Milk Thistle Benefits for a Super Healthy Liver

superfood evolution presents milk thistle for a super healthy liver milk thistle seeds are well known in today's modern world for their cleansing effects on the liver organ however the use of milk thistle as an herbal treatment for liver disorders actually dates way back to over 2,000 years ago milk thistle was one of the most popular liver herb alterative –zz used in European herbalism and folklore mentioned in books and documented in herbals throughout the ages it was often referred to as a remedy of the bile duct and used in treatment for numerous problems associated with the liver including psoriasis jaundice hepatitis and cirrhosis the herbalist John Gerard 15:45 – 1612 author of the herbalist general history of plants wrote my opinion is that milk thistle is the best remedy that grows against all melancholy diseases all parts of the plant can be used but the milk thistle seeds are considered to be the most medicinal a potent for therapeutic use milk thistle seeds consumed as a powder tea tincture or standardized extract can be helpful for not only healthy liver function but as a side effect also works to increase the condition of the kidneys spleen gallbladder as well as the endocrine and gastrointestinal systems the seeds are a concentrated source of the flavonoid antioxidant called silymarin which also exhibits immune boosting and anti-inflammatory qualities from an herbalist perspective milk thistles health benefits are due to its properties as a hepatic Galacta GOG DiMucci lint and cola GOG in other words the seeds have direct actions on the liver promote lactation increased bile production and offer soothing effects to the mucous membranes of the body what is milk thistle milk thistle silly bum Marianna also called holy thistle and ladies thistle is a common weed in California but grows throughout the world in climate zones five through nine the plant has purple to red flowers and can be up to ten feet tall other parts of this wild plant besides the seeds are also edible the leaves can be steamed or eaten raw after removing the thorns as a wild edible green according to the modern herbal the heads of this disel formerly were eaten boiled treated like those of the artichoke milk thistle is said to get its name from the milk that exudes when you crush the thistle leaves in addition the leaves also have a milky white pattern like they have been splashed with milk which makes them easy to identify milk thistle seeds are also known to increase and enrich milk production in breastfeeding women thistles are a remarkable group of herbs in our opinion they are thorny resilient robust and very tenacious in the environments in which they grow commonly found in areas that need regenerating they are very prolific as spreading their seeds and taking over the landscape for this reason they are not commonly viewed as a beneficial plant species but in many ways these characteristics are what make them a potent medicinal super herb harvesting your own seeds wild milk thistle seeds can be harvested when ripe with one flower head containing up to 190 seeds to do this you cut off the entire head and a good amount of stem tie them together then place upside down in a paper bag and hang in a warm but dark location after five to seven days the seeds usually fall to the bottom of the bag and can be poured out into a bucket which allows any dried material to blow away we like to keep them in the fridge or freezer as they have a tendency to go rancid when stored at warmer temperatures the benefits of milk thistle on the liver the powdered seeds and extracts of the milk thistle plan are a well-established herbal superfood for protecting detoxifying and regenerating the liver one of the most important organs of the human body as the master detoxify our blood purifier and root of stability for all other systems it is largely responsible for the condition of our bloodstream when we nourish it and keep it healthy our entire body feels the results the liver is also a major organ of our digestive system and processes every substance we eat and take in it not only purifies the body of metabolic wastes but also a pollutants in the air we breathe and potential toxins we ingest in addition our liver is also in charge of constructing various building blocks needed for proper hormone production and activity that keeps our reproductive systems healthy and strong milk thistle seed is one of the great cleansing herbs and is specific for its stimulating and rejuvenating effects on this all-important organ how does milk thistle seed work milk thistle benefits to a large extent are due to the active antioxidant ingredient called silymarin silymarin is a bio flavonoid compound present in the seeds that supports the detoxification and renewal of the liver organ the three main silymarin flavonoid constituents are syllable sila diana n– silla kristen of the three research indicates syllable is the most beneficial of these active ingredients usually making up about 50 to 70 percent of the silymarin molecule silymarin repairs the liver by stimulating protein synthesis and changing the outside layer of liver cells this process inhibits toxins from getting in blocking them as well as removing them from the body in double-blind studies experts concluded that the sillim are ended milk thistle is extremely beneficial counteracting the effects of toxins and accelerating the process of cell regeneration in damaged liver tissue milk thistle was approved as a therapeutic treatment in 1986 for diseases of the liver it is widely accepted and prescribed by the new medical establishment for most kinds of mushroom poisoning is also helpful for a number of liver related health conditions including alcoholic and viral hepatitis a fatty liver jaundice psoriasis and cirrhosis it has been shown to protect the liver against certain medications like acetaminophen that can cause drug-induced liver damage when used over a period of time using liver herbs we are all exposed to environmental contaminants on a day-to-day basis so it's good to take herbs supplements and drink teas that help clean them out on occasion this supports detoxification from potential poisons like pesticides PCBs dioxin chlorine automotive exhaust radiation and numerous heavy metals that are unfortunately still in the water we drink the foods we eat and the air we breathe increases bile production and helps to break down