Military Boot Camp Workout


  1. What is This Anorexia girl talking about nothing about this is military

  2. Thank you for this workout video totally felt the burn

  3. Very interesting how she does squats….

  4. She’s sexy though

  5. lol, good for before boot camp but during this is nothing like what you are going to go through.

  6. My dads words (who’s retired military):
    Just because….. you have camo in your outfit, and your flapping your arms around, doesnt make this a military work out-

    I’m taking his word for it, this doesn’t even appear REMOTELY close.

  7. This skinny little girl talking shit.. What a joke

  8. She can barely do her own workout without moderating.girl bye.she suuuuuccckkkkksssss

  9. hahahhaha this is funny!!!!

  10. My drill seargent: if you don't finish these ducking push ups you are going to run till you pass out.
    Her:if its to hard you don't have to do it, its ok.

  11. Well apparently your workout is shit.. at least you look fit and hot affff

  12. "Pushups"

  13. "Military INSPIRED". Didn't say it was military 100%. Y'all got your britches in a twist over something little.

  14. ? –

  15. Girl you rock~thx for awesome workout.

  16. Why is everyone in the comments trying to tear this video up? This is a FREE video you can watch for FREE. If it’s not what you’re looking for, stop being an ass for a second and find something else to watch.
    If you don’t like her pushups do them how YOU want to. She doesn’t need to know that you think you’re better than her. Get a life.

  17. WTF? THIS IS HILARIOUS! And NOT a Military Workout!!

  18. bur-pee

  19. the last exercise is called a burpie

  20. Drill sergeant rebecca?? cough cough *stolen valor*

  21. You are a great motavator. Thank you for this video.

  22. I especially enjoyed the shots that looked like the cameraman dropped the camera

  23. I like the workout! Thank you so much! How often in a week would you say to do this workout?

  24. just warm up .wear a Wightman vest with a bit heavy backpack and go jog like a mile everyday

  25. Excellent videos THANK YOU . Perfect for the millions of us too scared to start. !!!

  26. I love doing those exercises! 🙂 It's fun but hard work.

  27. am i the only one who thinks this was not even that hard?

  28. Her accent is different so im guessing this is from different country of military exercise not from U.S military exercise…

  29. I've been doing this for a week straight watching her help me succeed in the body I want

  30. love you girl!

  31. She doesn't even have a military booty._.

  32. My wife just said, "Jesus, with those boots on she looks like a golf club from the side"

  33. I like it. It kicked my but. I couldn't finish it. Lol. I'm sore now. Ty.

  34. I dont' think that stick is a drill sergeant.

  35. I like your all video,but yuo talk too much


  37. Zero zero zero

  38. I love doing these workouts only problem is that I have neighbors down stairs…

  39. This workout served its purpose – I just wanted to sweat and I did! Thank you..

  40. Lol im joining the air force and i KNOW this is nothing compared to what they will have

  41. those are girly fashion boots.. nothing like the combat boots they wear in the military.. this is a joke

  42. Bad pushups. You dont know how to jump. Bad squats.
    IF you REALLY squeeze the muscles , then you should have at least some muscles back in the ass. You dont . Its almost flat.

  43. I thought you were supposed to do a push-up in a burpee

  44. Thanks RL! I enjoyed it and got a great calorie burn.

  45. I'm a 14 year old gymnast and this was nothing compared to the strength and conditioning that I do.

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