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I was heard saying that at a large extent the year is going the way it has started and the same refers to the day so we want to start it in the best possible way not when the kids are running around and somebody is calling or it’s just your natural feeling you wake up but if it’s not yet they’re naturally then we have to train it thereby we can take a seat the mind is calm and we can just observe the breathing and then worried we wanted to take deep breath in and out and was an inhale here the phone could even hail day good day to have a good day right whenever we hear the word good there’s some amazing things happening inside like the body saying yes that’s the way I wanted a kindness the goodness and we inhale this goodness and exhale anything you don’t need and don’t want saying that this is going to be a good and wonderful day if you feel like when you and the inhale you take a small file called the breath and release and exhale when small pause inhale again and again inhale hold it and help and hold it it doesn’t matter what’s the number you could inhale on holding the breath it just gives you a natural feeling if you don’t feel like holding the Red Boy it makes you feel somehow not like the way you want it then just on coke and go for inhale and exhale is really wonderful practice and at the very end give the positive rating in your mind to all the wonderful people who are around you with them also a very good day wish the good day to all those people whom you don’t know or have a neutral feelings too and they also have not also but also to the people who are having you too attitude to you and all the people how was a good day to those who we don’t like who might not like us and if they will have a wonderful day then they will not get older okay so joke or not but it’s a good way to start the morning when you stay a little bit for a moment alone if it’s possible if not then just pretend you’re still asleep and just focusing on your breathing positive thoughts about this wonderful good day hope you enjoy it and I am waiting for you for the next time bye bye you


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