Mode of transmission of diseases and prevention

welcome everybody in today's class I am going to discuss about mode of transmission of infectious diseases diseases which are transmitted from one person to another by various names so how are the disease is transmitted by the other smells by various agents which include a airborne infections example influenza through to the process by water reaching through cholera typhoid jaundice and so on by mosquitoes by mosquito bite and so on malaria dengue fever and sepal itis by animals transmitted by animals Ravi's swine flu anthrax so we are going to discuss only a few they are very very contagious disease by sexual or physical contact most importantly as you all of you are aware AIDS syphilis rots transmission by food contaminated food and put poison BBS typhoid cholera and so on next I am going to discuss ever some diseases and their causal organisms airborne infectious viral airborne infectious influenza caused by influenza virus through was purple virus mumps caused by mumps virus bacteria layer colonies you ever crosses most importantly caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis pneumonia caused by streptococcus pneumoniae now water borne infections jaundice caused by hepatitis A typhoid was my Salmonella typhi now sexually transmitted business AIDS was by HIV virus warts caused by test B virus helper simplex virus syphilis was very Ponemah palatable then area caused benissa Theogony real vector borne infections transmitted by mosquito by malaria and dengue fever chikungunya and supply tiss zoonotic diseases transmitted by animals such as the right of dogs Roddy's anthrax both caused by chickens or the chickens which can be transmitted to humans also know prevention is better than cure as you always know how to prevent these diseases cleanliness is very important to keep your surroundings clean wash your hands before eating food for your skin may carry viable microorganisms which can cause infections now why it's sexual contact do not allow dirty water Castagna near your homes vaccination use mosquito nets mosquito repellents have safe clean drinking water have clean and hygienic food avoid junk food and so on that's

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