Morning 6 Pack Abs Routine with Pro Skater Boo Johnson


  1. i want to hear what wecking ball has to say about this

  2. boo face baby


  4. "Dude bro, dude bro…bro….dude bro…..I seen you on the Gram"

  5. Blueface if he was a skater 💀

  6. man, I'm feeling some good vibes here.

  7. So where is his sixpack?

  8. Damn thief you stole that workout

  9. C. R. I. N. G. E.

  10. Cool video bro

  11. Fantastic video, Chris!!! This is why I love your channel, and why you are so inspirational. Thank you!

  12. Great inspiring video

  13. Dope exercisers, Chris and Boo. I'm digging the station, man, straight up, it's a sick vibe.

  14. You should also do Neen Williams! This is sick skateboarding is the best.

  15. JHF

  16. I like the video with Arthur Dunham way more. This one sucked

  17. What song were played here? I wanna look for it on the thenx app.

  18. All exercises my favorite….both of u fav man…❤💙❤💙❤💙

  19. Booface babyyy

  20. I thought this was Wiz Khalifa cousin or something

  21. wow I really want to hate this but.. Ok Sure. go Boo

  22. Older video, not sure if you look at old messages but check into Neen Williams. Dude is crazy into fitness. Definitely got me off my heiny.

  23. Nothing like trying to have a conversation whilst doing seated in and outs.

  24. Dude doesn’t even have a six pack

  25. 1:38 tiktok army soldiers have joined the chat

  26. this dude is trying to slap hands with Boo at any free moment

  27. Que genial, se nota que se cayeron super bien.

  28. Chris you really gotta work on your posture man, that neck of yours and those legs are killing your real gains, keep up!

  29. Plz tell me weck seen this 😂

  30. Fuck yessss!!! Chris Heria is my dog now!!!!!!! Skate for Life!!!🔥🔥🔥

  31. as a skater who lifts this is so sick to see

  32. skateboard athlete!

  33. Sickkk! Get Neen Williams next

  34. That 0:11 looked so forced xD

  35. @evrickkalugdan Bruh I thought that green counter was counting they reps I yelled “ohhh they cheatin!”

  36. How many skating references were made in this fuckin video lmao

  37. If asap rocky and blue face had a baby 😂 such a cool dude

  38. I resonate towards this video 🙏🏻💯 I admire both y’all

  39. DGK all day

  40. Heria music ❤️

  41. Does anyone know how long the rest between the four rounds should be?

  42. .

  43. Yall smacked asab

  44. This makes me wanna take a bro piss with my friends and tell them all the things iv seen on there gram

  45. when are the next boo johnson work outs gonna be posted?

  46. Something about you just looks and feels fake as fuck

  47. Chair situps are a killer

  48. Name of the song at 11:47 p.s.

  49. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

  50. wait does Chris make the beats?? either way they fire

  51. Me: I’m so ready to work out and grind for a new body

    (While sitting in my bed at 2:30)

  52. “Man I seen you on the gram”

  53. He needs a name change, ASAP

  54. The music makes me want to die

  55. boo johnson actually looks like blue face when he smiles

  56. Wtf you need to do like real wourkout this one is an actor thing like bro you pro so a lick his ass into deep shit and yes now im skateboarder hell yeaa i speak well now BROO

  57. Alright next we got the “bust down thotiana” . Blueface baby

  58. Bro just hold his fuckin hand shitttttttt

  59. Who else worked out to while watching

  60. oh he skate skate

  61. Bro I skate and work out in the morning I thought I was the only one that did that

  62. Anybody have any idea why we place our hands under our cheeks during leg raises ?

  63. Wth is this 'Heria music' cheese

  64. He reminds me of Wiz

  65. Good music!!

  66. This legendary💪🏽🏄🏽‍♂️

  67. Do a video with neen williams

  68. Chris Heria loves to suckle up

  69. Where has this video been all my life?😂

  70. It sounds white guy wants to hit on black guy.

  71. Chris ya gotta get a dancer on here.. like a break dancer. Cardio for days.

  72. Did you study this at college ? If not how do you learn this, I was never thought such efficient training methods although I've been training martial arts since I was 4, football, went to regular school in 3 countries, army, security training …

  73. It has amazing effects on your body

  74. buddys an asap rockyh clone

  75. 3 more roundd….hahhahshahshshsh

  76. Song at 0:42?

  77. Great video. I will simply add that one needs to know their birth time in order to see their natal chart. Natal chart reveals everything about your life 🙂

  78. Chris’s daily warm up is more intense than this

  79. The synchronization is crazy

  80. Oh shit Boo’ from my hometown

  81. Deym dats my idol boo 🔥💯✋

  82. Nice vid keep it up

  83. Dope vid

  84. cool video.

  85. if they took off the music and the video editing it would not be that interesting to watch.

  86. Y

  87. Take a shot Everytime Chris says "the gram"

  88. Bro anyone done this workout, holy shit they make it look easy and I’m use to abdominal workouts I used to do gymnastics stop playin, this is hard

  89. They’re tryna impress each other so much like they wanna have sex or sum 😂

  90. Anybody who still claims that skaters are lazy stoners needs to watch this video.

  91. I don’t know if I’m the only one who can tell the cali accent from the Florida accent hahahaha

  92. there was a lot of fist bumps and bromancing in this video!

  93. Could only do 2 rounds hoping to reach 4 in a week or so. Leg raises are my mortal enemy

  94. I've started watching and following and see this routine with a pro skater and that you skate yourself has increased the appeal to watch more and subscribe. I'm an old school skater who got unfit and lazy with life and work being my excuse. Thanks for your videos man.

  95. Kinda sus

  96. Chit chatting while exercising..

  97. Guy says bro more than a grilled stoner does whilst explaining some deep shit

  98. Thats a lie i know sum females that travels alot but there very ignorant and arrogant—-its just who u are nothing 2 do with traveling dont believe that b.s

  99. Music is dope 🔥

  100. I have never seen two men dab each other up so much in my life lmao

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