Mental Health problems are demon possession

home is well the shibori new breed also known as brother emanuel just enjoying this beautiful blessed Sabbath all praises and honor and glory to the Most High God I'm gonna dive right into the topic and I must make a bold claim right off the break mental health problems are demon possession that's right mental health problems are demon possessed now on this channel we don't make bold claims without proving exactly what's being said so that's what I'll be doing today proving exactly what's being said um now this topic I hold near and dear because it's a lot of people who are suffering from demon possession and I hold this topic near and dear because I can see the struggle and the struggle is real first and foremost I'm going to use three bullet points to pretty much prove what I'm saying to prove my point um number one out he's speaking about the pharmaceutical industry number two I'm going to be speaking about I'm going to be speaking about what triggers what are the actual triggers for a person to have mental issues or problems number three we're going to talk about demons what is the nature of a demon hold unquote now the pharmaceutical industry is a billion-dollar industry a billion dollar image which means they get paid off of your sickness in your illness that's what that means so with that being said it is not in their best interest for you to be feeling better in any circumstance it is not in their best interest for you to be in the best health condition because they have to get paid they have to keep the Bucks rolling in all right so when a person is diagnosed with schizophrenia a bipolar disorder you got post-traumatic sent stress syndrome they take medicine then you got you like to call them your chief diagnosis like a de anxiety and things like that athd which really these I call them cheap diagnosis because these diagnoses are pretty much in my opinion normal life processes or problems it is normal for a person to feel anxious at times that is a very normal thing as a part of life it is very normal for a person to us to a child and a lot of the children are being diagnosed with a TD ADHD and it's normal for a child to be hyper there's normal for a child or going to be outdoors and run around and play and have fun that's completely normal especially sitting up in a classroom by eight hours when they could be outdoors exploring and seeing the world but they're quick to diagnose your child with a TD or ADHD this is what you call pharmaceutical warfare and the thing is the problem is actually never solved because once these medicines are prescribed the problem is maxed or diluted or pretty much hidden because what's trying to wean yourself off or get off of these psychotropics what happens what happens to be devastating what happens can be tracked some people lose their lives we try to get off of psychotropic medication these are the facts so what if I told you then what if I told you that there is a solution rather than just masking the problem what if I told you there is a solution we'll get to that solution because on this channel we do not talk about problems in society without bringing solutions you got all of these doctors and I'm talking about all of the quote-unquote conscious community who dwell of the problems that black culture have but it's no solution their solution at the end of the day is donate us some money that's their solution don't hurt us some money we can solve every time I tragedy happens donated some money or we consult on this channel we're going to talk about dissolute pivot solutions are quite simple now what is now what did the call which triggers a person I have a mental illness what other triggers are all the triggers something that is let's say is it genetics in short the answer is no it is not a genetic problem the only way that a person can go through some mental problems from genetics let's say a mother was smoking crack during a practice practice of course that is demonic in itself but yeah of course that child will suffer some mental issues and problems because that was passed on so but ninety percent if not more mental health problems are caused by a stressful event something dramatic that happen in a person's life abuse neglect sexual abuse all of these things cause mental health problems now let's understand the nature of a deed while a person is being neglected abused won't the traumatic experiences and life that they can't handle why would this be a prime time for demon to inhabit this person is it possible that they can be inhabited by demons during these issues doing these trials and tribulations let's see what's the nature of a demon a demon is in fact a coward demons are cowards so they will go after a person while they're now a demon is a dark entity with an insatiable appetite and their goal is to inhabit a vessel torment and destroy that best that's a demon's purpose understand that so why would a demon give somebody water down to their couch now why would a person be open for demon possession when going through traumatic events or experiences let's see most people tend to curse the most – created them instead of pleading with them when they're going through trial so it leaves them open it leaves them when you want to state of anger or in a state of strife this is prime time for one of these entities to enter and we all go through we all experience it at times but in this channel we're going to talk about ways to rid yourself of this lock we all go through it all of us go through it I have to repeat that as you got a lot of people who are high invite and holier than that and it is very difficult for a person to loose their cells face to face in a mirror and say I am in fact demon-possessed how many people will even think that way so when they're going through something when they're going through this these issues and these problems it is very easy well the first thing they do is go run and get metal seek medical attention because the torment and suffering they're going through is over there so the first thing they'll do is go to the doctors and be described as medication this is why it's important for us to