Mental Health Mugs

my thought is that every single revolution is filled by coffee and coffee always need the mug I live in South Florida which is like the addiction treatment capital of the world a lot of people can't go back to the job that I want to start introducing handmade mugs and the people who need that second chance maybe people who are actually making them I'm hoping the booth library chain but some of the best response the 2,000 have come from the friends family and loved ones who aren't struggling themselves but want to support other people in their lives and I fundamentally believe that we don't have the mentally well over here and mentally ill over here we need everybody that comes with people found so little but if you call us while you're sipping your coffee routine and you think about your mental health and maybe that day something changes you don't need to be like making these five pieces network you


  1. 10% of proceeds goes to the cause… That's it. Um ok.

  2. Thank you ♡

  3. This is great, I would love to have such a mug ❤️

  4. This is great! Thank you for doing this!

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