Mental Health Draft Report

Mental health affects everyone in Australia,
because if you aren’t one of the one in two Australians who become mentally ill at some
point during your lifetime, you will certainly know someone who has been
impacted by mental ill-health. And while we spend 18 billion dollars a year
on mental health, we estimate the economic effects alone of mental ill-health and suicide
are up to 51 billion dollars a year. So improving our mental health system and
therefore the mental well-being of Australians will pay off in spades. There’s a lot of problems in our current mental
health system but it can be improved. For example, we now lose more people to suicide
than road vehicle accidents but it wasn’t always this way. Deaths on the road have fallen dramatically
due to a concerted effort across many areas and over many years. We can do the same with mental health if we
put the same effort in. We need to make changes across not only a
health system but also in our schools and workplaces. Our draft report on Mental Health in Australia
sets out an achievable path to improve mental health across Australia. We want changes so the right services are
available to people when they need them, wherever they are. We need more mental health nurses, peer workers
and psychiatrists. We need better early identification and access
to services for those under 25. We need more low-intensity services but also
alternatives to emergency services. Better follow-up services for people who have
attempted suicide and better coordination and accountability from government around
providing services. To read our overview or full draft report go to

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