Monday Motivation H1 Week 3 Balancing Healthy Eating

hey guys it's coach Lew comedy today to talk about healthy eating and how to balance that all out to help you achieve the lifestyle and the goals that you want before we get started into eating I've got to give you a little disclaimer here the following statements and information is provided for information purposes you use your own judgement in whatever you implement or decide to follow through or try these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA or nor are they intended to replace medical advice nor cure or prevent any disease as always check with your doctor healthcare professional prior to beginning any dietary exercise or self-help program with that out of the way let's get into how to balance your healthy eating into your lifestyle as you know for quite a while I've done a healthy eating and lifestyle seminar which is a very intensive seminar that gets into the whole balance of lifestyle and healthy eating is only a piece of that because you can't just do one what I've found is all kinds of practitioners and medical professionals have their way being a certified trainer and a bootcamp instructor as part of you know the whole ball of wax that we do here you know I could quickly tell you just to bootcamp and that's gonna be the key to your fitness that's gonna be the key to your weight loss boom boom and get you so hyped up that that is the only piece of it or you go to a dietician they said oh yeah abs are made in the kitchen we have all these comments and views and my god there's a hundred and one diets and there's always the next diet that has it all by doing X Y Z or eliminating X Y Z and really just totally obliterating everything we've been talking there's a lot that we've been taught that's bullcrap there's a lot of things that have been proven that healthy food or healthy diet or all-natural on labels and so forth doesn't mean a whole lot there are some things you really got to look at when you're looking at what you're taking into your body and why you're taking those into your body so we're gonna delve into that a little bit today we're gonna give you a little preview of what would be the eating portion of healthy eating and lifestyle seminar we're also going to cover calories versus nutrition today what's more important how do you balance them out when you're supposed to eat fasting stuff like that we've already done the fasting last week if you haven't seen that video go back and do the training on fasting and then we're gonna really delve into whole versus blended versus juicing everybody's got an opinion there – is is eat your foods whole cooked raw do you blend them our blend smoothies that type of thing better or is it better to juice and I'm gonna talk about each of those individually and then maybe how to combine them for the maximum effect for you this could be fun today this definitely could be an awesome way to get into understanding and going on your own journey what I am NOT going to do for you today is give you a diet to go on I am NOT a dietitian as such where I'm gonna go here's your diet here's Lou's diet here's coach Lou's diet do it exactly like this what we can do is go if you follow some basic rules and you find the things within those basic rules that are gonna nourish your body get your body operating at a hundred percent you are going to find that the weight loss comes with that the energy comes with that but there's massive amounts of choice within there and then there's going right on back to some basics guys we've got a face of reality I'm going to an example that one of my favorite breakfast is my almond flour waffles that Jen makes all the time so they're amazing almond flour waffles there's no downside to that there's no wheat there's no gluten there's no lectin factor in there and they're delicious and you can make them all up on Sunday and have them all in the freezer for the week and you can put cacao chips in them you can put blueberries on and blueberry and mango is in my case you can add some organic honey you can add some vanilla some organic almond extract you can add some banana apples my god whatever you want to put in them and you've got a delicious gourmet breakfast big red flag comes up here though if you're allergic to almonds it doesn't matter how wonderful that is from my body it could kill you so we got a look and go oK we've got to make sense of all of it this is why I will not give somebody a diet and say this is what I eat this is what you must eat what we do is recreate a dietary lifestyle for you that will help you to do something sustainable something you enjoy and it's absolutely fueling your body because in the long run it is about fueling that energy and fueling your body and your brain we're gonna talk about that – your body fuel and your brain fuel is a little bit different so we're gonna talk about why and how you fuel both of them and when and how that occurs and what likes what the best make sense are you with me on this this is not gonna be a boring session it's gonna be a pretty quick session because I'm gonna give you an overview and cut you loose I'm designing your dietary lifestyle it sounds like a card you like commercial money alright so for years we've been hit with all these fad diets right and some of them work some of the time everybody's got a diet that worked for them that they lost the weight on this diet or you know hopefully more than a diet a whole lifestyle but you know sometimes you meet that person you go wow yeah drop the way you kept it off or in some cases put some weight on if somebody's underweight you look great