Mental Health Awareness Month

hey guys let's talk about mental health awareness since it being mental health awareness month yeah growing up I didn't hear anything about it it wasn't really something you talked about just everyone sure even you know actually don't know that you say that growing up I feel it wasn't at least maybe in my family it wasn't you weren't really expressed as maybe nowadays people can't really express themselves I don't know or maybe you didn't feel like you could express yourself or yeah I think I was more of like think if if I say I'm depressed or if I say I'm not feeling well or I just want to cry all day and they're gonna be like why let's get up and deal with it like culturally it's kind of like suck it up I'm gonna look in business and if you have a mental breakdown get over it like it's not yes or maybe a parents tried like in their own way you know I think sometimes you don't know how because your parents dead yeah oh yeah okay generally generations generation and it wasn't a thing to talk about your feelings or it wasn't a thing to be the process or sad now you kind of had to hold it all yeah even now I think and Mexican family depression I've seen as you're crazy you don't go up to a therapist don't don't speak any kind of counseling cuz just get up in the morning and be happy like be grateful my legacy you know this is like maybe not that like my mom but I receive things like that but I think it's more I've heard stories you know where and even even I mean I was gonna say I've heard of stories where you know autism nowadays is so common back then it wasn't as common and I would hear stories like where oh no I said no he's gonna act I like I'm just gonna be him told him like you know like – oh like or save up important being like he's gonna behave well no matter what you know and he didn't know like people didn't know you know that there's it wasn't okay for your kids to crying like it wasn't okay for them chilly breasts sad minutes like stop crying Oh Yoda it's like men up you know like it's not that bad or whatever if you're I want to thank you like they weren't allowed to cry to be sad like this and then they didn't and then you grow up now learning how to express your feelings or even if it's in front of family members we love it when son you know oh my gosh it's in your money Lucado okay so recently if you follow my social media I shared my story and my experience with anxiety and depression something that I never ever experienced or even I think understood before they ever hear about anxiety and people getting panic attacks and I really think I got it I just thought well maybe they can't handle stress and I always felt like I could have a stress really well and I did I think until my husband passed unexpectedly um unexpectedly I need to stress that because then I didn't see signs or symptoms but I experienced so much aside from anxiety I would feel my body really ancient see even though my thoughts were we're fine and I had gone back to people hoping like we'll be grateful at least you have your kids Alligood didn't kill him like things like that that maybe were meant well or maybe even things like oh it was meant to be like it's all part of yes we all love Jesus but at the end of the night your husband is still not here and I nothing can take away that pain and I don't think God meant to hurt me or my children or anyone that has been his mom like come on God didn't intend to do like you know what mama hurt you right now for whatever we've done mistakes in her like like everyone but yeah I felt a muscle breakdown and I wasn't present and I have felt guilty cuz up three kids and I just wasn't there and my family did a really great job and annoyingly good job coming up I am every primary okay okay because yeah I love our communal and I just wanna be alone anyway which I feel is good in a way and that I need to heal in my own way but I don't know that I would have liked not being contacted you they're like oh my real ironical mmm here mommy but I experienced some crazy anxiety just out of nowhere and it got to the ER Arnold Romney depression I had absolutely no motivation nothing I just lost myself and I would I would do things that were out of out of my element I got lose my keys I lost my license I lost my insurance cards that's something that I don't do I am always on top of my stuff and that doesn't make you loved it wears me else totally losing my mind right so I will pray like and I'm like I can deal with adult respite to deal with the sadness with my loss our loss but I will pray that man help me help me get through this let me put all together how do you pray to my hope and and then help me um to table Oh but fortunately one of my aunts um I don't know that huh okay get back in there tear oh wait this is the point okay it's okay it's a crying it's okay to feel alright never didn't know but yeah nothing was making me feel better I had a drawer full of all the t's cavity Mossberg on the traded medicine on mushrooms I was really trying everything's again together naturally and the closest thing that can sum up I mean it was CBD um but I still felt like I need any more something more and one of my aunt's contacted me and was like I really would like for you to try these supplements yeah yeah okay I like that the company I like yes I'm good I get what they're talking about I'll try them so they got in here and extolled were well cuz there was a lot of stuff and I was like let me sit there right you let them sit there that way a couple yeah I told you I opened them like one of those so much stuff I don't know what to do but really I didn't need to take everything I just I was I was already over one yeah uh-huh so I let them sit for a while I don't know what to do and I don't like to just take stuff I want to know what I'm doing up you know and I knew I wasn't even to the right wing's other than the right mind space would