Mindfulness Based Self Care Introduction to Body Scan

Sound of bell (x1) The purpose of the body scan is to become aware of the various sensations in different regions of the body. We bring no expectations to our mindfulness practices. Expectations in and of themselves can be a source of stress and distress. The purpose of Body Scan is to allow, befriend, and become aware the body and various sensations that may arise. Feelings of relaxation may also arise during this practice. In the beginning, we typically do this practice while lying down. If lying down is uncomfortable or impractical, we can do Body Scan can in other positions. With practice we learn to scan the body in
a brief period of time and with ease. We will start with a Body Scan. I recommend practicing the long version of the body scan several times before the short version. I will announce the beginning and the end
of each practice with the sound of a soft bell.

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