Mental Health World Cup 2019

okay here we are today at the home of Queens Park Rangers Loftus Road and we're at the first mental health world my name's John collee Galleani I'm founder of the mental health world cup today is all about getting men together with privatised pitch in QPR stadium to get him talking every twenty twelve and my youngest brother Lim Franklin took his own life he's 27 we thought how can you get a lot of men together in a 5 5 4 match play football and talk about mental health to do and we wanted to take it to the next level the opportunity to play in a stadium is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity sun is shining which is amazing thing all weakest in raining but we've got nearly 200 footballers here and everything a person here has their reason for being here they might know someone who's gone for a tough time they might know somebody who's committed suicide everyone here has their own mission their own purpose for trying to raise money trying to play football and trying to really stand against suicide all the money that we raise is goes to charity I myself over for construction company I do this in my evenings and weekend and the everyone here is all volunteers though we just have as much money as possible but the key thing to be honest is raising awareness and the more people you share these link to share the website the better it gets gonna be 60 games over 5 pictures and each game consists of 12 minutes per game pretty epic that all the teams get to play in an actual football league stadium the day isn't just for the football players on the pitch it's also for the spectators a lot of people have brought their families along and there's lots of food stalls activities and games for the kids and there's also mascots for the kids to play with and get their photos taken ok like I said there's plenty of activity going on and just as you're coming out of the tunnel you'll see a couple of tents just behind me we've got the Community Trust for QPR just over here they're getting involved that's where all the music is coming from and that's where the trophy presentation will be later and then just on this side over here Camargue at the end of this tent we've got a cake stolen the giving away loads of leaflets and pamphlets as well and again similar to I've been doing with my videos just kind of talking about male suicide and mental health and just making the subject much more approachable so common sense we try to get into spaces where men are and that's music comedy comes to sport and where they're where they're interested in things maybe been in a doctor's office with pamphlets and whatnot and go to events and and and meet people you know upstream essentially to give people the language to talk about what they're going through or things they understand and don't understand take on lost over seven years ago and he thus attitudes for the good such as power football people's enthusiasm to raise awareness get people together get people talking to each other and ideally maybe raise some money as well in its exponent is hard and hunger and this sensational effort was made to get it to keep it up but it's it's based on unfortunately going through something devastating thinking how can I turn it into a positive I can help other people I just think the work that can't do great I think their whole approach to mental health is really different it's really unique they approach it very differently to all other organizations out there that reasonable way to get in touch to involuntary Karma's to go on the website and there's a section for get involved and with loads of information there about the different ways that you can help out whether that going through an induction to become a volunteer or taking part in some of the hottest campaigns that happen it's really great to be there it's a really great atmosphere the Energy's incredible you always get to meet loads of people and it's a great opportunity to talk about something that we're really passionate about and so hopefully make more men aware of carve and serve today going guys yeah it hasn't been the best stock play two games which should we have lost folks who doesn't matter in a way we're kind of good question on away as a team we're working together we are united yeah we've got two more games okay and then after five hours of football in 75 games we will get to the final and we'll be crowning the mental health World Cup champion for 2019 personally I come from a professional sport background we're 20 years ago when I was playing it was probably there was a perception that it was maybe a weakness to open up and discuss if you were struggling in a male macho environment male dominated but actually the perceptions told me wrong it's a strength delighted to be here what a great tournament really good standard but it's superb to be taken part to raise money for a magnificent charity in the Magnificent course enjoy the rest of your day and a big well done [Applause] we finally made it to the final its England versus Jamaica they've actually kicked off already and we'll find out who's going to be crowned mental health World Cup champions 2019 with me Wow or a final Jamaica versus England Jamaica one nil up for a while playing really good football but then England come back with two late goals in the end to take the win and England in this tournament a crown mental health World Cup winners 2019 okay that's the end of today thank you for the hospitality for Queens Park Rangers here at Loftus Road all the teams and all the players did really well England getting for the final and becoming the first mental health of World Cup winners 2019 remember get in touch while the links are in the description followers on social media check out all of our other videos and more people that share these videos and more people that watch them the more money that's donated to count so please get sharing and I'll catch you on another video from spfc see you next time


  1. Great work again James, look forward to seeing more videos from around the grounds next season!

  2. Keep going! I'm still loving it!

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