your Energy's great your complexions great your health you know concerns have eliminated or gone down and they say it's because of X Y Z diet so some of the diets work some of the time the problem is most diets fail most times usually people end up gaining the weight back plus or end up with health issues because of these radical diets so what's missing in the diets that are not working or what's missing the way they're being handled or what's missing in that person's dietary lifestyle one of the usual one commonality that we haven't at all is almost always sustainability due to the stringent restrictions of a diet okay I can't eat any meat whatsoever ever ever ever ever it's got to be 100% raw it's got to be 100% no animal product it's got to be only animal product it can only be cooked it can only be raw it can be you've got to eat every hour in 17 minutes to a tea and you've got a stop and blend this up and cook that and you know people finally say screw it I'm not gonna do this I can't meal prep 24/7 I'll though it'd be great to see more people meal prepping and that is an important thing but you know we can't do this or you know it's all cooked mush or it's all soups or you know even only fruit diet none of that is sustainable guys so what do we what are we gonna do how do we get a sustainable diet that gives us what we want and let's let's return that diet look at the first three letters di e a little tea you feel like you're gonna die when you're on a diet no wonder nobody sticks to it they suck I go to go on a diet you ever see somebody's face the doctor diet we're gonna do this now you get somebody goes you know what I found a dietary lifestyle that works for me man I feel great and I look great people no man does that reinforcement BAM you wake up you feel great your body's looking great its operating great and people look at you go hey win win win that's not a diet that's adopting a dietary lifestyle that maximizes your energy maximizes your ability to maintain your healthy weight and maximizes your health are you with me on this is anything worth not feeling good about you ever eaten something you know you're gonna feel like crap afterwards yeah I know we all have so here's the deal let's step up take control of this learn about it but then implement it and just often eat you know people say to me all the time give me your diet give me your diet you know how do you do it how do you mister clean this that and the other and you know how do you what do you do each day and I'm like I just effin eat I've gotten to the point now I didn't start there I've gotten to the point I get up at 4:00 can eat I eat this is what I do okay great my almond flour waffle is a great salad for dinner once in a while with dinner comes a little bit of seafood of some sort or fish or or a small small portion of lean meat or some uncured nitrate-free bacon crumbled up on the salad healthy oils you know it's it's something different a little bit but some citrus on that salad to make it taste good you know stay away from wheat yeah there's some basic rules but Wow you know I eat my shakes I know what goes in my shakes I know they're cacao its raw cacao its egg protein powder I know that I'm using my Udo's oil I know that I use coconut water and almond milk all organic spinach I know what I'm putting in my body but I don't have to sit there gone what should I know I got to create this big old recipe today and I got to eat this mushy tofu and by the way I hate tofu some people love it god bless you but it is soy and soy is not something I am a proponent of put it that way for big for many reasons soy is not good for men's bodies because it's loaded with estrogen unless you know you want man boobies and and you know you know feeling like you're gonna cry all the time and same thing for women women don't need any additional estrogens because it can wreak a lot of havoc in the body we don't want to put that estrogen in either men or women that that's in soy I am NOT a proponent of soy guys and I will stand by that one strongly strongly strongly unless you need more estrogen it is it produces estrogen like hormones in the body and that is not a good thing so stay away from the soy if there's something I'm gonna say is one of the big rules stay the heck away from the soy if you don't eat meat you know I want a protein source there's a lot of other ways to get good healthy plant proteins other than soy so please put a big red X on soy not much that I go against like that dairy product same thing I feel very strongly about those with the exception of yogurts cuz of the cultures but anyway I'm getting off track that's all stuff for later on in what we're gonna talk to you talk to you about today so let's talk real quick about some popular diets what their ups and downs are why some of them work why they don't alright we have got one of my favorites in essence that is out there because there's a lot of good to it if done properly and incorporated with another diet and I'm going to tell you at the end kind of what my school of thought is the keto diet is one of those dietary diets that is absolutely good for brain health if you're eating those fats the healthy fats they refined coconut oils stuff like that because your brain operates I'm Keith energy a lot better than it does on sugar energy so cognizance wise brain health wise keto diet has some really cool parts there so I've extracted pieces of that and adopted them and bam my cognizance is much better my energy levels better stuff like vision is clearer you know stuff like that and I'm not coming to you to say do keto and it's gonna cure Alzheimer's