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Leave [your name] here to credit yourself ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ Hey guys! What’s up? Welcome to my new morning routine So I’d usually wake up at around 6 am and then I’d make my bed absentmindedly before going to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth so I can start the day fresh Yes, I brush my teeth before breakfast because many bacteria accumulated in our mouths when we go to sleep so we gotta wash them before we eat anything Anyway, the facial wash that I’m using is this Senka perfect whip facial wash Afterwards, I’d change into my training pants and t-shirt tie my hair up, and begin with my workout routine First I’d start with the warm-ups then I’d do the HIIT workout which I learned from blogilates you can find the printable sheet in her website which I’ll link in the description box below I’m supposed to do 3 sets of this but I only do 1 set because I still want to do more workouts afterwards As you can see here, I’m really bad at pushups But I’ve actually improved a lot since last year I used to not be able to do a single push up but now I can do more than one even though my posture is still poor Anyway, after doing the HIIT workout I’d prepare my yoga mat and do 200 crunches to get my stomach fit and strong Then I’d proceed with some arm workout The dumbbell I’m using here is 3 kilos each And finally I’d finish off by doing some sumo squats and pulses Don’t forget to do some cool downs after you finish working out! As I wait for my body to cool down, I’d go to the kitchen to eat some breakfast I’d usually have a bowl of plain oatmeal Like I said in my previous morning routine I don’t like to put anything in my oatmeal because I have some boring taste buds and I like eating plain tasteless food like this one After breakfast, I’d go back to my room tidy up my yoga mat, and head to the bathroom to take a shower I don’t wash my hair everyday but on days when I do wash it I use this Shiseido aqua intensive hair care shampoo and conditioner I recently got my hair permed, hence why it’s not as wild and curly as it used to be and this shampoo and conditioner is great for permed hair like mine I’ve already done my skincare routine in my mom’s bathroom so I’m heading straight to my makeup and haircare routine My face looks so overexposed here but the light is not actually that bright in real life, it’s just the camera For my makeup, I’m using Faceshop’s dual concealer to cover my undereye circles because I don’t wanna look like a panda then I use a compact powder, also by Faceshop to mattify my face As for the eyeshadow, I’m using NYX natural eyeshadow palette I’d usually tap my brush lightly on the eyeshadow three times before applying it to my lids I love using eyeshadows even though I can barely see the color since I use it so lightly Anyway, for my lips, I’m using this peach perfect lipstick by L’oreal To condition my hair, I’m using this cuticle serum by Ellips It makes my hair soft and shiny After that I’d go blowdry and style my hair Of course I’d style the fringe first because I won’t be able to function properly if my fringe looks messy Hair done! For the final touch, I like to use these 2 bunny hair clips to keep some rebellious strands of hair out of my face Tada~ You can’t forget about the perfume! The one I’m wearing is this Cabotine Rose perfume, which smells like roses in the winter~ no just kidding I don’t know what this smells like but it does smell nice and that’s all that matters I also wear my watch which is actually my mom’s but she gave it to me because I didn’t have any watch of my own and I begged her for one, so yeah By the way, my workplace doesn’t have any dresscode so I’d always dress like this everytime I go to work I’d just wear an anime t-shirt, long-sleeved shirt and a pair of jeans It feels like going to college all over again No scratch that. I actually looked more stylish when I was in college Aaanyway, after I’m done getting ready I’d go prepare my lunchbox to bring to work with me I’d usually just bring rice with some leftover meals which I store in the fridge I’d just heat it up for a few minutes and they’ll be as good as new I’d normally leave home at around 9:30 so while I wait for the time to past, I’d sometimes practice my clarinet for a bit I’m still a complete beginner and I can’t play any songs yet so I’d usually just practice the scale and some fingering If I’m not feeling like playing the clarinet, I’d just read a book to past the time So that was my updated morning routine, I hope you guys enjoyed watching it What do you guys usually do for your morning routine? Leave your answers in the comments below, I’d really love to read them all! Anyway, thank you guys for watching, don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe I’ll see you guys on my next video! Have a nice day everyone! Bye-bye!


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