your mat Rossing your feet in front of you Inhale let’s reach both arms up to the sky, and then exhale bring the hands to heart Bowing down to your heart and thanking yourself for you’re beautiful practice today Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for joining us today in beautiful, Joshua Tree I wish you love and light and a wonderful day namaste Thanks so much for watching if you like this video feel free to give it a thumbs up and also don’t forget to follow us In social media like Facebook Instagram and Twitter bless of love. I’ll see you soon You


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