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– Hello everyone.
Welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and this is Benji and today we have a
moon practice for you. So this is perfect to do on or
around a full moon or this is also really great when you’re
just wanting to do an at home practice maybe later in the day. You don’t want to get
too energized or stimulated. So hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (bright music) Alrighty, let’s begin
today’s session in Child’s Pose. So come on down to the ground. If Child’s Pose is not
awesome for you, no worries. Maybe begin in a
nice comfortable seat or laying gently on your back. When you get down into
a nice easy pose to start, we will use this shape to
right away tap into the breath. So go ahead and take a big
inhale whenever you’re ready. And nice and easy, relax
your shoulders as you exhale. Then continue just like that using an inhale to really just
settle in to the present moment. And use your exhale,
nice and long exhale, to really land here. Letting go of the day thus far. Letting go of any expectations
and just trusting that you made the right choice to spend
this time with yourself for a little moon practice. So essentially just taking a
second to get quiet or to try. Some times harder
than we think to get quiet here in the beginning. And so many of our practices stimulate the body. They revolve around that
more sun, solar energy. So today’s practice,
keep in mind, is the opposite of that. Designed to soothe you and bring balance to busy lifestyle. Going, going, going. Bodies and, of course,
that monkey mind. As you’re ready begin to slowly
come back up wherever you’re at. You can make your way up
to all fours nice and easy. And from a Tabletop Position I’ll invite you and
myself as well to drop the
belly and inhale, open the chest. As you exhale,
round through, Cat Pose. And as you inhale,
nice and slow, drop the belly. Cow Pose. Exhale, round the spine. Navel draws up. And exhale, soften the belly. Tailbone lifts. Last time,
rounding through the spine. Navel draws up. And then inhale to
a nice neutral spine. We’ll drop the elbows just where
the hands were and we’ll walk the knees back trying to keep
the wrists and elbows and the knees all in the same line,
the same plane, parallel. And as you’re ready, big
opening in the shoulders here, gently ease your heart
space down towards the earth. Allowing your tail to
lift up towards the sky. Do not underestimate the grounding effect of
your hands here. That hand-to-earth
connection so keep it strong. And then start to
deepen the breath here in Heart to Earth Pose,
Anahatasan. Hip points are over the knees. Ankles are in
line with the knees. Awesome, then slow and
steady we’ll lift back up. Moving with the sound of
your breath nice and slow. Then we’re gonna
walk the knees all the way up towards the wrists. Then we’re gonna curl the toes
under and you’re gonna slowly lift yourself up
into a nice Forward Fold. Hang loose here for
three to five breaths. Seeing if you can now extend
your inhalations and extend your exhalations a little more. Shake the head loose. Let go of any stress
or tension in the body. And then when you’re ready,
ground through your feet and slow and steady, slow,
slow, slow roll up to standing. Stack your head over your heart,
your heart over your pelvis and on your next big breath in,
reach for the sky. Interlace the fingertips and
you’re gonna press your palms all the way up. Try to keep the
shoulders relaxing down. Lengthen your tailbone. And then grounding
through the heels lift, lift, lift as you breathe in. As you breathe out,
take your hands over towards the left side. Feeling a great stretch on
the right side of the body. Dig into your right heel. Great, then bring
it back up to center. Take it to the other side. Finding that slow tilt, feeling that awesome
stretch in the left side body. Great, inhale, come
back to center with grace. Find soft
fingertips as you release. You’re gonna walk
the feet out just a little bit wider
than hip width apart. Spread the fingertips. Turn the toes out, a little 45
degree angle and bend your knees as we come into Goddess Pose. Now in time you’ll be able to
really open up here but just notice where you are today and
see if you can find a balance between the strength
that this pose requires and a little bit
of softness or grace. Awesome, maybe drop
it half an inch lower. Find your breath. Inhale in. And then exhale to slowly lift, bring your hands
together at the heart. From here we’re gonna
step to the top of the mat, nice and easy. Beautiful and then
when you’re ready inhale, reach for the sky once again. This time, exhale,
Forward Fold all the way down. On your next inhale,
step your left toes back, lower your left knee. Inhale, sweep the arms
all the way up to the sky. Crescent Lunge. Exhale, fold it down. Fingertips come to the earth. You’re gonna lift the back knee
