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  1. Is fenugreek helps to gain weight or lose???

  2. Mam my urine colour is changed to dark yellow can I have this seeds

  3. Astma peasant sappidalama.chali pidikkuthe

  4. Hi mam..I am eating thyroid tablet in empty stomach…so when I can eat this

  5. English???

  6. English or what?

  7. Weight loss ku helpful ah irukuma ???

  8. mam weight gain panna venthayam epo sapdanum, morning verum stomach la sapdalama

  9. no compende

  10. yes I do this regularly I have very heat body so my grandma suggested this soaked methi gives best result. I don't drink in rainy season.

  11. Gowri mam, does eating soaked fenugreek seeds daily create any side effects? I wish to give soaked fenugreek seeds water to my toddlers daily. Will it harm them, if they drink soaked fenugreek water for long run? Please reply mam..

  12. please tell eating soaked methi daily helps in hair growth without any side effect..

  13. hi mam… sugar patients morning vendaikaai and also vendhaiyam rendumea try panlaama oru naalulaiyea?

  14. Hai gowri madam when i soak the methi seeds and see it next day the water is very clear its not yellow. the seeds are soaked well. why the water is like that can you pls tell me

  15. thank you mam…for the very useful remedy…I only drink the water but I saw ur video then only i get to know can eat the seed along with the water…tq vry much mam…

  16. Hi Gowri
    Do I have to soak this? My kids(three Boys) like to have dry fenugreek with water.. is it ok?

  17. ye feding mother le sakti hai mya

  18. hi mam useful tips. thank you

  19. Thank you!This is so useful!!:)

  20. Can we take it in dry roasted power form? It is bit difficult to chew soaked seeds. 🙁

  21. Great info! Thanks akka. I am going to try this.

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