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what's going on guys for the roux back again I'm here at American Top Team today we're going to be working with undefeated prospect for Bellator Jordan Young he's working on an 11 and old run right now so we are going we're starting in camp it's about eight weeks out we'll be working on speed strength we're working on power and we're also working on max effort through my condensed conjugate models so today it is Tuesday so day one we're gonna be doing our dynamic effort upper working on explosive power so I'm going to be going through med ball variations working through ballistics then we're gonna go into speed strength working on ten minutes there making sure that we're activating all the fibers that we need to all the motor units that we need to right doing a dumbbell push press working on that speed strength factor in the upper body okay and the reason why I'm giving it time frames is because I want to make sure that we're working on that Parkinson's law making sure that we have the correct time to get the job done because it makes us more efficient okay then we're gonna go on to our max effort work we're gonna make sure that he is moving the weight as hard and as fast as possible with the right amount of intent working on that compensatory acceleration but he's gonna utilize a prowler push and we're gonna do this for six seconds for maximal effort right he's gonna be working through that horizontal displacement making sure he's pushing going forward okay after that we're gonna do some supplemental work with the good morning and then finishing off with accessories working the posterior chain and hamstrings and the adductors all right let's get to it let's stay here alright so we're gonna do our controlled articular rotations of a hip so I want you to drive that knee up right we're coming back out we're gonna rotate bring it through and back around make sure we're gonna eliminate those compensations all right so let's drive that New York brace the core let's bring it out to the side hold on bring out two ciphers right there hold position now rotate good now kick it straight back good bring that knee in back around start to rotate back up go it back in good go one more time heel-toe walks right drive that toe try the toe up to the shin drive up and press drive press drive so now we're gonna go in range hold right to the perfect stretch so we're gonna go here I want you to pull up flex the toe hold for a second come back out now as you come down Jordan check this out don't bend the knee okay if you're bending knee you're just turning it into an upper quad stretch you want to stretch that so as what I when I was rubbing out there right so straighten out that leg right squeeze the out of the glute and then from there just reach back and push your hips forward so you're here push your hips forward all right let's get three each leg and all I want is ten steps right ten steps let's stay nice and stable ten steps boom boom okay every time I want you to stay stable into the ground right a little bit more fast dynamics now okay so I went slow mid now fast a skips going down okay when you do the a skips right I want you to reach out okay reach out drive that hip that's why we did those so ass release drive those hips okay there we go okay good do it try that knee up good good yeah high school high knees mountain high knees I want you to stay on my hip belt want a lot of rips okay so hip flexors are moving right so ice is going but make sure that you don't go down fast you got stay on my hip okay here we go ready three two one go drop drop come on speed speed speed speed lean forward a little bit more talk that chin good elbows 90 degree angle keep driving on the balls of your feet you're going keep going relax good go butt kicks now when you do the butt kicks remember don't kick way back here right so I want just here so flex at the knee hamstring only don't get into that extension here the hip all right here we already three two one go quick quick quick quick quick faster than that faster than that knees up a little bit higher in front of you good good good good come on come on come on and relax let go power skips for height then you're gonna come back power skips for distance all right here we go rotational closest let me talk about where you go okay I want three each side right you can go ahead you've even got to give me a hop step so I just want here okay just rotate pivot through hip leads boom straight through here we go triple extension reflection of the shoulder right going this way right because we're going underhand right so think about an arch right we're up and out okay when you go to throw though I want you to get back into position here okay all right here we go nice through position right every time power means nothing without control power means nothing without control why we're controlling our body deep and dry good one more up stick alright so right now he's working on his speed strength work right we're taking a submaximal load and moving it as fast as possible working on that compensatory acceleration right he's using a push press so we have the ability to redirect force as efficiently as possible come on oh great there you go good remember I want you to be able to redirect force fast right that's going to be when you when you have the ability to stop and then you go again that's gonna be more important as opposed to being the strongest you can be but obviously gaining more force production is gonna help that but we got to make sure that limited time are you stopping and they reproducing force is very limited so again it just takes time but again if we can improve that which we will that's going to help you be more elusive and more have more agility and quickness you see I'm saying the ability of stopping goals right now he's working through timeframes of maximal effort so we're gonna be working through a five to six second maximal effort working on the Prowler push while heavier weight try drive drive big push big push big force come on three four three two you driving up ok ones are going so you're here drive up come back down remember where the foot is so look at my foot is right notice I'm not like all the way here right so we want to be about right there right shin can be slightly over the laces but I don't want the knee way over the toes right so we're going to be here standing upright all right you drive through arm comes up and then backs out yeah in the back good send the back up yeah go up just off do it it's faster just up good extension right here 15 alright guys so that's a wrap Jordan Young is done he is about eight weeks out from his next fight so he's looking good again we had to get what we needed to especially when it came down to the max effort and dynamic effort again I'll be putting more content out on the condense conjugate model that I use thanks again for watching if you have any questions you know what to do with the comments 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