Mitchell turned to VA health care to get treatment for a rare disorder.

a couple years ago I'm telling a friend of mine about my problems I've been having he is a with Veterans Affairs in Minneapolis and he said well you should go see about that well you know over a period of time you just kind of blowing off you know like and it's 40 years ago you know what are they gonna do but once I got with the VA I never knew how good the VA was because you hear a lot of horror stories about the VA and I found out they were good and the doctors started treating looking at me different physicals and stuff anyway I went back and they found a disorder with my it's called doh myelofibrosis so I'm like well it's a good thing I'm here so I would say that they probably saved me from a lot of agony or and I want to go so far to say death because they don't it's it's a rare disease but they can treat it there's a medication they've told me about that when the time comes and I can take it well I'm pretty happy with the things that I've had it's not too late the veterans affairs are very willing to help you and they helped me a lot it's kind of like having a security blanket and I don't worry as much as I did before I know there's help out there it's just up to me to take advantage of it

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