Military exercises rattling nerves around LA | ABC7


  1. Military helicopters have been flying low around Los Angeles this week in training exercises that are rattling nerves of some residents. Details:

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  2. @PowerfulJRE

  3. Just practicing for when the rest of the world is sick of the cesspool that is California.

  4. The citizens better get some RPGs and anti aircraft missile


  6. Pussy ass people

  7. These pussies

  8. Pretty sure after Nippsey',s death Marshall Law will be enforced in cali

  9. People are such little bitches

  10. Libtards complain that the military and cops will protect them. Then when military and cops do practice they complain

  11. Invasion pratice protocol under urban environments…..

  12. Absolutely No reason for our US military to be doing this shit in our cities,they have plenty of private land to practice every paranoid war mongering General's idea's they can think of. This is nothing more than US citizen conditioning for the worse case scenario…God help us all!

  13. How cool. Bitches will complain

  14. That hand moment while talking…… Lol

  15. Fake new's

  16. I wish they would do that where I live, how badass would it be to see a bunch of military choppers flying around.

  17. I live right next to an airport. When the Blackhawk helicopters fly in formation, they rattle the house. But I am not annoyed at all. That sound is the sound of national security.

  18. Gta v

    5 star

  19. It's fun listening to non-pilots try and explain things🙂

  20. What’s rattling is you think this is only an exercise

  21. The Night Stalkers are trained. Relax, they know what they’re doing…

  22. Should not be training in the city that's against the Constitution oh that's right we're Nazi Germany now


  24. Martial law

  25. Criminals are scared not civilian.

  26. Oh god, its not that big of a deal.

  27. NWO coming soon

  28. Really this is the news…. people are scared of a couple helicopters at night….like come on people.

  29. O know they had guns

  30. The us military can almost do want they want, their mission comes first

  31. All those pussies in LA need to man the fuck up

  32. They're all asleep. It's all practice and drills for martial law.
    Run while you still can.

  33. Once the walls go up its too late for the Americans

  34. I'm not trying to scare yous but warn yous. It's biblical prophecy, WAKE UP AMERICA!! FOK!

  35. The elite is playing America like checkers on a bad rain day.
    Once they make their last move, you'll all be fucked. Epidemics, crisis you name it. They will all be safe when shit hits the fan but the bottom feeders will pay.
    If yall don't ask God "wasup" you're signing your own execution warrant.

  36. It won't be long. Trust.
    Laugh at me but yous need to repent and turn to christ

  37. Yes tell them when the exercises are and where they are so terrorists can attack them

  38. This shouldn't happen in my hometown with out permission,They always could do what ever they fucken want controlling I'm tired of that people wake up and let's control what's ours

  39. Just get a heads up? If it was a real one why not just announce it so the criminals will know they are coming… Let them do their job

  40. Deal with it

  41. *someone gets shot to death by cop after taking headphones out*

    People of la: ok and? Just everyday bro

    Also people of la: oH mY GOd A HEliCopTeR!!!!1!1

  42. There was no fucking man that said it startled em I mean WHY ITS THE FKING MILITARY stop getting offended over it feminists am I right

  43. Since that's in cali r they gonna ban us military helicopters too

  44. Bunch of wimps. Suck it up, no one cares.

  45. yo if they warned residents people would come out and watch and it wouldnt be realistic and itd get pretty annoying

  46. They probably don’t say anything cause people talk too much and they don’t want attention 😂😂 let them do their job 😂

  47. La gonna get attacked ?maybe? Idk

  48. The mass deportation of Mexicans and homeless people begins. Don’t blame me, blame Trump

  49. Bunch of retards in the comment who think their fellow Americans being rounded up by the government is a good thing. How about getting your head out of your ass? So you only American if they agree with you. I guess you’re not as American as you think

  50. Well if you were warned then there would be a audience not allowing to have a proper element of surprise which will be encountered over seas. So I do and don’t agree with the warning. But if something was truly occurring you would know because of a police and fire response