and blah blah blah remember we're not talking about curing diseases or anything like that we're talking about maximizing your body so that it can take care of itself so kiddos got some good stuff for brain health in my opinion however keto people take it to the wrong extreme they're eating boiled chicken they're eating regular bacon they're they're guzzling down way too much animal product and way too much animal fats that is not good that is gonna create problems in the body between the acid it creates between the cholesterol intakes there and I saying don't eat any animal fats no I'm not saying that eggs happen to be a wonderful part of a diet as me in my opinion so choose it wisely you know the mushy cheese meat and cooked to death stuff periquito know the parts akido where you eat avocado you do the coconut oil and combine this and fasting is very good for brain health so keto has a little piece there that's great Adkins dudes dead had a heart attack you eat all the big fatty food you want and you know you're gonna lose weight you're gonna stink like hell in the process cuz your bodies dumping water yeah you lose weight on Atkins III did Adkins at one point knocked off ten pounds like before I could blink my eyes and stunk bad breath bad body odor you know it's gonna make you have trouble going to the bathroom the problem with Adkins is and here's where we're people did the induction portion of it and thought they're gonna live on on bacon eggs and sausage and pile on their plate full of us and lose weight yada yada Adkins did tell you afternoon duction phase to go into salads and cleaner eating but nobody ever read past first couple of chapters of the book they started losing weight well things were great and then they ended up feeling like crap they plateaued they gained back weight and they said this don't work so Adkins as you know Atkins as what is God rest his soul man was on to some portions of Kido brilliant doctor but he also you know didn't dress you know going into a much cleaner lifestyle enough because most people never got past the induction diet portion of that vegetarian no vegetarian does not necessarily mean healthy the healthiest I ever was was well the most weight I ever lost when I took off my weight and kept it off was being a raw vegetarian the healthiest I was was pescetarian put him with that with some fish because I did have trouble with the proteins complete proteins are important because it has all those building blocks the amino acids the essential amino acids are what make up a complete or an incomplete protein so the amino acids helped the protein to rebuild the muscle putting this in plain English for you so what happens is if you don't have all of those it's like using a lower grade of gas you're gonna run but you're not gonna run as good so some of those amino acids were seriously missing for the most part so at a little trouble with with maintaining the muscle mass I wanted but my blood levels my triglycerides my cholesterol went nice and low blood pressure came down lots of good stuff on a raw vegetarian diet the big red flag there is certain foods I was eating even then our inflammatory to the body because of the lectins in it tomatoes cucumbers nightshades give me a quick rundown avoid them avoid them if you gonna eat cucumbers take off the skin take out the seeds the lectins in there which are the plant offences the plant poisons to keep the plant from being attacked by predators because they obviously can't fight back or get up and move in those are toxic to the body toxic to the digestive system really shed a lot of light on that in reading dr. Gondry's book but also seeing dr. Gundry speak live at an event I was at he's onto something there but now there again you know dr. Gondry's very intelligent man went from being a heart surgeon to trying to heal more in the nutritional side and prevent because he was sick a seeing all these heart surgeries come across so he started you know treating at the nutritional level first which spurred a revolution there great guy still recommends if you read his recipes a lot more cooking and a lot more animal product in some cases than I would necessarily put in my body so he's on the right track so that that's a good diet to you know watch on the plant paradox watch the ones that are toxic to you and eliminate those but still keep most of your diet raw vegetarian or a pescetarian or we're gonna get to what I really recommend in a minute there's the vegan diet let me ask you a question and my vegan friends out there absolutely love you have you ever seen a vegan that didn't have dark circles extremely white skin and look a little bit ill the reason being and now then we're not talking raw vegan vegetarian clean we're talking vegan you can eat anything as long as it's not an animal product vegan cupcakes vegan this sugar that that is not the true heart of the vegan diet but a lot of people right it's not an animal product I can eat it it don't matter it's I'm vegan so I can eat all these cupcakes and in sugars and this that and the other and that is not good for the body either it's a high acid diet when you're consuming a lot of those sugars you know so that may or may not work vegan in the raw vegetarian side would be great but beigen just because it's not an animal product doesn't mean it's good for your bodies that makes sense so I'm not picking on you if you're vegan I'm just making sure that you understand that just because you say hey it's not an animal product does not mean you should consume it there are still things that would be acceptable on that diet that you really shouldn't be putting