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– [Narrator] Hey Miguel, we're here to see your gym and fridge. – What's up guys? (rap music) Welcome to my house. I guess we're going to go through my gym, take a look at my fridge, because you guys are weird like that. But, we can do all that come on. Welcome to the glorious house of gains. – [Narrator] We're going
to ask you eight questions in your gym, then look at your fridge, and then finish off with
quick fire round questions. One, how long have you had this gym? – We had this gym and
all like the equipment pretty much as soon as we moved in. My wife and I are trying
to stay on our health game. And, at the time I was
working on a new album and really wanted to get
in shape for the tour so it was important that
we had all this stuff that we needed to make it
easier for us to make like, work it into our regiment,
like our daily regiment. – [Narrator] Two, how
did you get into fitness? – So my whole jump in on
fitness started with this tour I was going on with Trey Songz and this dude's always been like super fit. Me I was like, this is
young or I'd never been worked out consistently
before so I was determined to not look like the scrawny dude on tour. I started to work out
and it was like a whole six month preparation to
get to the point where I felt like we were ready and we went on and after that it was just
like, I stayed with it. It was a part of my life style. For a good two years I worked
out on a consistent basis, like six out of seven days. This is the history board, see? I don't do any of these workouts anymore but there was a time when
I was really beasting and this was like the records of it. Its a lot of (beep), its
a lot of (beep) on there. My current fitness goals are
pretty much just to maintain, You know? My workout regiment is more about clarity and consistency. – [Narrator] Three,
Who else uses this gym? – This gym is pretty much
split between my wife and I. I normally work out before her. I try and wake up early in the morning, get my mind right get my
meditation in, and then I'll meet my trainer in here around 8:00, 8:30 depending on the day. Roll this thing out like this, jump in on a full body warm up. You know get the rows in. I try and work out five times a week, now. And for me its more of a productivity to where there was a time where I had like serious fitness goals and like aesthetic goals
that I was reaching for. And I think now its more about just having a daily routine. – [Narrator] Four, what
music do you listen to when you work out? – So, music it depends. I'm moody with the music in my work outs. Some days I wake up like the work out is just
like for clarity of mind so I don't want any music. And then other days like, I need a little bit of Meek
Mill, I need some Drake. – [Narrator] Five, what's your
favorite piece of equipment? – It'd probably be these. Kettle bells. They're just super versatile in terms of like, full body workouts I've found like my body
responds really well with kettle bells and like high intensity interval training has just been a really, really important tool in terms of just like
activating the entire body. – [Narrator] Six, what
does your workout look like when you're on tour? – [Miguel] Workouts on the road are mostly lightweight's and full
body's so I kind of have a case that I travel with so it has like all my gym stuff in it. So we take ropes for sure because that's like
incredible for the breath. I love doing ropes and
singing at the same time for like diaphragm control. Activating the breath. – [Narrator] Seven, how
do you keep mentally fit? – Man, mental fitness. All of it is like a balance for me so, I meditate regularly as well. Its a part of the regiment so that's why I like to wake up early. Get up before most people would. I like to wake up at like
6:00, 6:30 these days, get a meditation in for 20 to 30 minuets. And then just kind of let that settle in, think about what I have
to accomplish for the day. Then jump in on the work out around 8:00. I found like, intermittent fasting has worked for my life style. So, I try and keep it light,
but start the day oou there. I don't eat past like
an eight hour window. Keep it moving. – [Narrator] Eight, what's
your most meaningful tattoo? – Tattoos tattoos. There's a few, they all mean something but they're really for
me really, you know? Its kind of like a
personal thing you know? Your body and your temple type stuff so. Alright, its time to see the fridge man. I'm getting kind of hungry lets go. (electronic music) Yeah, so its time to get
some food in the system. Welcome to the kitchen, we're going to take a look at the fridge. I keep it nice and light. Also because I don't have to waste. There's only two of us in the house, aside from our two cats. We cleaned this out to
make sure it didn't look too crazy for you guys. – [Narrator] What staples
do you always have? – Staples in the fridge include spinach, normally baby spinach,
we always keep celery because my wife loves the juice so we keep lemon as well. We're also Latino, we're
both like half-Mexican, so you got to have lemons in the house and have limes in the house at all times. We love feta cheese we keep feta in here. Although we stay away from
dairy For the most part, but that's kind of like
the one that we do. Almond milk, and lots of water. – [Narrator] If you were
going to eat at 2:00 AM, what would it be? – Depending on, depending on the day, a 2:00 AM a craving is rare. On the weekends at 2:00 AM though, if I'm hungry I'm having whatever I want. I don't care. I'm eating a burger, I'm
eating a slice of pizza, I don't know, I'm going for it. In terms of eating regiment I try and stay close
to the Akido regiment, I try and make that mostly
plant based as well. I just found that it just
works better for my body like I feel better. My section of this whole thing right here, pretty much exists on this level. This, Noz's life. Snack King Cole, and
the king of all sauces. Its all kind of stuff in here, I don't even know, Its a jungle, I've never even been in there. I try and stay away from that part. But we have our moments, you know? You gotta just be fluid
you know, and flow. Sometimes you want some pancakes and you want some butter you know? Now the freezer. I don't even know what's in here. This is also not really my area, as you can se we got the
sweet potato fries here. She loves sweet potato fries. The real spot though is down here, all of this right here. Like, there's so much of
this ice cream down here. So I normally start eating
10:30, 11:00 o'clock. Primarily plant based for
like the next 8 hours. And I'll just eat whenever I want, whatever I want that kind
of fits in my regiment. It normally starts out with a
shake a Keto meal replacement a plant based protein. And I'll kind of doctor that up with some MCT oil and avocado. Just for extra fats, just to keep everything moving. I'll follow it up with an espresso. – [Narrator] Okay, its time
for quick fire questions. 7:00 AM workouts, or 7:00 PM? – 7 AM workout all day. – [Narrator] Squat or deadlift? – Ooh, deadlift for sure, deadlift yeah. – [Narrator] Favorite
song on your playlist? – Favorite song on my playlist? In terms of workout
probably Praise the Lord. Or the new Drake, the new
Meek Mill and Drake song. That shit, that goes. – [Narrator] Crossfit, yes or no? – Yeah, crossfit for sure. – [Narrator] Pull-ups or chin-ups? – Pull-ups, for the back. – [Narrator] Dumbbells or kettle bells? – Kettle bells. – [Narrator] Running on a treadmill, or running in the great outdoors? – Great outdoors, I hate treadmills. – [Narrator] Cardio or weights? – Weights all day, I hate cardio. And my body, like I'm good
at it though, which sucks. – [Narrator] Big legs or big arms? – Big legs for testosterone. That'll keep you going. – [Narrator] Biggest
complement jacked, ripped, swole, or cut? – Ripped, ripped. – [Narrator] If you could
workout with anyone, dead or alive who would it be? – Workout, Bruce Lee. – [Narrator] Why? – Have you seen Bruce Lee's abs? And like his balance? He's like full-all the
way around he just had, and can you imagine the conversation? Like its just, probably one of the illest, he'll just like lay
something super philosophical and become like water. You know what I'm saying? Alright, so I feel like we covered it all its about time for me to
move on to the next part of the day its been a
real pleasure and whatnot but you guys gotta get out man. Its time for me to get
this food in my system, I need to get on to the next moment. so, we love you guys, thank you so much,
we'll see you next time. Peace, peace.


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