Modified Stomach Vacuum (THIS AB EXERCISE DOESN’T SUCK!)

what's up guys jeff cavaliere if you've been a fan on this channel for any length of time you know that here we train like athletes okay not like bodybuilders not that there's anything wrong with that but we're not after just purely aesthetic goals here we want to train you like an athlete athletically and then get the aesthetic byproducts of our hard work so that being said today we're gonna do something really interesting we're going to take the two realms of bodybuilding and athletic training and pull them all together with one common exercise a stomach vacuum that's right of stomach vacuum one of the most classic bodybuilding exercises of all time I want to show you how to apply it in the athletic world to not only help us prevent injury but to help you get more out of your ab training so even if you are training like an athlete like we do here you're getting better aesthetic outcomes for your abs okay so that being said the stomach vacuum how do we do it and then how are we going to apply it and take it to the next level and what is the whole purpose in the first place the purpose of the vacuum is to target the deep inner abdominal muscles in this case the transverse abdominis that runs this way around our Nature's Way felt right internally in our internal obliques now the internal obliques in our transverse abdominis have to be able to cinch down and tighten together to allow the muscles above them to work properly the same way we talked about you can't fire a cannon from canoe if the canoe is unstable the muscles above it or the cannon itself won't function properly if your internal and transverse abdominus are not functioning properly or not stable or strong enough it'll never get the force and power that you should be getting out of your abdominal rectus and external obliques that lie above that so we gotta fix that so now let's see how did we do this well when you look at the stomach vacuum there's a few ways that people do it you can do it kneeling you can do it laying down I like to do it standing because obviously always like to be on our feet here if we're training like athletes secondly when you get into this position I'm going to show you second date when you're there you then should make one very important tweak that a lot of people don't make I think to tie it all together and follow up with exactly what I just said initiating the movement inside and then involving the muscles above it so that they can work together the way they prefer to work so that being said the stomach vacuum you're gonna try to get all the air out of your stomach first so you blow out once you've blown out you and then your goal then is to take your belly button and try to cinch it straight back to your spine imagining that it's just being pressed straight in now when you do that you can help to visualize that by imagining you just stepped into an ice-cold bath of water you know when you get that feeling like you know you kind of like sucking in here and you're really trying to get your your stomach away from that cold water it's that same sensation in that position the very key tweak that I want you to make is once you establish it you're gonna kind of look like this like I'm not there yet because it's hard to talk but when you're there you kind of look like you're in this position when you're in this position that's an artificial position that's a not athletic and B it's not very functional at all so what you want to do is once you're there you want to try to posterior tilt and get yourself as back to vertical as you can not over here hunched over but back to vertical why you still establish that position now remember the old body bones were to stay way up tall now it was good the point of that is to now get yourself internally stable and then activate the external and the rectus abdominus on top isometrically to pull it all together so how do we do that let me show you you get up here you're going to blow out as hard as you can once you've gotten rid of all that air you try to suck your belly button in okay right there and then set and you hold that isometrically okay you try to hold it for as long as you can again I'll do it one more time blow Wow suck in and set and you can see very flat in through here another issue sometimes people have is they'll have well-developed abdominals but we look at it from the side they're sort of blowing out their lower belly they've got no transverse abdominus control so now what does that mean for you at leats out there it means we got to start trying to prevent sports hernias sports hernias can come from a weakness in the lower abdominal musculature usually caused by the fact that you're asking those upper level abs to do more work than their they're capable of why because the inner muscles the ones deeper the transverse abdominus and that those internal police never did their job of stabilizing first and now you're asking the muscles above them to do too much work what happens if there's a weakness here if there's a thinness of the tissue you're gonna get a sport hernia can be laid up for a long time so how do we do it we then take another level to our vacuum exercise we establish it we hold on to a band and we try to get a little bit of rotation while holding it again it's very difficult because you have to be able to isometrically contract it when you do you're just trying to go for these these disruptions to your stability to see how well you can handle them the key though is never losing that inner stability first so again Blom ow I got a band just hooked up over here to the side help little out suck in engage I tried as many as I can again I'm breathing out very slowly there I just can't talk to show you that or demonstrate that but literally as I'm attorney I'm breathing out nice and slow to be able to hold that I'm not holding my breath entirely the whole time you just have to make sure that you're not just blowing out completely all at once you'll likely lose the vacuum so here the two worlds of bodybuilding the oldest most classic exercise in the book meaning a more current a more functional a more athletically Purpose Driven workout come together and now you see the benefits that you can get both athletically in both aesthetically that's really what it's all about here at athleanx guys let's try to get you looking like an athlete by training like one and let's take some classic exercises even like that the vacuum and add a little twist to it to make it literally to make it even more functional and overall more effective for you all right guys if you haven't already and you want to see what it's like to start training like an athlete for 90 straight days then head to right now and grab our 90-day training program in the meantime if you found this video helpful make sure you leave a thumbs up below and let me know what everyone else is that you'd like to see and I'll make sure I make a video about it here in the days ahead thanks guys you


  1. You so punny lol

  2. He is still young. I am 58 with 36 inches waist (milk lover) trying to flat my belly. It is hard exercise for me. One inch i inhale hurts my stomach. I am going to quit milk now.

  3. Im very afraid of doing ab workouts anymore. I got a hernia about an inch above my belly button. I had to have mess installed and it terrifies me to have to do it again. Am i going overboard or would something like this help me get there?

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  5. when he says "Set" does he actually mean to tense up and contract the abdominals?

  6. Are you turning your whole body like it's an anti rotation workout or are you twisting so it's rotational? Thanks

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  13. That's not a vacuum pose ballsack

  14. do kapala bhati yoga instead

  15. Hey Jeff, would you revisit this now? Have your thoughts on how to perform or the utility of the vacuum changed at all?

  16. Yo this shit is hard hold shit let’s go

  17. You dont have to blow our air lmao

  18. I really needed to see this video, this was a key weakness in my body. THANKS ATHLEAN-X!

  19. love u brow. i like your video ..

  20. How often/when should I do it?

  21. 2019

  22. I can do a decent vacuum, but every time I do it my lower back hurts for whatever reason.

  23. Last time I tried this I went through a weeks worth of underwear in 5 minutes.

  24. Awesome video!

  25. Hi, mom of 3 and have been following your channel but wanted to get confirmation if this workout and your other workout will be good to do if you have Diastasis Recti?

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  29. should we breath while doing that??
    plllzz do answer..😊

  30. should we breath while doing that??
    plllzz do answer..😊

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  32. Why can I do a better vaccum than jeff and most people even tgpfuh5i am fatter like 16 to 18% and it's noticeable when I get down to 13%.its pretty crazy never been lower than that idk I do.padtice it's sometimes but it's because for some reason I took to it quick within first few times I tried it

  33. I am having hernia so can I do abs exercises

  34. I’ve played violin and rugby for 20 years, lifted weights for half that. All contributed to daily neck and hip pain which I’ve found impossible to remedy. I’ve tried chiropractic treatment, osteopathy, physio therapy, Chinese massage and acupuncture all with their benefits, but it wasn’t until I found this video that my life changed! All my exercises and stretches began to show their intended benefits, joints began to crack and slip into place, my skin cleared up, mood stabilised and physique changed overnight. Thanks so much mate, this seems to be an unjustifiably overlooked exercise

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