just be like I'm just gonna take it off I don't want to do that well when I did like it was crazy it was like a switch turned on for me and I felt I still feels that I stuff look you know I'll cry but I can deal with my baby butter and how my handle my kids which is major cause of something that's my priority that's why I'm here but I felt so much better and it's through supplements work through healing the gut that's hitting the mind then it's just it's really amazing I've only had anxiety once and I had a copy since taking the supplements yeah it's just I can have coffee anymore if I would just I would feel so bad either one a crashing go to sleep or I'll just lay there and this sucks because we are coffee drinkers oh we work we work coffee drinkers and she had to give it up she had to go I remember it like it was me you're used to the family I'm gonna drink this yeah and it's gonna get me going yeah and I need I felt like oh maybe the coffee will help but it really and I miss the taste so the what what actually but I was gonna add I love that there's supplements that help I love that you know we actually don't research and you know trying to find things that help ourselves but I do also think it's so important that whatever you're going through you you need to preface it but you know you you have to go through the process you know she lost her husband it's I I mean I think she's like definitely one of the strongest women that I know have a choice and what am I going to do mm-hmm no because no I think you are strong I know it strong enough to tell us that there was a that you knew something was wrong because there's a lot of people that will hold it back home we're talking about how like I don't want people to know that I'm depressed then I'm gonna go and that's when you hit rock rock bottom like it could have been a lot worse that's what we're talking about mental health awareness is you have to let people know what's going on because we all need help once in a while we can't do it by ourselves it really does take a community to raise kid you know and to feel like there's someone there for us I do think she's I don't know I mean it's so strong and yeah I mean having kids along guys it even with your partner there it's not easy you know being a single mom it's not easy it's not a one child two children three of them you know and having to have process all of it and it's a process and it's normal for her to have gone through you know maybe an anxiety depression also and it's what bothers me is when people try to say like how you said earlier you know it's oh we'll be grateful that you know you have a kid or you should try to do something something else to distract her Mike no workout will be stress like and not another moment the mind the body it all means to process everything and processing by actually facing it because there was a poignant you guys know that I I was like maybe I need a distraction mm-hmm and then all of a sudden I was like I can't wait became too much and then I realized I didn't want a distraction I had to grieve yep and I'm not done necessarily but I have to have to face it and accept it and and I do it is what it is um you put the your your pajamas together you're grieving you're taking care of yourself you're taking things that help you while you're creepy you know what I mean and just like with with your physical health we need to participate and then you know the conveyance you can't just take some can but I thought let's see this is supposed to work yeah everything goes in together everything ties together and you should add some supplements this if you think you need it or I mean it helps mm-hmm right because we do live in a toxic world toxic people you know that's like our next video totsoni toxic we Thomas needs be cocky you don't want to I don't want to come out and push your product but I want everyone to know what helps me and maybe someone else can be helped because it really is amazing the way I feel now versus right before I was on it and of course I shared it with my family because I want them to be better ah we've also been taking the supplements ourselves as well I actually of course she told us about it yeah I still did my research so okay immediately when you ignore the box I think I was doing research before you were doing the research it was kind of lottery motivating makes against another Alice yeah I already come on let's just do it let's just do it because my motivator was more so I was already familiar with the gut and brain connection because I'm of the unknown and his autism diagnosis I mean really it everybody know yeah I maybe know what it's just giving the kids certain foods really you can't have maybe I'm sharing with had that or too much of a certain thing maybe it affects yeah you're gonna be a affects your mood your everyday lifestyle so with knowing that I wanted to learn more about the product and see what it can do for him because I had already had him on hiccups the gaps diet which is also based on the same idea when once I did make that choice and do it I did feel better that it wasn't just for me it was every wasn't just for I don't know we also started taking it with Brady as well I've also seen improvements in myself I do has now been on it for not two weeks I think and I recently had and I actually wanted to post a picture about this I took a picture I go to the dentist and they are great I don't know has been seeing them since he's been two years old I don't know has because he's autistic he does not let anyone come near his mouth or he just he doesn't of course I no one likes a dentist really and they've been working with us since then and to the point where I and her does not even say on the dentist's chair he will sit on the floor and they work on him there with him so yeah but this time and he's never let them taken x-rays of him and this time he was actually letting them foot I don't