More energy and Anti aging! perfect desicated liver

Leda LUMS apotheca I would like to appreciate our lovely floral arrangements behind me that man lovely roommate Marie has constructed with her savory designs company nice flowers she's very aesthetic I would like to discuss and praise desiccated liver perfect desiccated liver this is from perfect supplements and their cows are grass-fed and non hormones and happy in Argentina so this is liver is that your liver stores vitamins and minerals primarily it doesn't store toxins it filters toxins out so that's why a liver is considered a superfood a lot of vitamins and minerals in liver and we don't tend to eat organ meats so much in our diets anymore and if you're doing more Paleo diet you'd want to find some way to ingest those along with so that you're balancing out the amino acids not just eating the meat the muscle of the animal so this is this is actually I've been taking this for maybe a week or two and I do experience an increase in energy I take a pill it doesn't taste funny it doesn't smell weird I don't think yeah it smells a little weird but it's not that bad I just pop it in my mouth it's in a little gel cap so it doesn't you can't really tell but I think it's a good way to take a mineral supplement and vitamin all right so there's another thing that we'll review for you desiccated liver


  1. Gawd you are so beautiful! What kind of sorcery are you doing lol !

  2. Ancestral Supplements Google it

  3. Love your vid's!
    Please stop taking this if you get pregnant

  4. I bought Uni Liver by Universal Nutrition.

  5. Screw the pills. I changed ta the meat.

  6. just bought this exact brand and looked it up on youtube..and your video popped up..Thanks 4 the upload

  7. does it work?

  8. love love love your top! Green looks good on you

  9. awesome increase of energy  always good ,cheers

  10. Just found your videos. Looks like you're into all the same stuff I am. I just bought some desiccated liver from Radiant Life. Haven't started taking them yet, but I'm excited. I have been taking Coq10 for a couple of weeks, though and have experienced a huge amount of energy. I'm only 31, so still spry, but this stuff is great. I read that the liver contains Coq10 as well. I'm not sure how much, but it's cool to know that it's there. Gonna check out more of your vids. Thanks for posting them.

  11. Interesting! I'm going to look more into this, thank you! 💙

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