Ministers and federal health officials provide COVID-19 – March 19, 2020


  1. great video keep it up bro

  2. ~ *This Liberal "stimulus" package is a f-ing joke, and will help
    virtually nobody* If you voted Liberal, it serves you right… if not, I
    feel for you and I hope this mess is over soon, and this government is
    kicked out, so we and our economy can finally start to heal from this
    disaster in Ottawa that has been ruining our lives for over 5 years…
    These idiots are so quick to throw millions of our tax dollars at
    companies that don't even need it, like Loblaws, but when it comes to
    offering refundable tax credits, stimulus cheques, and other measures
    that put back some money directly in the pockets of Canadians, the
    Morneau/Trudeau answer is lets give you $75 extra over 3 months, maybe
    you can get a $4.80 burger from McDonalds once a week… that's all the
    extra $75 over3 months is going to get you…. At least Trump is
    giving every American $1000 and offering substantial tax credits and
    loans to small businesses in a $1 trillion economic stimulus for
    Americans…These idiots in Ottawa can really learn something from how
    the US does things.

  3. Another disappointment; thanks for the lack of translation. Thought the government bragged about transparency.

  4. TY for posting the video,And you're time too get it up.Information is important.

  5. 1:12:30 Ministers giving themselves a raise during this pandemic?🧐

  6. They should all be fired for not doing a good job.

  7. Maliaria drug the solution already on the market… White house… via @YouTube

  8. Maliaria drug the solution already on the market… White house… via @YouTube

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