in your body so it sounds like I was getting at to there a little bit if you know you're one of my vegan friends out there I'm not I just want you to be aware that you know I understand that it cannot be an animal product on the vegan side but you've got to make sure that's not the only diminish delineation you use to decide what you do put in your body paleo paleo is close to a good diet paleo Mediterranean where you know it's mostly vegetable and if you're gonna eat meats they're lean clean meats so that could be pretty decent in a sense but again there's a lot of okay I can eat all the meat and veggies I want and they can be all cooked to death and it doesn't matter which one it is or how lean or if it's organic or if it's pastured or if it's got hormones or antibiotics paleo doesn't really address that hey you know just because it's meat or veggies and getting rid of the wheat doesn't mean that it's good for you okay a paleo diet where somebody eats mostly raw vegetables and a little bit of lean you know antibiotic organically raised meats and so forth can be a very good dietary lifestyle because of eliminating wheat now let's talk real quick about wheat before we move on wheat the problem with wheat is the lectin skies and years ago I used to tell you that the sprouted grains were better than the processed grains yes they were but I would still eat the sprouted grain bread and go okay yummy it's better you know it's it's not processed it's got no preservatives way step up but why do I still feel bloated and why my stuff something's missing something's not right well the wheat itself the lectins and the wheat are gonna really really agitate the digestive system and to put it simply we have all this leaky gut and you can spend hours learning about it and it sounds like a really weird time you know like something's leaking back or forth what that means is these lectins in the wheat or in the some of the vegetables we talked about earlier or in other foods they create the pores and the intestines to open larger so you think oh it's great it should let stuff flow in better and it's not what happens what happens is it lets stuff that that's a normal barrier to flow into your blood system that shouldn't be going in and wheat is inflammatory also stuff comes back out into your digestive system that maybe shouldn't so it opens a door how would we let's let's put it to like a private club say you belong to a private club and you spend ten thousand dollars a month to go there and all of a sudden the door guards leave and leave the doors open and anybody can come in and you've got everybody coming in and taking advantage of maybe it's a health club and they're taking advantage of all your equipment and all your massages and everything else going on hey I paid for this and who's watching there's no gatekeeper hello I can't I can't wait a minute yeah the good stuffs going hey I'm being drowned out or you was in the person who paid for to join this club well everything's coming in and taking advantage well that's the same type of deal the bacteria is this that the other that are not supposed to get into your blood or getting in so if that makes sense it was a goofy analogy but if that makes sense to you raw diet okay raw can be awesome I am very big into the the raw foods you know it's in their natural state that way God put them on this earth you know cooking is reserved for very few things you know don't go eat a raw piece of chicken or piece of pork and say coach Liu says it's our bra is the best are you gonna get definitely sick when it comes to my fish I like my fish raw that's that's up to you because you got to make sure you're getting it from a reliable source because that can be loaded with bacteria or other toxins if it's not the right fish so it's a whole nother story but you know certain things you cook if you do eat pork you do eat you know chicken make sure it's cooked properly but raw should be a big portion raw veggies for our celery you want to get that fiber you want to get those enzymes you want to get those nutrients before they're cooked to death you take you know take celery you take it and you eat it it's a natural source of a lot of vitamins it's very water rich you cook celery up in a stew and you kill off all those enzymes that help it digest and get the vitamins and the nutrients you kill that all off you boil out all the water it becomes a dead food rather than a living food that energizes your body so I'm not going to talk you into doing some kind of crazy dietary thing where you know everything our birdseed you're just a bird da-da-da-da-da so you know getting these things set up in a way that you can win so what would be my dietary recommendation I've taken the good of these and then I punched him to the ground because I've made what was the popular diet and people were getting all kinds of success and then ending up fatter after the fact and sick and this at the other but knocked all these out of the end of the ground I've said oh these are good because then I've kicked the out of them so you're going what the hell do we do well the best terminology I'm going to give you in the best that Arian to be as a flexitarian flexitarian means that you eat from the food groups that you need the nutrients from at the right times and in the right amounts and the right combination wow that sounds like work again pretty easy 80% raw so it's gonna mean you're gonna keep it to 80 to 90% vegetables because most meats are not gonna be raw most greens are not gonna be raw or most flowers which we're gonna talk about flowers in just a second so 8090 percent raw veggie in