fat milk thistle benefits the liver and gallbladder as a cola GOG increasing bile flow and production helpful for the breakdown of excess fat potentially accumulating in the body and liver while is the primary way that cholesterol lipids and fat are eliminated from the body milk thistle seed powder acts as a natural laxative because of its dim you coolant nature as well as these bile enhancing qualities along with a health promoting diet high in raw or lightly cooked foods increased vile secretions help to reverse a fatty liver and dissolve liver stones and gall stones that are direct result of fat buildup and sluggishness in these organs you don't need to have major health issues to begin using the powder tincture or extract it can be a very effective digestive aid especially helpful when consuming rich fatty foods and meals milk thistle furthermore stimulates digestive enzymes and helps to break down these animal fats as well as trans fats should you choose to consume them acts as an anti-inflammatory and benefits skin health because milk thistle is Adam you kill an herb that moisture is mucous membrane's is especially helpful for soothing and reducing inflammation in the body and organs it also helps to reduce liver inflammation which is beneficial for conditions such as hepatitis these coolant attributes are additionally nourishing and moisturizing to the skin moreover as a liver herb milk thistle benefits the health of the skin to the process of detoxification helping to clean up skin impurities like acne eczema as well as psoriasis milk thistle benefits improves bile production and efficiency provides antioxidant immune boosting effects supports decrease of bad cholesterol stimulates digestive enzymes protects liver and helps remove toxins helps to break down fatty rich foods known to increase synthesis of glutathione helps reduce inflammation in the body potential to decrease hot flashes diminishes risk of gall stones or liver stones helps relieve constipation known to be helpful for hemorrhoids and varicose veins beneficial for PMS can be used as a detox supplement for a hangover good for environmental sensitivities and toxic exposure milk thistle can benefit most people the benefits of milk thistle as popularized on dr. oz are becoming more and more popular these days as a simple dietary adjunct to living in the modern world you don't need to have major liver disease to start using milk thistle seeds periodic use can be very helpful for overall health as a safe and effective supplement for eliminating toxins and supporting liver vitality the seed powder can be especially helpful when doing a juice cleanse or adhering to a cleansing diet regimen a few times a year there are unfortunately still many environmental toxins heavy metals plastics radioactive poisons and chemicals that end up finding their way into our bloodstream and body milk thistle helps the liver to function more effectively at filtering this possible toxic overload as we mentioned when we support the health of our liver other organs are naturally affected in positive ways as a side effect fresh-ground milk thistle seed or tincture can be a great herbal supplement to add to your diet types of milk thistle one whole ground seeds whole seeds ground into powder form to liquid tincture milk thistle seeds concentrated into an alcohol solution three tablets or capsules powdered milk thistle formed as a tablet or encapsulated for milk thistle extracts concentrated laboratory extract of the seeds and five silymarin extracts isolated extractions of the act of silymarin compound how to use milk thistle seed whole milk thistle seeds are too hard to eat or use in herbal preparations we personally buy the seeds by the pound and grind them down into a fresh powder that can be stored in the fridge or freezer milk thistle contains vitamin E and fatty acids that can go rancid at warmer temperatures to powder the seeds you must use a high-speed blender coffee grinder or a nutribullet the powder has a pleasant nutty flavor that can be sprinkled over meals salads whereas in addition to blended drinks some herbalists recommend using the powder in a milk thistle tea infusion and sipping on it throughout the day milk thistle powder dosage for mild cleansing effects one teaspoon of powder three times a day for higher doses two teaspoons to one tablespoon three times a day so Lamar and extract versus milk thistle seed powder we believe that foods are generally best when consumed in their natural state as opposed to isolating certain active ingredients like silymarin for moderate to severe liver gallbladder issues we recommend using both a standardized silymarin extract 80% silymarin in addition to the ground powder this way you are getting the best of both worlds and ingesting all components that may help to make it more bioavailable to the body in general the powder is very effective for basic maintenance as a dietary supplement remember that only a certain amount of the silymarin can be absorbed at one time so it's good to take it in small doses during the course of a day milk thistle tea recipe you can also use milk thistle powder infused into herbal tea recipes here's a simple herbal tea that can be used at a digestion ingredients four tablespoons of finely ground milk thistle seed one tablespoon of whole fennel seed or two teaspoons of fennel seed powder three tablespoons of dandelion root and one tablespoon of peppermint decoct are simmered the dandelion root for 20 minutes and then pour hot liquid into a jar with the remaining herbs and infuse for 15 minutes strain and serve this milk thistle have any side effects milk thistle benefits the body with virtually no side effects from regular use and is relatively gentle in comparison to other liver herbs or supplements milk thistle seed as well as silymarin extract can cause mild to moderate laxative effects the side effect is most noticeable with people consuming a high-fat diet it has estrogen-like properties and should be avoided if you have an estrogen hormone sensitive condition like endometriosis it is always best to consult your health care advisor if you are taking any prescription medications or have mild to major health issues to ensure milk thistle is appropriate for your unique situation avoid if pregnant thanks for watching and for more top super herbs visit superfoods for super health calm please give us a thumbs up or share this video if you found it useful


