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– So, we’re talking about
health and well-being. And when it comes to mental
health and well-being, this is a topic that
really hits home for me because personally in my family history, there’s a series of mental health issues starting with my grandmother which was passed down to my father. And you know, I’ve always
been hypersensitive to the fact that it’s
a hereditary deal, and I need to personally check in with myself often
to make sure that I am mentally balanced and well. And thankfully, I am. Hopefully, that will
continue to be the case, but it’s one of those
things that a lot of us in this world are challenged with. You know, going through not
only the challenging times that we find ourselves living
in, but on top of that, some of us are just chemically imbalanced, and it’s just a fact. And you know what? I’ve come to understand
from spirit, it’s okay. And if you are chemically imbalanced, it’s really important that
you seek professional help. And that you potentially
get the medication that you need to come back
to a balanced even place. So, I want to share with you a group reading that I just did. And this really was a one of a kind. I’ve never experienced a group like this because it was a family
who came in of seven. And just, it sounds like a
little over a couple months ago, the son of this woman, and his sisters were there, and his aunt, father-in-law, er, stepfather. They came in, and he was young. He was in his early 20s. I’ll call him Max. That was not his name, but
for the sake of privacy. His name was Max, and he died by suicide. And we went really in depth into why the suicide happened. And what he showed me, he kept doing this like he… he was overwhelmed, and he was out of his right mind and to forgive him and not blame him because this was not him,
his soul choosing this, this was him being
possessed by a dark energy or an entity because he was so chemically imbalanced, not on medication, did not seek out the help he needed. And unfortunately, the dark energy attached onto him and manipulated him. So, this really comes down to
addressing two main topics. Number one, dark energy is real. It exists. There is a lot of different types of energies that we can
call in and channel. I only work with the positive energies of love and light and truth, but there absolutely is
evil and dark energy. And that is why spiritual protection tools are essential when you do this work. Even when you don’t do this work. Everyday we should all be praying. Calling in the love and light of God, God’s presence. As long as you’re doing
that, and you know, setting the intention
to be held in this space of positive energy, you’re protected. Okay, darkness does not like light. But number two, this again addresses that mental illness is real. And so for those of us
who might be mentally ill or chemically imbalanced,
and we’re not taking proper measures to take care of ourselves. Mind, body, spirit levels. We are way more vulnerable and
susceptible to dark energy. Ghosts in terms of
poltergeists, demonic energies are drawn to vulnerable human beings. They’re drawn to spaces that have low vibrations such as bars. Dark, any old like haunted type places that the energy is dark
and has not been cleared. They’re drawn to anyone
who’s using substances and they have a weakened aura. So, it’s easier to get into the bubble to attach on and hang on to their energy. So, that’s why energy clearings are really good with energy healers. Sometimes it comes down
to needing an exorcism when you are possessed
by a demonic energy. So, in the case of Max, he came through. And one of the sisters said, you know, what did you do to contribute to this? And he shared with us. He said I did not get the help I needed. And I was so far down the road, and it was such a snowball
effect over the course of years that I was so disassociated from my body. Meaning he was outside of his body which means he wasn’t in his power. That he was susceptible and
allowing the dark energy to incorporate into him and manipulate him and do things to harm himself. And so, he then brought up, it was the places he hung out, and I asked if he was in college. They said, yes. And they said he was at bars and places where he was more prone to
being psychically attacked. And he hung out with people that were not necessarily in integrity. And so all these things added up. So, one of the sisters asked, what can you teach us
from your perspective from the other side now? What can you share with
us that will help us to stay in the light and to avoid going down
that same dark road? I thought that was an amazing question. And the answer was to raise your vibe, to do things that bring you joy. To light yourself up,
whatever that looks like. To protect yourself. To hold yourself in light,
to call in the light, to pray, and fill and surround yourself with the presence of God
and guides and angels. He was going on and on and on because if you’re in the light, the darkness disappears. It cannot and will not stay around you. It vanishes. And then, he also said to do things that light you up and, I’m blanking, but whatever it was, it was
all about stay connected to the intention of love and light which I equate to God. ‘Cause God is love. Right? And then you will be okay. Oh, and the other thing he said was get the professional
help you need if you are or suspect you might be depressed or have mental illness of some sort because he had said had he gotten that, he would have been
balanced in his right mind, and potentially would not
have been psychically attacked and manipulated and
allowed this dark energy to incorporate into him. Finally, at the end, he said to his mom and step dad, you need to light more candles, and I see a fireplace with, you know, burning a lot of fire because it represents calling in the light. And they said, not only do
they do that all the time, but I guess, this man works in a business with firewood and fireplaces. And so he said, we do it all the time. And then I said, do you carry a lighter around with you in your pocket? And he pointed to his pocket. This man does not smoke, but
he carries a lighter around because it’s the nature of his business. But I told him, this was
their way of reminding you to stay in the light, and in that sense, you’re helping your son and the soul of Max to continue to make peace with himself,
his situation to heal and evolve in the spirit world. So, I want to share that with you because it was a powerful
session to remind us that that dark energy exists, but light exists, and light is always
more powerful than dark. And we always, as human
beings or spiritual beings in a human body, have more
power over discarnate beings. Always, always. So, all you have to do
is recognize your power, own your power and use it to call in good, and to stay in the light. With that said, as
always, I am wishing you brightest blessings and all love.


  1. That was a wonderful video with much needed reminders. Thank you!

  2. Thank You Rebecca ❣️I will continue to surround and protect myself in God’s protective light and love. I didn’t know there were evil entities that could do that 😳

  3. Great video Rebecca! ❤️

  4. your pathetic how can you speak about god and mental illness in the same video

  5. demonic energies and poltergist haha youre a joke

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