cooking what's necessary eggs etc might be a good idea so yeah I eat eggs do I eat a little bit of meat yes – I eat excessive amounts of meat no when I do I try to keep it towards a healthy wild caught fish or wild caught seafood as opposed to farm raised which has additives and food colors and blah blah blah added to it so remember you are what you're eating corn please stay away from corn products corns are very high in lectins very difficult to digest very simply corn is not the way to go so things to avoid real quick get you pencils out for this excessive amounts of fatty meats corn products wheat products lectin high lectin count vegetables and you go on what the heck can I eat and any fat that is not a healthy fat coming from you know coconut oil and olive oil something on that order avocado that's an awesome healthy fat that gives you energy fat energy gives you a lasting even energy where sugar energy gives you a punch and a crash punch in a crash so these are just I'm trying to really simplify this I know this sounds goofy and you know we kind of know all this already but you know combine this flexitarian with 80 to 90 percent raw 80 to 90 percent vegetable vegetable and fruit watch your fruits they can be like Gundry says dr. Gundry says they can be like candy because it can be really high in sugar so use your fruits as a treat mangos one of the best berries are low glycemic and tender have a lot of antioxidants but the thing I'm really gonna hit you with here guys it's super super freakin important go for your organic foods I realize even organic foods are not as clean as they used to be but there's still some regulation making sure that you stay off of those toxins watch your coffees make sure you're rid of gana coffee especially because that commercially grown coffees can be some of the most toxic insecticide ridden pesticide ridden compounds although coffee in itself is one of the most antioxidant rich a little bit of caffeine is generally okay unless you have a sensitivity at vasodilate switch allows for more blood flow which combined with some of the healthy fats seems to have a lot of lot of effect on brain health according to a lot of research do some research on this I could talk for hours on it but don't blindly follow what I'm saying go out and check this stuff out and try to stop jumping for the newest diet the newest fad because one of the problems with the newest diet pill the newest diet the newest at work out sometimes hasn't been tested and proven there's not the medical backing see I have a dear friend who's a medical doctor who's done all his post doctorate in nutritional nutritional healing and brain health and in natural treatments towards cancer so a lot of when I get an idea I think I'm onto something uh I'll pass the stuff by him for I want that medical background on these ideas also to get that view of okay yes he's a medical doctor but he's based more in holistic healing and prevention mindset so we're not talking about hey what pill can we do to lower cholesterol how can we do this in a healthy fashion through food and so forth so you get where I'm coming from here this this is not just loophole and stuff from his ass not a doctor this is Lou doing a lot of research this is Lou passing it by a doctor before I would say hey you know this is a good idea to try let's talk about this I'd like to have that dead you know I don't want to say devil's advocate I'm gonna say gods advocate because my friends also very good Christian guy so you know to really advocate you know making sure that we're not going on some fad and going hey go do adkins cuz it's working and a lot of us in our profession tend to grab onto that thing that looks like it's working immediately so we want the newest and best yes hell yeah we want the newest and best I want to bring you the best but I also want to make sure that we're bringing you the truly best and the truly best is designing your dietary lifestyle that works for you in the best way and no that doesn't mean KitKat bars I don't care how much you like them they're okay don't eat it if you do zag zag snack once a week and have half a one okay it doesn't mean you can never have a cupcake again it doesn't mean you can never have some of those things but very very limited to make it a treat and you'll figure it out when you're eating clean and you got your body right wow you're not gonna want so much of that stuff trust me when I do it when I go off the wagon a little bit and grab a bag of potato chips after the auction because I'm starving and I got hours before I can go home because there's checkout this at and something to deal with and that's the only thing left and you know my shakes are gone for the day and all the veggies I ate I do that next thing you know I want a piece of candy the craving will pass but those are the kind of things that further you stay away from the garbage the better now if you're going or like potato chips great you know what send me an email or something I'll send you a recipe for making sweet potato chips that will kick your butt you'll never go back to eating a regular potato chip they are so delicious that I have a little bit of portion control issue with however it's not a bad thing because organic by the way we do them but oh my god delicious so there there's always a way and I know I'm probably getting yeah I'm getting a little long here on there yeah may equip meant stowing me all right shut up coach and hopefully you guys going no no come on bring it on this is valuable this is valuable yes please let me know because I want to bring you value I'm not just ranting and raving all