Modern Lifestyle Diseases: Awareness and Prevention – Best Multi Specialty Hospital in India

hello I'm dietitian shameeka Desai working with cure a hospital honey I am working as on a consulting dietitian with curing today we will be discussing on the topic called as lifestyle and lifestyle-related diseases I won't call it as lifestyle diseases because lifestyle is something which which everybody has its cone diet whenever patient comes to me in the Perth form of diet it is only the patient is requested requesting me to do weight loss or weight gain I don't think so that a person needs to be reduced weight or put on weight if you can manage with your lifestyle by changing or incorporating some good behaviors will definitely help him what kind of behaviors diet and exercise both goes hand-in-hand so something something in the sense having food which includes everything right from cereals chill pulses milk naan which fats and sugars but in a proper composition is important the composition or the portion size of a meal makes vast difference form difference if you eat everything in a proper composition it will definitely to manage your lifestyle and to include a help you to produce or gain weight which is your motor similarly exercise also goes hand-in-hand with diet exercise doesn't means just to walk or spend hours in gym it means following a proper ritual I hope I was able to give you the basic information I am hoping to be here to have an interaction with you do log us on the blogs and websites we shall be happy to talk to you thank you

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