More Potential Health Problems For Detained Migrants

645 now and more potential problems for migrants detained along the us-mexico border a legal team recently interviewed more than 60 kids at a Border Patrol station near El Paso they say that the children are living in dangerous conditions locked up for up to 27 days without adequate food water and sanitation and oftentimes they're caring for each other no comment from Customs and Border Patrol which has been overwhelmed by the influx of immigrants


  1. Don't send children!!! How is this our fault? It's like leaving your child in a hot car in a store parking lot then blaming the store for heatstroke. STOP APOLOGIZING TO THE LEFT. STOP!!

  2. Their parents put them in that situation it's sad, customs and border patrol is doing the best they can with all these people that just decide they don't need to come to the US the right way. All we're trying to do is protect our borders, and the illegals want to make it difficult by crying when we don't put them up in Hilton Hotel when they get caught.

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