right we're gonna go real fast through the rest of this so I can get you on with your day calories versus nutrition people always like I'm on a 1200 calorie diet I'm gonna do 600 calories you're gonna turn your metabolism officer we can do right 5,000 calories today let me tell you something if you're getting 5,000 calories a day and you're not eating like salads or this big you're probably eating the wrong foods I have a higher caloric intake probably the most people because I do a lot of healthy fats so you know a little packet of the oil that I like the brain octane oil has a lot more calories than some other foods but the benefits are great but the benefits far outweigh the calories so you want to know what's the nutrition you're getting number one number two you want to make sure that you're not getting toxins I don't care how low in calories something is these low-fat salad dressings that are loaded with sugars and canola oils and soy and all this garbage and BHT you know and you know it's low fat nope and you know what I'm gonna tell you a little synergy when you're eating that big old spinach salad and some people are I know oil and stuff or I just put vinegar on it you cheatin yourself the vitamin K in several other nutrients and those greens are fat soluble they got a ride in on a fat so if you don't have a healthy fat with the greens and just keep this as a general rule of thumb not gonna get into which and what vitamins and blah blah blah if you're not having a little healthy fat with your greens you cheating yourself because happy new it's getting cracked out so watch that low-fat stuff is almost always higher in sugar read your labels stay away from most oils don't to get anything it just says vegetable oil give you a quick rundown grapeseed oils awesome olive oil just don't heat it don't flash these oils coconut oil cudos oil those are all really good healthy oils so vamp calories versus nutrition pay attention to your nutrition levels less than your calories don't eat stupid excessive amounts of calories and don't try to stay so low on Calvary's that you're gonna turn the metabolism down if you ever seen a gas stove taking your calories down to a point you'll never boil water you're never gonna burn fat if your calories are so low that your body thinks it's starving to death do explore fasting if you haven't seen the video before this one go back to that I like the Monday a week fast for you know an extended check it out try it out it gives that body the break that's different than turning down the metabolism by eating a continual low-fat diet it's kind of like hit training in Fitness you know if you just go for a light jog every day on the treadmill yeah it's good for your cardio system yeah you're gonna maybe lose a little bit of weight but if you go for that interval where you jog harder walk jog harder walk next day you lift weights next day you do a jog next day you do a cardio class next day you do a weight class those are the type of things that hit that high intensity where you bring it up you let it get them down a little bit well that's gonna be the same thing with your metabolism doing a fast boom you got nothing coming in flush time okay great you go back to sensible boom you know it's like the like the heart rate monitor going up and down as opposed to we don't want to see it going like that make sense think of your your exercise training and you're in your dietary when it comes in that too we don't want to line flatline keeps you stagnant and/or dead if it's your heart rate the interval is what you want to do you want to keep your body guessing you want to keep your body up down up down doesn't mean eat garbage and then you can eat garbage clean but it does mean that fast break so I don't want to get into hours and hours hours of this so last thing I'm gonna cover for you something that you could eat juice or blend so in its full state you eat it comes crunch crunch chances are you're not chewing enough unless you're a person has really gotten yourself to chew 50 times before you swallow so that goes in the digestive system your body gets to use some of it great does extract some nutrients arrest comes out you may see that carrot pieces coming out if you look just saying not all of that is gonna get digested alright how about if we blend it we blend it up with some other stuff into a smoothie and that carrot makes its way in there now we've already busted up the carrot into a much more digestive and I'm using carrot because it is a hard you know tough to digest unless it's blended or really chewed or juiced now you're getting about 2 maybe 50% better to 66% better absorption of those nutrients okay makes sense it's already partially digested by the time it hits your digestive system let's look at it that way great what are the upsides of that ok the upside is you still have the fiber of that carrot which is good for keeping the rest of the digestive system moving you've gotten those nutrients you know two to maybe three times more bioavailable to your system and great so you got a double win there what about juicing okay what if we juice that carrot now all that nutrient almost in to an instantaneous availability BAM fastest way if you've ever had a fresh raw juice and you've been tired you know hot and you drink a fresh raw juice you feel like a million bucks part of it is some sugars and the veggies and fruits and you get a little spike there the other side is all that nutrient your body doesn't have to work too hard at all to bind to that and take it into the system it's liquid BAM so you go to juicing wins you get all the nutrients from juicing