Mental Health Nursing 2019 video 1: Intro, LOC, Nursing ethical principles

hi I'm Cathy and this is the first video in my updated mental health nursing series so I actually already did a mental health video series on the previous edition ATI book it was actually the first video series that I ever did and it wasn't necessarily intended for like a wider audience I had put some you know just brief tutorial videos out there for Cal State San Marcos as it turns out lots of people ended up watching it from all over the place and requested more video series which I did and over time I've gotten better at doing these video series that first one it's a little cringy when I look back it's not quite as comprehensive or as organized as I like to make my videos now so I am redoing that video series I'm redoing it with my current with the current edition book which is ten point oh this video series should be helpful for both RN and the PM students alike so I've been told that the RN book is almost identical to the practical nurse a ti book so it should help both types of students it is also helpful for studying for the NCLEX as well as the HESI exam so it's not necessarily just for ATI in addition to redoing the videos I've actually created study cards as well so these are available on my website and I'm really happy with them there's about 89 cards in a deck you don't have to buy these cards you can make your own cards or just listen or just really study however works best for you I'm personally a fan of note cards I when I was in nursing school I used to take them everywhere with me to the kid pickup line camping everywhere and it just was a good way for me to go through and kind of memorize the key concepts so in this book I'm not gonna go over everything like I'm gonna go over what I feel like are the most important points that you need to know so there will be some information I will skip but I'll be clear if I'm like skipping a whole chapter or whatever I will definitely let you know so without further ado let's get into the book so starting in with chapter one there's a couple things to know here so level of consciousness is an important thing for you to know so you should know what the symptoms are of alert versus lethargy versus stuporous versus comatose etc so if a patient is deemed alert this means that the patient is responsive they open their eyes spontaneously and they answer questions appropriately if they are lethargic this means that the patient can open his or her eyes and respond to questions but they fall asleep very easily if the patient is upped unded this means the patient responds to light shaking but is confused and very slow to respond and then if a patient is stuporous this means that the patient barely responds to painful stimuli such as rubbing of the sternum and then comatose means that the patient is unresponsive if they're comatose abnormal posturing may be present so I would definitely know the difference between decorticate and decerebrate posturing see you so decorticate is where the arms are flexed and internally rotated and the legs are extended and also internally rotated if the patient is demonstrating decerebrate posturing this is where the head is arched back and the arms and legs are extended so again with decorticate their arms are brought in towards their core that's kind of how I remember it and what decerebrate they're more extended so that's level of consciousness and this starts to go over some therapeutic communication advice and we're going to be covering that in a future chapter there is some mention of different types of therapies that can be used for mental health patients so they talk briefly about some you know non pharmacological therapies as well as mentioning that sometimes medications are used again we're gonna get into the specifics of non pharmacological therapy as well as pharmacological therapy in some of the coming chapters so really out of chapter one the main thing I would know are the levels of consciousness so moving on to chapter two now I would know the nursing ethical principles not only for mental health but for really all of your nursing classes so there are six that I would know the first is autonomy so a patient has the right to make his or her own decision even if it's not in his or her best interest and then you have beneficence which is doing what is best for the patient so basically doing good then you have fidelity which is keeping your promises so this means like loyalty and faithfulness and then justice is providing fairness in the care and allocation of resources so an example would be a nurse spends the appropriate amount of time with each patient based on their individual needs some patients are going to be difficult and hard to be around but as a nurse you are demonstrating justice by giving every patient the time that they need regardless of your personal preferences to their behavior or personality and then non-maleficence is doing no harm and then veracity is telling the truth being honest with your patient so those are ethical principles I'm gonna stop here and we will pick it up with the rest of chapter 2 in my next video thanks so much for watching


  1. Hi, Cathy. I’m a nursing student here in Brazil. Could you add subtitles in Portuguese? It will help me a lot in my studies. Thank you very muçh.

  2. I love your videos and am so grateful for you putting time and effort into making these! They have helped me pass my LVN program and I am currently prepqring to take my nclex. I love your videos, however can you invest in a microphone by chance?The volume of the videos are fairly low and i have to max out my volume on my laptop or phone and still cant get a loud sound over running water or the vent going on. I'd appreciate it. Thank you Cathy for everything!!