and then we’re gonna step the back foot up for Pyramid Pose. Gently tug your
right hip crease back. Keep the fingertips
on the ground here. You can also use blocks or you
can take the hands to the heart or the reverse Namaste. Breathe deep here. Lots of awareness
from crown to tail. Awesome, inhale in. Exhale to slowly release. Bring the left toes
back to your nice low lunge. One more time,
lower the left knee. Crescent Lunge. Big inhale to sweep the arms
all the way up towards the sky. Exhale to Forward Fold. Curl the back toes under,
lift the back knee. Rock that back foot
up to meet the front. Inhale, lifts you up halfway. Exhale to
soften and bow forward. Root to rise, inhale. Reach all the way up. Big full body stretch here. And you’re gonna
take it right back down. Exhale, soft and easy. Great, on your next
inhale step the right toes out. Lower the right
knee to the earth. Big inhale to gently sweep the
fingertips forward. up and back. Crescent Lunge. Exhale, slowly
lower and release. Curl the back toes under, lift
the back knee and when you’re ready, gently step it
halfway up for Pyramid Pose. Actively pulling the
left hip crease back. Nice and easy. Maybe bringing the
hands to the heart here. Or reverse Namaste. Find your breath, big inhale. Exhale to soften and release. We’ll send the
right toes back out. Lower the right
knee gently and inhale, sweep the arms all the way up. Ride the wave
of the breath here. On the exhale, it crests and falls back down to
your nice low lunge. Lick, lift,
don’t lick (chuckles), lift the back knee. Nice and easy step it
back up to meet the front. Inhale, halfway lift. Find length in the neck. Exhale to soften and fold. Root to rise here, big inhale. Reach for the sky. This time take the
big moon in your hands, this image of a big
sphere even, overhead, nice and big. Opening up through the
shoulders and then once again, take it over to your left. Big stretch in
the right side body. And then hold on to
that big beach ball. Hold on to the moon and then
take it over to your right. Great, then bring
it back to center. Bring the palms together to kiss and then slide it back
down to your heart. Now you’re gonna step back to
that Goddess Pose so come back to a nice wide legged stance. Turn your toes out,
bring your heels in, nice 45 degree angle. Inhale, lift the
sternum to the thumbs. Exhale, open the elbows,
sink down nice and low. Beautiful, inhale in. Exhale a little lower,
soft and easy. Keep the jaw soft. Pull the elbows back.
In time, you’ll find the space. Excellent and
one more breath here, maybe sink a little lower. You got this. Excellent, then
straighten both legs. We’ll bring the hands
together at the heart. You’re gonna turn
the right toes in, turn the left toes out. Inhale, lift the chest. Exhale, here’s
that Pyramid Pose again. Inhale in deeply. Exhale completely. One more time, inhale deeply. And exhale completely. Awesome work. From here soft bend in your
left knee as you bring your fingertips to the ground. You’re gonna kick
your right foot out so you’re in a
nice low lunge here. Then here we go, we’re gonna
take the left fingertips in and around to meet the right and
we’re gonna come through a nice low squat here, Skandasana. Then keep it nice and low as
you come through using your fingertips to slowly guide you. You’re gonna come through
Skandasana to the other side. Then back through to the left. And then one more time
all the way to the right. Woo, beautiful! Now we’ll spiral our heart
towards the front of the mat. You’re now right foot forward,
left foot back. Nice low lunge. Here we go, step the
back foot up, Pyramid Pose. Hands come into a mudra. Maybe in the
front of the heart or maybe in the back, reverse. Inhale in. Exhale out. Inhale in. Exhale out. Inhale in. Exhale to slowly rise back up. Awesome, from
here bend both knees. Whoa, hold on to your
center and when you’re ready, step the feet together,
really together. Just take a second here to close your eyes
and observe your breath. Feel your breath like a wave. Feel that lift and that
expansion as you breathe in. And then allow gravity to do
it’s job as you breathe out. Softening, grounding
as you breathe out. Close your eyes if
you haven’t already. Again, noticing what moves, what lifts, what expands
as you breathe in. And noticing what softens
and falls as you breathe out. Now finding an exquisite stillness here to
end our practice. From here you can
take it to the ground for restorative Shavasana or you can take it to
a nice comfortable seat for a short meditation. Or if it’s all
you have time for, the highest in me recognizes and
honors the highest in you. Thanks for practicing. Take good care. Thumbs up to the third eye. And we finish by whispering, Namaste. (bright music)


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