educate ourselves and speak to people and find out the side effects and all of that it's crazy it's all with almost all medicines you'll see a commercial they tell you in a hill you owe this geez are you feeling sad today did you feel anxiety yesterday will come to come take on this side effects may include bloody nose sudden death asthma diarrhea blindness loss of consciousness going deaf come on man that should tell you something the Scriptures itself say the cure for everything in this earth is every plant and fruit yielding seed every plant and fruit yielding seed is the cure not this garbage now you have two types of people who are demon-possessed you've got introverted and extroverted the introverted person I start with introvert these are people who have eating disorders now although they're their health may be in terrible condition and overeating and eating the wrong foods may be in fact killing them they continue to do it because demons have an insatiable appetite as the Bible says these are biblical principles have insatiable appetites and their goal is to destroy the vessel that inhabits so this person to keep eating keep eating until finally the vessel is destroyed this is what fasting is very important then you have your extroverted people and these are the people who you turn on your horror movie their head is spinning around in circles throwing up I believe hey listen I'm no way simple form a conspiracy theorist but I've clearly seen people disturb out here and I'm not here to try to prove the validity of demons by the way if you can't see the demons when everybody's in this world's running around going batshit crazy then that's one with you but you can see it you can going – I don't know I'm from the city if you go on the subway you can see many fucking demons running around but anyway you got the extroverted person who cut themselves to see themselves bleed who who you know who are just outright crazy quote-unquote crazy because that's a term that is submissive for me but they're in fact demon-possessed so as I said before we don't talk about problems without bringing solutions with other solutions number one fasting is very important when you purge the flesh of these insatiable dark entities they have no way of eating and drinking without third would you know because they eat and drink without and they continue to hunger and thirst excuse me so fasting is a very important for ridges though number two you must confess to your own wrongdoings instead of cursing the Most High that created you you must plead with the most highly created you and live a lifestyle that speaks of repentance it's so hard for us to look in the mirror and say what what we've done wrong especially in a time of turmoil but that's what you must do you must examine all the law statutes and commandment that your most high gave us just Sunday just Sunday school and your Sunday preachers they're teaching you that the law statue of the commandments of the Most High done away with and that's just not the case quite some say Christ Himself says not one jot or one tittle is taken from the law till heaven and earth pass away having at Earth is still here you're not supposed to be eating swine you're not supposed to be celebrating satanic pagan holidays you've got to put that stuff away because it's no time for anything else because the demons aren't habitant people and for those out here who who have family members on these psychotropic medicines it's important for you to share this video if you don't share the video at least teach them what you've learned from the video if you learn anything from the video and we can and you know this goes for those from struggling with masturbation and no fats and things like that as well because I'm speaking of all a demon sexual sexual demons uh anger demons alcoholic demons all demons I'm speaking up let's not be self-centered and let's stick to one one subject that's not corner ourselves into one topic and you've got a lot of youtubers they just they don't want to go outside the box they want the hits and abuse there's many information on that topic so I'm going to speak on the real I'm gonna speak on and that's a real topic it's a real situation that need to be addressed but it's more to be addressed and for those who are know psychotropics join your family share the video let people know because guess what these medications that they're being prescribed they destroy the liver the gallbladder the heart the brain pretty much every major organ in the body is being destroyed by the cycle children and people continue to you know continue to take them you know we have more power than you think we have the power to heal we call ourselves God's children we have the power here we can hell with these words there are more than one way to heal we can heal what pray it we can heal with the land of hands but we could use these words and if they don't listen that's that that's that person that's that person's problem but these situations must be addressed today I made a bold claim my bold claim was that all mental health problems are in fact demon-possessed I want y'all to like that comment board up let me know what you think about this situation you do have people in your family who are suffering these anomalies have you lost penis have you have you are you yourself dealing with this situation because if you are if there is an the answer and most in all my videos previous and now I will be having a world spiritual compass on everything that's being said if you disagree or you you know you can't receive what I'm saying and that's what you but I hope that everybody uh I hope everybody shares this video because it's important for people to see this and it's important for you to speak this to your family members or it's important for you to get all these psychic children's deal with the demons that you are going to address the situation that you have done wrong they're recording live according to the most highs will and live a lifestyle seeking repentance follow the law statutes of commandments that are most hard I get out of the station satanic pagan holiday stop eating pigs that the WC shinobi pieces