know what it got like in his mouth and then take that like he was okay with that and a major yeah and after that we were starving it was past center time the mall was on Street I was so guys it was just me and my poor kids my baby he demands a lot of attention Santos demands a lot of attention and when I don't know that's very difficult and if I go to the mall and one of them one of them has a tantrum I don't know what I'm gonna do so I took the risk we were hungry and to go get a food he sat through his whole meal he ate his meal I enjoyed his meal use his napkin but like normal like here I'm okay the whole ride home guys I even saved the video night I sent it to you guys he was just relax just flung his window just relax it's looking out not and I don't know if he's a simmer he stamped off his hands he'll you know hit even he vocalizing boy I don't know did some products and again I don't want to be because I know there's no magic pill I how I wish that my son you know could do could be already better could live carry on a normal life but so that scares me to be hopeful as well I felt but that little change or progress gives me hope you know where I'm hoping that he gets to yeah his we can get him to his highest potential so I he already knows what to do he gets his two other supplements with his probiotics which is fundamentals and I ended up giving him two mood I know he gets a lot of meetings all day you know no calls he handled him a couple different um it's great demand the teens as well and yeah it's very demanding so I give him two mood supplements and that night I asked him how their name how did you feel today you know counts more ease I I don't know for some reason I mean I had a lot going on I had a lot going on but I was more patient he's little he's kind of do you think he's impatient you know but like the not knowing yes he's more cuz he's on his own snowman he knows what to do he knows he has it all down so he said he found himself more at ease and more patient and more patient I don't know if it was I don't know what it was like to take the end off of a stressful situation it really does yeah because I felt good already just the biotics with just the probiotics and though focus on the sink I even the energy I I'll take it here and there but not like I feel like really the fundamentals are literally what's helping you what's helping yeah I think like the big yeah I think I must say the fundamentals about the energy I noticed with coffee that I used to use a lot sometimes I would feel like I was a puppet being pulled up by the strings like forcibly going and then crashing of course but with energy is that clarity I also realized that in helping him I'm also needing to take care of myself as well I do think it's important as us mothers to take care of us mentally and even physically you know me it makes me feel good that I'm not just saying care of my son I am also prioritizing me because I mean self-care yes it is so important yeah because if we don't take care of ourselves how are we gonna have the energy to take you I mean I'm just gonna drain get drained off and also we need to set an example it's not just like well here you take me you eat butter and now keep doing what I'm doing no yeah like with me I had a lot of stomach issues since I had my kids I don't know if it has to do with hormone imbalance or whatever the case is but I started getting anthem ax or some doctors were telling me it was psoriasis or I didn't know what it was but taking the fundamentals after I read about it one Sunday I spoke to me about it I realized that that's something that I needed to do I needed to put my help first because I saw that my son had the same issues that I was having you know I knew something was wrong so giving him the fundamentals which is the prebiotic probiotic and Fido bionics I realized that it's balancing our gut is getting rid of all the bad that's actually my energy and I know that you guys follow me I have posted it the other day and Instagram because I really feel like it can help someone else and that's literally my morning routine and let us emphasize that in no way shape or form are we sponsored by them right now these are our experiences and they've really been working for us and me I have to tell people I would really like everyone to take them yeah and it's big investment it's such a big I think if we want to bring awareness to this issue so these are all big issues that we don't talk about or we dedicate a month to them mm-hmm this month what but we should really always try to put our mental health through the go through meditation or whatever helps you and everyone definitely needs a support system that didn't help me a lot but I mean we just really want to help everyone out whoever we can that we can make a change or difference in your life why not if we have some knowledge or and we're open to learning more I think that's one of our things that we like to learn we like to know more work open-minded and just the same when we are open right if we feel that pain I really tell you something like I feel like you'll benefit from it it's not like oh we know it all no gosh no I think that's a perception that we give people oh yeah no no these are thinking you don't know it's more like I really like we want to share you wanna share we want to share with you guys and we if we do think it's all in good in time so it's mental health awareness month but their's should always be awareness of mental issues so check up on your friends because when I was going through a hard time I really didn't make enough her to text anybody call anybody I didn't so empower each other every day check up on each other every day and again these are our experiences and work for us they're not sponsored so talk to your doctor know inform yourself participate in your health no one else is gonna do it for you yes

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