Mindful Yoga – 30 min Tone and Stretch – Full Body Yoga Workout | Yoga Dose


  1. Thank you . 🙂

  2. I love this kind of "slower" practice

  3. You introduced me to yoga, Tim, back in March 2015. Been hooked since then. Quick question: Is it my imagination, or are the practices posted this year a tad slower in pace? I'm an older and less limber practitioner, so I appreciate a little more time to get from one pose to another…

  4. Thank you for this calming practice. Namaste

  5. Especially the great variety of all your videos keeps me addicted to YWT / Loved this one too / I use to practice meditation separately from my routine on the mat but I recognize the benfits especially at the beginning in order to calm down and prepare yourself for a good practice. Savasana I don’t consider as a meditation itself; during those few minutes I only want to enjoy that well–being invading allways my body. Btw Tim, great blog entry this week;

  6. Great sequence and meditation, 30 minutes felt like 10 😀 thank you!

  7. Hey Tim, I really want to say after doing your practices everyday (at least try to) for the past 7 months have really taught me to be at peace with myself. Especially today's practice, never felt this relaxed in my life. Thank you so much.

  8. free yoga guys. at least subscribe and like.

  9. Thanks Tim, my husband and I enjoyed this one.

  10. Wonderful as always, thank you for that. I have a really stiff hip at the moment so have to back off the cross legged stuff and sit on a block. Never stretch into pain , right? I notice that I feel calm and happy and ready for a busy day.

  11. This was nice and gentle. I began my yoga journey with you at home in January with the 30 day challenge videos, and took my first full class at a local Lululemon this past weekend. I was familiar with every pose we did, due to your videos, which I continue to use for my home and outdoor practice! Some of the balancing poses and chair pose I'm finding very challenging, but I'm getting there. Keeping my knees close together and parallel, I can barely sink into chair. My knees keep want to collapse, and a lot of energy is used forcing them out.

    I feel it's a very unique form of energy I receive from doing yoga, compared to what I experience from other forms of exercise or from caffeine consumption, which is now far lower than my caffeine consumption pre-yoga. Yoga has really amazed and astounded me!

  12. Thanks enjoyed this practice.

  13. Good stretch and practice. Thanks

  14. Hey Tim, I did not wanted to do this video because it looked weak. BIG mistake, it was awesome after I was done. It made feel free. Thank you!!!!

  15. Nice one Tim!

  16. I can do ear yoga by just listening to Tim's butter voice

  17. Great <3 thx

  18. Hi Tim! I love your videos so much! I was wondering if you would be open to considering making a cardio yoga video. The weight loss routines have a cardio element to them but I wasn't sure if there were more cardio yoga techniques I could learn. Thanks!

  19. Thank you!

  20. I loved this inner practice. It was what I needed today. Thank you Tim <3 outta Italy. (30 minutes that flight!!)

  21. Great practice Tim. Perfect start to the day. This pace was what i needed after a long run yesterday. Thanks!

  22. You are totally one of my favorite yoga instructors on youtube! I really like the way you explain different postures and how much they can be different with the breaths we take/what we pay attention to! You are awesome man! I've seen a lot of other videos too, appreciate all the zen!! thank you!

  23. Your down dog was so perfect. You never fail to surprise me. Amazing pranayam at the end. Thank you for the beautiful class.

  24. Thanks for sharing all these videos. You're the best! 😀

  25. difficult to cross the legs and arms and balance!!! a goog challenge

  26. one of my favorite practices you've shared. keep up the good work

  27. Děkuji Tim – Thank you so much for your videos, you guys doing a great job with literally an overseas impact;)
    Greetings from Austria and the Czech Republic

  28. I've been doing the yoga with tim yoga workouts for about 2 months. I feel great.

  29. a nice relaxing practice. Cute brown dog outside the window too! thanks

  30. Thanks a million Tim. I was feeling really stressed before I did this session. Now I feel much more Zen. I like the practice of observing the effect of the practice on your body and mind.

  31. I've been practicing Iyengar at a spot down the street from me, so I've been off the videos after the 30 day challenge earlier this year. This was a great practice to get back into the videos again!

  32. thank you tim

  33. Great, energizing, full-body workout at an easy pace. You've done it again, Tim! And with only one down-dog! #amazing

  34. Love you & your style of yoga, Tim!! Thank you for doing a great job protecting the low back.👍🏻

  35. Very well instructed Tim as Always! Namaste.

  36. Amazing!

  37. I love your videos, Tim. This is just what I needed after a high-intensity week. Thank you.

  38. Thank you Tim. Excellent routine.

  39. Wonderful way to start the day – Namaste 🙂

  40. Hi Tim, This was just what I needed this morning. Your yoga has changed my life! P.S. I finally donated and will continue to as often as possible. Many thanks Alex

  41. Perfect way to start my sunday morning stretch & yoga 🙂 thanks tim!

  42. This was welcome "mellowed" practice that I didn't realize my body needed today. Thank you.

  43. My favorite. I wish I could buy his DVDs as I have no internet at home. I practice "with him' when I am abroad for 3-4 months a year

  44. Ah, lovely practice, Tim; so gentle and thorough. Starting with the meditation brought me into an awareness of my body that was perfect for me today. Thank you for sharing. Namaste.

