Mga dapat tandaan tungkol sa masiglang kalusogan(Health & Fitness 2019)

Starting out my breakfast with a
a glass of lemon So today I’m just starting out my breakfast with first a glass of lemon water It looks milky for some reason. I think it’s Like the ginger powder that I put in it and the lemon juice it’s like supposed to be really good for your digestion and by Ash like the taste of lemon water and I feel like the ginger has some benefits. I should probably like know but Yeah, I don’t so I put this in it makes it taste good to me so this is what I’m starting off my breakfast with I’m going to make some coffee and then I think this morning I’m gonna have a Smoothie bowl for breakfast but I switch off between that and oatmeal usually And the best part about smoothie bowls a they don’t have any like Carbs or any bad ingredients really there is quite a bit of sugar But it’s all natural sugar are in a hurry you can easily just put this in to go cup and bring it as a smoothie and skip the toppings and then also What’s nice is you can substitute any of the ingredients like usually I put spinach and my smoothie Bowl But today I didn’t have any so I put a cucumber and it’s instead going to work on some homework And then get to planning a few video ideas and then I will see you guys later for lunch Welcome back. So it is lunch time. It is 1:30 4 p.m. I specifically try to eat between 1:00 and 2:00 p.m. So I can have my dinner around 6:00 or 7:00 So I don’t eat around 9:00 or 10:00 so that make sense. Maybe. Umm anyways today I’m going to make a lunch and I have almost every single day. It’s like the easiest thing and it’s perfectly packable for work It’s just kind of boring so for that, I’m sorry and also I just changed into my workout gear cuz me my mom are going on to Workout. So this is my completed lunge that it’s very like simple you can mix it up but I always try to have a protein a vegetable of fruit and then I always have like a fruit and nut mix and then I’m going to have another glass of Lemon water as well So in the beginning of the week, I grill up chicken breasts usually too and then I’ll have a half for each lunch you could substitute this with like any type of protein you want that chicken is just super easy and it keeps really well and I Just season this with salt and pepper and then a sweet chili sauce Which I put on when it’s on the grill and then on the side I’m going to have some snap peas and tomatoes and then this is a ranch and hummus and I wanted to mention the ranch that I use because it is Made with Greek yogurt. So it’s only 45 calories and then for hummus my favorite is Holy land It’s seriously holy then I’m also just gonna have some fruit and then in here I make my own like trail mix so I have Deluxe roasted and mixed nuts and I make sure to get the unsalted kind to put it in that banana chips Which I’ve recently been obsessed with they’re just dried bananas put in dried cherries because they’re my favorite So yeah, I’m really excited about this lunch. It looks delish. Yeah. Yoga. Mat was just shipped. Oh my god fast eater I’m just now realizing this is kind of a big one. So Probably to get like one of the things indeed too much food. I’m gonna save my nuts for later or tomorrow. Oh It was about three o’clock and I am going to yoga with my mom I did want to just touch on my workout routine in this video go to core power and I do Sculpt and see two classes and then on top of that I’ve just been training for my half marathon So it’s a lot of running I don’t have like a routine I try to do At least one a day and a lot of times I’ll do both. So today I’m going to yoga with my mom we’re doing a c2 class at core power and then I’m going on my long run with my friend Gabby because we are training for a half marathon I Literally think I just died currently having kombucha. But yeah, I just got back from my run we went 11.1 miles which is odd that I’m filming on a day like today like that is not a typical day Um, but yeah, so I’m feeling like a limp human and I’m going to shower to look about eight right now. I’d throw it up Hello, everyone. It is just shit lighting. I see. Yeah, I’m so sorry I just showered and now I am ready for dinner. I’m gonna be kidding you guys my legs feel like Someone I can’t even explain so I just put in some sweet potatoes and then I started some Brown rice earlier and had my mom take it out. And so I’m having brown rice potatoes and then I’m gonna make some shrimp I apologize in advance for the lighting my sweet potatoes which just had some olive oil salt and pepper and then my shrimp which was Volvo salt pepper a little bit of garlic salt in like a tiny little bit of butter and then I put on some lemon juice and then underneath I just have some brown rice and then I’m just gonna Have another glass of lemon water. This combination is kind of weird. I feel I could be better if you had like asparagus or something But honestly just like a protein grain and vegetable. This is what I’m gonna eat this is probably an excessive knife, but So I am just going to I think watch some Netflix and Eat my apples and then I’m going to edit a video and go to bed. It’s literally Time is it it’s 9:15 right now. So will be the last thing that I eat today and I hope you enjoyed this video if you did you know what to do and I will see you guys in my next one. I’m sorry. I look so heinous in this video You


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