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  2. i think a lot of these mental disorders like depression, anxiety, sadness, suicidal thoughts are indeed demon possessions.. the psychiatrists are always asking people with these disorders if they hear voices, if they see things that other people cannot see or that are not there, sometimes they even ask straight up if the see shadows, demons, or spirits and the patients are prescribed medications that a lot of times make these people sicker.. i don't trust no psychiatrist or psychiatric medications.. i don't even like to take medications when i have a sore throat

  3. Before we presume that we have a demon spirit, we have to recognize that we are still in our fallen sinful state. Therefore, it’s not all demons but our own willingness to sin and commit to habitual sins. The New Testament is filled with the teachings that we must refrain from sin and if we are possessed then we can’t help but sin. Therefore it is not a demon that sins in us but our own flesh fallen in sin. Blaming everything on demons takes away the accountability of mankind in their sin of which they will have their part in God‘s judgment. And thus, we will plead “the devil made me do it.” And this has always been false teaching.

  4. They ain't small time either

  5. These people have threatened me

  6. Speaking as someone with bipolar and schizophrenia it's quite clear you don't know much about the illness. Although I might not disagree with you that it is not demon possession what I will say is when you a sick you can't control your actions. Like you are not thinking clearly and you act on what you feel is true. I never curse God even when I am psychotic and I'm not sure what exactly what you are saying when you talk about gangstalking and this together but in my opinion they are two of a kind.

  7. Yes plants, seeds, healers. A TI YouTube user named Judah lineage has his seeds damaged by perps when delivered as he grows his food.

  8. I always believed this. There’s articles on shamans going to mental patients and curing them from demons because the demons are bad thoughts and entities which have glitched into the mind from different realities. Some of these patients had problems since the beginning of life and have now been cured by shamans. Yes medications not good. Cover up. Doctors don’t bother to research into alternatives of the medicine I
    information but believe it from cited and cooperate companies which say they are ok when they are the ones that covered it up.

  9. I do agree with you, because I know first hand what you are saying is true. I know, God got me to find this video & I'm grateful for that!!! I was abused as a child as young as two. She almost put me six feet under at 5 from a brain injury. They say that causes trauma bonding, because a small child doesn't know abuse is wrong. So I married what I thought was a Christian man. I didn't know what love bombing was. He ends up hurting me & others. He is in a medical building labeled as PTSD. They say there is a cure for this starting in the gut that messes up the brain. I want to help him, but he refuses, so I left him with a heavy heart almost a year ago. If he would get the proper help & I don't mean medications. You are so right on that one. I nearly went to stage 4 kidney failure, but it was caught in time. It was caused by Lithium. I was told do not drink Gatorade or propel. Lemon water is okay. I drank both & my last diagnoses was kidneys are back to normal. You can die of sodium depletion or gain 60 pounds & hard to lose. It can cause suicide. So how do you work on these awful memories, fight restless legs movement which leaves you exhausted. Look around & there is nothing, but abuse, rape, murder, fraud & so on. How do you handle that. As for pagan holidays, I thought Christmas was the most joyous, beautiful time of year & people actually got a little nicer. How do you help someone who doesn't want to be helped? My daughter is dealing with a difficult daughter & she is tired & can barely take it anymore. I'm researching this & I do believe you got me going down the right path. I can't share it, because the people I deal with, I feel so a head of my time. Rather tear me a part than to even listen to reason. Big pharma doesn't want you well. If you get well they loose constant money.

  10. Thank you very much! At least, someone gets it right!

  11. You are absolutely right!!! Those drugs are the demons' playground.

  12. Satan loves all the cuss words you speak !

  13. But not celebrating the satanic pagan holidays yes ofc thoes are traditions that Jesus spoke of that we are to not partake in traditions passed down by men

  14. I do respect you and your content, I just had to add that when I heard u say that 13:20–13:40

  15. Jesus also said our richiousness must exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees or we will by no means enter into the kingdom of heaven.. Brotha just read Mathew ch 5. The scribes and Pharisees were the strict tora keepers (Law keepers)

  16. No, he said not one hot or title shall be removed from the law till all hath been ((Fulfilled)) and that's what Jesus came to do to fulfill the law, and he did when he died on the cross, therefore we are saved by faith in Jesus and are to follow the commandments of Jesus.. Just read Mathew ch 5

  17. I certainly agree with you my friend

  18. ::) suggest u do some real research before tackling a subject such as this.

  19. How to protect ourselves from negative disturbances? Recite this mantra from Tibet 108 times daily: OM BENZA WIKI BITANA SOHA. To learn more, go here: bit((dot))ly/DSretreat

  20. To get rid of demons-"Russ Dizdar, How to get rid of dark spirits". Tells how to get rid of demons and how to do a simple exorcism. Do NOT use a catholic=satanic priest! Basically, "By the power of JESUS CHRIST, I command the demons to go to the abyss". Etc.

  21. big pharma has killed 88 Holistic Doctors in the past few years! 2,000 years ago THEY KNEW demons CAUSED MENTAL ILLNESSES WHEN PEOPLE CAME TO JESUS CHRIST! It's in the KJV Bible!

  22. Poor ray k

  23. You are so right! I know for a fact that mental illness is demon possession.

  24. I respectfuly disagree. I suffered for 30 years with chronic anxiety and cured it after giving up wheat. They poison our crops with monsato and poisoning causes anxiety.

  25. Or persecution.

  26. Ive encountered quite a


  28. Narcissist

  29. Narcissistic Personality Disorder AKA Demon Possession

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