Monday Health Booster on How To Be Mentally Strong With The Help Of Ayurveda

(inspirational music) – Monday is back and so is your dose of Monday Health Booster. And in today’s Monday Health Booster, I will be basically talking about how to be more mentally strong with the beautiful science of ayurveda. Hello, I’m Dr. Shivani Sood. I’m the director of Shivani Ayurveda, an ayurvedic doctor and consultant and I coach people and
constantly hear from them that they don’t feel competent enough to handle their life. So here’s my top three tips on how to make your mind stronger. Tip number one, failure is inevitable. We all have to go through it. It cannot be that hundred things we try, all are gonna be successful. So in one day even a small
thing, not working out, if it makes you feel like a
failure and do some bad habits like you know, smoking
drinking, or you know actually shouting at others, then you don’t have good
coping up mechanism. You need to study your dosha
and your psychological type, and design a positive plan
on how will you cope up if you just lose your balance how, before. Not in the time when you’re
completely imbalanced. For example, if I feel very stressed out, with all the ideas, what I normally do is that
I just observe which kind of clutter is in my way. If it’s a lot of thoughts,
I just stop all the thoughts coming from outside and
rearrange my thoughts to feel more balance and before getting a new information. That’s the tip number one. Tip number two on how to
be mentally more strong. You have to be resilient towards failure and not judge yourself from all the things which did not work out in your life, because there is no end of feeling bad and negative about yourself. You have to pat yourself for trying and you can study the way you felt. Did you fail because you tried
to do a lot of stuff at once? Did you fail because you
put so much pressure on you that you actually will not
performing as good as you can because of the pressure? So, if you study the method
and don’t judge yourself, then you don’t take the failure inside. And that way you just don’t go down because once you are demotivated and once you feel bad about yourself, then it doesn’t help you and you cannot find a successful way to attempt that task anyway. So that’s the tip number
two, study the failure according to the doshas and improve on it. Tip number three, very important. Do not believe all what
your brain is telling you. When the negative thoughts,
don’t be afraid of them, just call them and talk to them, and try to see how you can
dismantle them, you know? So if your brain says the other person is doing more better than
you, you have to say, “So what, I’m doing my best.” And you know bring the
concentration more inside, not outside. So when you do that and you
start questioning your thoughts, you see that most of the
thoughts are like bubbles. They come really big and affect you, but you can just take a
small pin and prick them, and they just go away. So when you do that, you’re
able to differentiate in between what’s really false and what’s really true for you. Is your brain playing tricks on you? So once you realize that
brain is your computer and you have to use it when you want and not just let it
dominate over your life, you feel much more peaceful
because you know what? There’ll be always somebody
more prettier than you, richer than you, healthier than you, but you are all you have and you have to really grow in this
process of loving yourself deeply and profoundly and that’s how you will
grow mentally strong. It’s a training. Like I repeat, everything is a training and we can choose what we want to train on and one by one you can
train on everything. So being mentally strong
is a training as well and a training of really being inside and observing yourself rather
than jumping out at the sign of every small problem. So, I hope you enjoyed
this Monday Health Booster and I’ll be back in the
next one talking more on how to help yourself in
a better and better way with the beautiful science of ayurveda. Till then, stay happy, and keep smiling. (inspirational music)

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