Missouri S&T Fitness Center opens

[Energetic music] [Joe Miner running] [Madison Moore] I remember thinking “Sure, guys, we will build a fitness center. That is something they let students do.” We talked through how this would have to
happen start to finish. The programming effort, the design, the board of curators
approval. And I got to watch the whole thing come to life before my eyes. For
me, this project has been a tremendous learning opportunity because I’m a
student an architectural engineering and I’ll be graduating in May. But on a more
macro level, it’s a testament to what we as students can do when we advocate for
ourselves and our needs and really put the work in. But for a different student,
this Fitness Center will be a place they come to decompress. For someone else this will be the gym where they train to become one of the top collegiate power
lifters in the nation. And I’d like to thank the students that filled out the
survey that allowed us to point to this. And that I was able to play some small
role in creating that place for all those students means the world to me and more!

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