  51. When you get 5 Stars in GTA

  52. We live in a new world order, look up Albert pikes moral and dogma qoutes on war and how they need a preplanned ww3 for a one word goverment under isreal to take place after the destruction. California’s don’t give up your guns when they come to grab them, there’s a reason why they want you disarmed

  53. Who is thay bitch? I hate how she looks so full of herself. Nosy ass bitch

  54. why are people in LA such pussies. like fr in most places people love seeing things like this

  55. I'm laughing my ass off right now. Listening to the conspiracy theorists. This was not a drill they say. Lmao, so many unexperienced experts in here. Rofl!!

  56. Civilians making a big a deal out of it. 😂😂

  57. Just a normal day in Los Santos…

  58. No one gives a shit what there doing!!

  59. And they say that only the military should have guns…🤦🏻‍♂️ yea, just wait till the day it isn’t a training exercise and we wouldn’t be able to do shit abt it, smfh

  60. If military helicopters flew over me I would feel real safe idk wtf these people are talking about

  61. Whahh whine whine whine.

  62. Russian invasion simulator

  63. I see f-16 and helicopters all the time

  64. Nigga

  65. Fuuuck she’s annoying

  66. people are so fucking stupid

  67. Bro if they said helis will be doin drills n what not people can just become terriost I swear

  68. quit crying, civvie idiots.

  69. Bro that’s awsome

  70. I don't see a problem. Terrorists don't get a heads up. Also the night stalkers are the same squad that stole an mi-24 hind.


  72. They r getting ready to take guns from people and kill those who don't give them up and start the new world order prepare now

  73. I would feel 10 times safer.

  74. Getting prepared for alien invasion!!!!get ready [email protected]

  75. I think they wanted to see what the public’s response would be, to see if they could get away with some covert operation, at a later date.

  76. That’s black ops mission😂🤣 they covered up with this nonsense “trained exercises “

  77. They were probably listening to some Kenny Loggins

  78. they send all the media to bay area…. and made this…. its fishy …its not training…..

  79. don't trust the police

  80. Chill those are spec ops they know what they are doing.

  81. Commies be afraid!!

  82. Fuck off

  83. Why would you be scared I feel safer knowing that the military is ready for anything

  84. Not a military exercise. It was a raid. I work close by there in Cedars Sinai. ABC is covering up this raid. They're linked with these sick fucks.

  85. Hell yea 160th

  86. MTF Unit: Alpha 9 “Last Hope” taking SCP [REDACTED], Found footage leaked from 05 Council.

  87. The people you interviewed are the exact reason I hate la

  88. Whether it was a training exercise or not, I would have loved to see something like this. I live in Minnesota where really nothing cool ever happens like this.

  89. 24

  90. They recently conducted exercises in Fort Worth TX . What makes it suspicious is they did not give anybody an advanced noticed of when it would take place , or the fact that it would involve explosives . People were frightened by the loud booms and confused as to what the hell was going on . These so called drills or exercises in densely populated areas are a safety concern . Train in the GD desert or overseas

  91. Hehehe..Training operation 😉

  92. Preparing for a disaster Volcanic activity is happening USGS is hiding. In China Lake reported volcanic activity check Marfoogle News and Dutchsinse YouTube

  93. It definitely wasn’t a training

  94. EL Chapo finally realeased every partner in every city who was cooperating with him…in the drug business…wake up people….

  95. This is illegal as shit!! Pointing guns around Americans is illegal!! Training off of base is illegal. Wake up Americans. Training for Patriot and Gun confiscation.

  96. Chill out, Civilian POSs, Thank GOD Almighty that US Special Operations Forces and the Conventional MARINES, Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard are defending The United States of America.🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🦅🗽🔫💀

  97. N S N Q

  98. Exercises for what? Psyop operations. Little by little to get you use to it folks. This has been going on for years.


  100. It wasn't a training exercise….. they have always informed the public ahead of time if it was a training exercise. Just saying

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