Mental Health Matters: New Virginia Treatment Center for Children

families need to know they're not alone and families need to know that what's happening in their house is not something that isn't happening in other houses it is everybody has their own story but everybody needs to know that there's support out there and people understand and the service is here enable those families to reach out to what they need give them the support they need and make them breathe just a little bit easier because it's a really hard time it's confusing it's dark and scary if you have diabetes most people aren't ashamed of it but if you have depression there's this kind of lingering notion that I ought to be able to fix it on my own and if you can that's great but if you can't you need to get help because there's an excellent healthier so psychiatric illnesses are real and they're treatable with good outcomes it's a whole new world it is something that makes my heart just pound super fast because I'm so excited for the family and so to see an entire building go up that says we're open we're here for you there's light you don't have to be in seclusion we're gonna take care of you gives you the the hope to say okay this might be hard now but I'm going to be okay I'm going to make it we always talk about doing the state of the art and at VCU psychiatry treatment center for children we do evidence-based treatment that is also caring but the other part of it is the faculty and staff the people who are taking care of the kids are absolutely the very best and I can tell you that if one of my kids or grandkids needed psychiatric help this would be the place where they would get it's a welcoming place that is beautiful and families can feel comfortable and respected

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