  3. Hi how do you specialize in psych nursing in college?

  4. Hi Cathy, just wanted to thank you for taking your time and creating these amazing videos. I got a Level 3 on ATI!!! 🙂

  5. I got level 2 for psych and Nutrition. I watched her videos and got her flashcards. I would say that it immensely helps but you need to do your part in doing the readings, doing practice questions, and reviewing material that can be relevant. For psych the ATI version I got had a lot of adolescent and children related disorders such as autism, and ADHD. If you are taking the test in 2019, review those chapters really well.

  6. Thank you thank you thank God for you❤️

  7. Hi Cathy! I watched ALL your videos for my med-surg and mental health ATI proctored exam and I scored a level 3 in both! These are my first level 3’s ever and I cannot thank you enough. You are so awesome! And I will continue sharing your videos with all my nursing friends ❤️ Thank you for all that you do!

  8. Hey Cathy!, thanks for everything you've posted so far. I've passed a lot of the ATIs through your videos. I am wondering if the ATI comprehensive review NCLEX-RN edition 18 is better than the 17th ediiton. My school is making us take the ATI Comprehensive exit exam 2019. I just ordered the ATI Comprehensive review NCLEX-RN edition 18. Let me know please! thank you 🙂

  9. Thank you very much Cathy! I passed our Fundamentals and Mental Health ATI exams with a level 2 by just going through your videos 1 week prior our exam (did not plan it this way). You are definitely a great teacher and I enjoyed watching all your videos. I am planning on using your flashcards on the next set of ATI exams that we have. Happy Nurse's week to you and God bless!

  10. Cathy, thank you so much for making these videos! I got a level 3 on the mental health ATI. I’m definitely purchasing your cards for pharmacology to get a head start on next semester. You are amazing! 🤩

  11. Good evening , it’s me again after watching this set of videos I took my ATI proctor for this course yesterday and scored a 72 . Mind you I only had a week to get ready . For all PN students like myself these videos are very helpful the only difference is knowing your scope of practice 😉

  12. Thank you so much Cathy! Just took my Mental Health Proctor and made a 94%! Your videos and cards have helped me make Level 3's on every proctor I have taken so far! ❤

  13. Thanks so much Cathy, got a level 3 on mental health ATI!! You are awesome. Now I'm studying for my pharm ati with your flashcards and videos! wish me luck kind of terrified for it haha

  14. Thank you for the videos. I listened to them all yesterday here 1-18 and retook my mental health exam today. Passed with a level 2 which I am perfectly fine with. It had lots of meds on it. Ordering your notecards for the last 5 ATI exams. I am hoping to take some of the ATI's without having the class yet since I am doing an accelerated program and graduate in 5 months!

  15. Cathy, I wanted to share with you that my classmates and I took the Mental Health ATI yesterday, and after watching your videos (I convinced the professor to have us watch them in class), everyone got at least a level 2. This is the first time that this has happened at this school since it opened 4 years ago. Most of my classmates have now/will buy your cards. Between your vids and cards & the ATI quizzes, the answers jumped from the pages while I was taking the test. THANKS!!!

  16. Hi Cathy, I just got a level 2 on OB by using your cards/videos. I also passed the class with a B. I am now using the cards for mental health, and hoping for the same great scores. Are the PEDS cards coming out anytime soon? I have that ATI test in 7 weeks along side mental heath ATI. Thanks again, your videos and cards are helping me get through nursing school.

  17. I seriously love your videos!! You helped me passed my OB/MED SURG ATI exam last semester! now our program in Illinois uses you as a resource for students who have a hard time studying for ATI! I only wish I only wish I would have found you sooner!

  18. you’re amazing for all of your videos! Thank youuu

  19. cathy can you please use a micro it sounds a little low

  20. thanks for letting me know you had this newer version from my comment on your previous book, my test is tomorrow and what you have is helpful. I wish you had the pharm on here, but I am also taking the ati pharm tomorrow so I can go back and fourth with the mental health meds there, thank you so much, I have passed all ati thus far with your videos, don't worry I won't blame you if I fail =-)

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  22. when do you think all the vids will be done?:) my exam is mid april

  23. hello, i just wanted to know if you will be doing videos on the updated medical surgical ATI book? Or do the older videos contain the same content?

  24. Hi Cathy, thanks so much for your videos! Will you be doing a Critical Care series?

  25. When will you be posting more. I have my ATI mental health exam on 2/15

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