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mental health first aid training is as important as normal first-aid training and it can save as many lives so in mental health sa training you learn about depression anxiety suicide abuse psychosis so many of my mates at school would know how to give CPR to someone but none of them not many of them would have the skills to confidently talk someone through a panic attack or if someone was having suicidal thoughts having young people teach young people is going to be a lot more effective because some young people can find it hard to connect with Anan newest teacher I intend to use my youth Mental Health First Aid training to develop the skills of others it gave us a toolkit to handle the conversations that arise and we're working with young people who might be experiencing mental health difficulties you know that a diagnose or anything like that but you can actually support them to set up safety plans and all that kind of stuff go in with them to the doctor into a headspace center and you just have more confidence in yourself to be able to keep that person safe you

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