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  2. I would love affection from a future guy if I find someone who has everything I'm looking for. Affection is one of the most important parts of a relationship for me. I wanna be touched and cuddled constantly. If I can't find a guy that is like that then I will just stay on my own.

  3. both canada usa have equally beautiful women

    who cares what comments say ok here

    both should usa canadians unite

    damn get along

    only morons think they have better societies there is no better.

  4. Canadian girl here. I agree with you! I have 2 American men married into my family, and they deffinitely stand out against the Canada born men. our universities are a lot different than American colleges, and the whole frat boy thing is not a concept over here. Canadians pride themselves on being kind 🙂

    But I mean that's not saying that American boys are all bad or anything!!!

  5. The yellow channel bag is really nice for summer

  6. The pale yellow Chanel bag is so pretty x

  7. My main love languages are quality time and affection

  8. girl I dont know what it is about boyfriend’s older sisters…. I experienced the same situation as you.

  9. Hey I live in Charlotte…you should definitely go to Living Kitchen!! There's one in Southend and South Park (across from the mall in the building Diamonds Direct is in). It is an entirely vegan restaurant and is so yummy!!

  10. I just recently graduated from university here in Canada! And I actually did meet a lot of guys from the US when I was studying abroad last year. I agree with you, obviously there are bad guys here, we're not that different! But it is true, we don't really have frats like you guys have, and I have an amazing boyfriend here and most of his single friends always tell me that they want to be in a relationship they aren't just looking for random hookups. PS I'm planning on going to Boots this summer hopefully I'll see you! 🙂

  11. yellow chanel xx

  12. I really love how you just don't care the trend and stick to the style you personally like❤️❤️

  13. These are my favourite videos of yours😍

  14. i love how intelligent megan is. megan i used to watch you back in the days when you would film makeup videos and had that boyfriend– i forget his name. and even when your dear friend died. I will admit, as Ive grown older I have strayed away from your videos but now that I am in college, I find your videos intriguing and extremely genuine. Its amazing to see what type of woman you have become!! Also love the blue or yellow chanel, as well as that prada bag!!

  15. My love language is definitely touch. I am a little of all but if my fiancé doesn’t touch me all day I feel sad haha 😂

  16. Canadian girl here, in terms of guys.. it also depends a lot what part of the country you are talking about. For the most part most Canadian guys are super nice and down to earth… but in Toronto.. Toronto is definitely a hook up culture. No guy wants to settle down there haha it's all about the going out/clubbing scene.


  18. that prada is SO YOU I love it

  19. I love the yellow purse!

  20. I've send you dms but have never had an answer 🙁

  21. So my boyfriend is in a band and just like with dating an athlete, girls tend to be all over him at shows and whatnot. It was difficult dealing with that at first, but now its one of the things that just comes with being with him. It can be difficult but it all comes down to trust and love.

  22. I loved the Prada and the pink Chanel 😍

  23. completely agree with greek life boys & their treatment towards women

  24. The yellow bag 😍😍

  25. I guess I need me a Canadian man… So tired of the whole hookup culture, casual dating scene here in the US. It's so frustrating to want something real with a genuinely nice guy and only attract these kind of guys😔

  26. I have heard the same thing about girls going to school just to find a husband and I think it’s so sad. I’ve become less judgement the older I’ve gotten BUT I still think you should always have your own passions and dreams. A relationship may not be forever but you will always be with yourself and should always have some passion to drive you through life!!

  27. I totally agree with the statement that college boys in the US don't tend to want girlfriends. Its so annoying. Like, i don't wanna just hook up with you… I want a meaningful relationship! I feel like a lot of them just aren't mature enough or ready for commitment.

  28. OOOOOhhhh i love the pale yellow bag. So cute.

  29. You're totally right about Canadian universities and not being as affected my Greek life. There are still guys who just want hookups, especially if you live in a university town (my city has two universities and one college, like university but for trades) and there is more of a hookup culture here. Otherwise, I totally agree that you find more guys willing to be in a solid relationship !

  30. I'm from Canada! while Greek life in universities here isn't as popular as it is in the states, it still exists, but that's not the only place to have parties! most uni's here maintain quite the crazy party scene, you just have to be into it 🙂 I also agree with what you said about the guys, I find Canadian guys to be more gentlemen-like, even though not all necessarily want girlfriends! love you so much, hugs from Toronto!!

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