  45. Wonderful practice. I found my mind clearing naturally and was able to stay relaxed and present for the entire thing. You have a great teaching/narration style. Thank you

  46. I really appreciate your commitment to the basics of yoga. That said, I have a wish: maybe you could give a note if the video is for beginners or advanced students. Would make it easier to choose accordingly.


  48. Thank you. I needed a class with no chaturanga (shoulder injury) and this was perfect.

  49. A lovely 30 minute relaxing class. Thank you, Tim.

  50. great video, it was very refreshing and relaxing. thank you

  51. Great Workout Tim. Thanks for keeping us balanced 👏

  52. What a great session✌🏻

  53. thanks, Tim! loved the sudden appearance of the dark curly-haired beast in the background!

  54. Love your videos Tim, so calming too. I must remember not to give so many queues to students!

  55. Dhanyawaad (Hindi term for gratitude). It was pure bliss.

  56. How much is that dog in the window 🎼🕉

  57. Great practice! Thanks Tim

  58. excellent

  59. Love Tim's routines.  This one's about right for this overweight 70 year old male.   The more hotdogger ones are too much for me but I can dream, can't I?

  60. Namaste Tim !

  61. Very good yoga class!Thank you Respect!

  62. Gracias por la clase. Thank you for the class.

  63. Thanks TIM – my husband and i only do your vids because he can't really stomach anyone else. Thanks for being chill

  64. This was perfect for tonight as I wind down before bed. Thank you!

  65. Hot

  66. This felt good this morning after I've had some back knots massaged out. Dynamic and instructive without being too fast or overachieving for my current state of flexibility. 💙

  67. I don't get tired of donating!

  68. Thanks, Tim. Very much needed meditation and movement. You're the best. Namaste.

  69. i am so thankful for your excellent guidance, you help me build up physical and mental strength and hope in a difficult time. All the blessings for you!

  70. I love your yoga practice, but i hate the end when you invite to subscribe. After all this calming and breathing, changes my mood

  71. nice practice thank you tim!

  72. This was a very nice mellow practice. I'm doing your 30 day yoga challenge. This was an add on to day 11.

  73. I’ve been using your yoga channel for a year. Now. And never fails to make me feel happy.
    Amazing videos tim.
    As a dancer. This is amazing.
    Thank you

  74. Thanks Tim! Thank you so much 💗

  75. So good

  76. So zen right now! Cheers Tim!

  77. great practice. thank you so much Tim.

  78. great thanks a lot, do yo already have some videos online for the neck? (against neck pain deep inside the muscles under the head..)

  79. I came across Tim's videos when I was searching for some yoga videos to do at home. So glad I found these –
    I look forward to getting back into my yoga practice with Tim's help. Thank you.

  80. Great practice!!! That´s what I needed – Thanks a lot Tim!

  81. Great stuff again Tim! Thanks!

  82. Thank you for your hard work. I just finished this video; feeling wonderful. ❤️

  83. You’ve changed my life with these lessons. Thank you so much

  84. After being super sore in my arms and shoulders from working out this subtle practice was great to release the tension stored in my body. I do enjoy the more fast paced Vinyasa flows but this was exactly what my mind, body, and spirit needed this morning. Thank you Tim!

  85. 😋

  86. I love the short controlled breathing exercise entering shavasana, it really helps to quiet down.

  87. Thank you tim

  88. It was great! Thank you.

  89. I request yoga type of slim tactic's

  90. This could be my new favorite! Awesome class. I feel so great. Thank you

  91. very nice video Tim! Thank you so much!

  92. 30 min and I felt was less than that thanks

  93. Thank you for your clear and calm practice. Very clean and clear and heart centered

  94. I have been giving online yoga a go now for several months and never really feel it click. Just now it did. Thank you. It was great to follow.

  95. Thank you Tim, it was really relieving.

  96. Excellent Prana meditation at the end. Thank you for that.

  97. so soothing, thank you..

  98. A very still practice 🧘‍♀️🙏

  99. Thanks Tim! Nice easy flow!

  100. Perfect Tim – 72 on Monday – the pace, instruction without too much chat was just what the physio ordered!!
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Lizi 🙏🏻

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