  1. Use milk thistle with caution..Some have been known to have mold in them…And it's also possible to have allergic reactions to it as well!

  2. After years of working very physical jobs including year as an Army Infantryman my back was always hurting. After trying Dr.โ€™s and Chiropractorโ€™s and years of eating anything to relieve my pain my Dr. sent me for an MRI. The MRI showed I had Arthritis and a herniated L4L5 disk that was causing pain down my left leg. The Dr. wanted to have back surgery. I started talking Milk Thistle to help my liver from years of eating pain pills and the coolest thing happened. After about 3 days of taking milk thistle twice a day I noticed that I had no pain in my back and the pain down my leg was gone. It had completely removed all the inflammation in my arthritis and herniated disk seems to have completely disappeared! The Dr. still tries to get me to have surgery but I havenโ€™t felt this good in years!

  3. Our doctors don't tell us about these wonderful things as they have sold their soul to the pharmaceutical industry.

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  9. Have some milk thistle when you're going to drink alcohol – no hangover, even if you overindulge!

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  33. Oooo Milk Thistle can improve
    the production of milk for breastfeeding women!
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    I'll be harvesting my own, I'm sure of that!
    Thanks for this very beneficial video!

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  34. Well hello there!
    I'm seeking info on using Silymarin for
    detox of the liver! I know that Milk Thistle
    has like 70% Silymarin in it!
    Thanks for speaking to this. A tea would be
    a good form for me to use! Also capsules!
    I'm speaking to how the ammonia in some hair
    colors – and cleaning products, can cause liver
    damage! Thanks for this video!


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