Michael Orth: WJCS’ Role in Helping Westchester Residents Overcome Mental Health Problems

as a branch of county government department community mental health is responsible for the under New York State Mental Hygiene law the mental health the substance use and developmental intellectual disability system and we have over 50 providers we have contracts with over 200 services we can do this work with that our other county departments but more importantly even our community-based stakeholders so one of our missions our charge role is to support agencies such as w JC s who provide real important safety net services to people from birth early childhood and we all know the importance of investing in early childhood system of care that includes Head Start pre-k and WJ CS has always been leaders in this area moving through to adolescent services and some of the services that are evidence-based and we see had the best outcomes include mobile mental health services working with young people in their community in their homes in their schools and having the flexibility to do that and also working with young people and adults not only in the importance of traditional mental health services and the valuable outpatient services that W JCS offers but also in some of those more non-traditional settings like daycare like helping people who are struggling with mental health issues find jobs or volunteer experiences or help each other through peer-to-peer efforts those are some of the critical programs that in a time of behavioral health change are essential cornerstones for people's wellness and recovery so as a department we're extremely valued to WACS and the history of W JC s in providing leadership and mental health services in our County so we hope to grow some of those services and continue the good work that the agency is doing

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