More Mystery Radar Blips Appear Over Florida and Maine, Mass Military Exercise?

back on December 10th the Evansville
area was embroiled in intrigue when mysterious radar blips appeared over
southern Illinois and Western Kentucky the long lines baffled the National
Weather Service because they looked like storms but it wasn’t raining a
publication called the war zone eventually confirmed the anomalies arose
when a c-130 traveling to West Virginia from a military exercise out west
released over an area huge plumes of military chef radar jamming material
mostly composed of aluminum sounds are reasonable but it does nothing to
explain what happened in Maine and Florida around the same time similar
blips materialized on radar over Portland Maine on December 12th the
National Weather Service they are also guests
shaf was to blame but unlike in Illinois no concrete explanation sprang forth
according to the war zone the one Marine Air National Guard flying unit doesn’t
have any planes equipped to release a shaft and it’s not like a plane from a
different base with jet all the way to Maine just a spew chaff that same day strange radar shapes
appeared over the Florida Keys to again the National Weather Service guessed it
was chaff Florida is apparently rife with military exercises but that
hypothesis was never confirmed we believe there is more to the story than
what the FAA and military publications such as the war zone are telling us an
investigator from the mutual UFO network said in an email after the blips
appeared over Illinois and Kentucky if all these instances were caused by chaff
what kind of mass nationwide exercise was the military conducting and why was
radar jamming materials so prominent it conjures another question – is it
dangerous to have large amounts of this stuff just hovering in the atmosphere based on reviews of numerous toxicology
studies the key components of chaff are aluminium silica glass fibers and
stearic acid and says it will not pose an adverse impact to human and
environmental health a 1993 study found it does however hover in the atmosphere
for an inordinate amount of time as much as 10 hours at one time so if these
reported military exercises continue you can expect more radar anomalies to crop
up all over the country writes The Courier Express


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  2. Plasma energy waves!

  3. Seems like the areas on radar are too large to be chaff. Photos of chaff on google images show just enough released to protect an aircraft, but nowhere near the amount that would cause such large areas on radar. I suspect that the military is using chaff as their cover story. Like you said, there's more to the story!

  4. The military chaff testing is ludicrous, it's not new technology, and BS. Sounds more like terrestrial changes in the earth creating EM anomalies in the skies. New Madrid is near southern Illinois and western Kentucky. I'm not sure if EM sprites cause radar signatures, but they are generally vertical in the atmosphere.

  5. 1993??? They know how bad this stuff is.

  6. Chem trails to that's the same shape of them to when they spread out

  7. And then 5g sends a frequency thru it

  8. Cloaking tech used so that ground to air radars can't pick up craft, ours or their's. It's been tested

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  10. I agree with the majority, I believe they are testing, yet this polar vortex is gonna dump alot of snow and -temps, power grid will be over used. Have food, water, and another heat source, expected to blanket the USA by next weekend. Exposing evil, good report. Others are just qonna bury heads in the sand!!! Ignorance is NOT bliss. Keep looking up


  12. and Dane Wiggington – NASA Satellite Pics PROVE Disastrous Weather Eng

  13. The silica glass fibers sounds like asbestos. I wonder how much damage that will do to the lungs. And the aluminum poisoning taken up in plants. Then there's the steric acid which likely causes heart problems.

  14. Stop using aluminium (chaff) I believe this shit is cooling down the planet and why has no-one else put tow and two together

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