Mike's Speech on Mental Health Problems (Dwarf Mamba Impaulsive EP)

the biggest learning here is just that for the people that are watching or listening to relate to is if you know someone in your group a friend of yours a family member is struggling and you and and even if the thought in your mind is oh my god they have everything they could ever want in life their life should be so good why do they just play video games why do they sleep all day why do they not go out understand that mental health and understand that those issues in life are not always so easy to put a finger on people are going through things and it might not be as easy for Logan or for Spencer who are headstrong like very very well thought out individuals to understand but people like me and people that deal with certain levels of mental health problems understand what it's like to feel like you're under a blanket of grim energy or negativity or depression or anxiety and I also on the flip side know what a couple positive or kind words from someone you love can do for your fucking day and so if there's someone that you know that's suffering or is doing anything just playing too much video games or sleeping too much adjust the way you're talking to them being good to someone is giving something that's giving something of yourself that means 1% of your career might go to 1% of helping your best friend be better is that worth it to you not you but is it worth it to anyone watching or listening 1 percent you may not get a thousand views over what you would have got but your friend may want to live his life better is that worth it

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