that's all we should do all day is juice right that's way to get it fast easy efficiently not a lot of digestive energy spent on it oh by going to the bathroom what about pushing through the bottom side of the digestive system missing the fiber well I've seen people juice and then said they were the spoon and eat that pile of mess that comes out afterwards you know that's probably a really good idea and that's really discipline and it probably really tastes like I don't know if I want to eat celery beet and carrot you know remains however I love that juice YUM it might not be quite as young as some of the other juices we make but doesn't take much time to get it down it doesn't taste horrible it tastes pretty good but eating that poopy pulp that comes out of there yeah I might not be so exciting so you go okay well what do we do which which is number one there is no number one juicing is a great way to make sure that you are making up for the nutrients you're not getting eating a lot during the day because a lot of times we're not eating enough Whole Foods to get the nutrients okay not for the right stuff it would take a lot if you juice down a big old bowl of spinach you're gonna get a little cup of juice like that you're gonna get all that nutrient that's in here but you're not getting the fiber okay if you put that spinach in your protein shake like I do and kind of hide it because chocolate and spinach don't always taste great together but when it hides in there because the rocky cow overpowers that wow I don't even realize I'm having spinach for my second breakfast not that I don't like spinach but I prefer spinach and a salad not as a dessert so that's a good way to get it both in there and then the whole food you want that fiber you want the fiber to do and you need that feeling of satisfaction to have some sort of whole food going into the belly so what it is use them all your whole foods are probably what you eat the most unless you're really diligent about preparation which would be a good thing to really start getting do about blending is great or you know smoothies do not go to the planet smoothie place with the any fillers anybody use fillers oh hell no if you're near a clean juice Wow they've got it right as far as a smoothie bar in a juice bar they use no fillers or bases and their smoothies they use like frozen banana and stuff and it's all organic shout out to clean juice they've actually got the concept to smoothies right and they're freakin delicious so find a clean juice snare near you tell them coach loosen chin they are awesome because they're on the right track with that juicing is amazing because you're gonna get that instant blast of all your nutrients and a little bit of an energy blast so use them all you know your whole foods are obviously gonna be your normal meals maybe your blends or aka smoothies or shakes are gonna be your in-between snacks and juicing should be part of your everyday catch-all let's make sure you're getting that nutrients that your body can absorb easily if it's missing elsewhere so we got it there is no one better than the other they all serve a purpose are all part of a healthy lifestyle don't skip out on any of them and you will find that your nutrition levels are definitely a plus so I'm gonna cut this short right here because you guys are gonna kill me this has been a long training video do you have some notes made number one question number two do you have stuff you can implement did you learn anything is there's a couple of things you can cut out that you just found out and said hey I thought that was pretty decent for me but it's really not indeed add a couple of things you can add in and are you willing to take a ten or thirty day challenge and go okay I'm gonna cut XYZ ie wheat dairy products I am going to add juicing every day or a juice every other day and I'm gonna and add a couple of blends and I'm gonna go 90% raw and 90 percent veggies are you willing to do that for ten days and if it feels good continue but more importantly would you do it for 30 days and see and I can tell you the best thing in the world I'd love to recommend to you go to your doctor get your blood work done now and even if it costs you a few bucks go get it done after 30 or 60 days of doing this diligently and see the difference for yourself talk to your doctor show them the difference keep a journal keep a log how do you feel and you sleep patterns better what's going on yeah so guys I'm gonna come to a close here Mondays live not sure where it's gonna take place I'm gonna be up in western New York or the Pennsylvania area we're going up for a race so it's gonna be a quick live it will be God knows where I'm gonna be broadcasting from it'll probably be a very impromptu so let me know if there's any questions you have on this connect with me revitalize send me a note and email or call me let me know anything that we can address if you have questions that I can address on Mondays live this will be on the blog and the live will be on the blog and we're just gonna keep on going forward we have got a buttload of stuff to cover this month in a little over a month we've got six weeks of each one this is week three next week on week four we're gonna talk about fitness we're gonna talk about cardio versus strength stages a life matching your goals with your lifestyle enjoying longevity and testing and monitoring to see what's really going on and what's really best guys live with passion energy always live your dreams this is coach Luce and lots of love look forward to visiting with you again you

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