Men's Physique VS Street Workout – STRENGTH WARS 2k16 #14

I don't care about my enemy because I just caution horse can't be ready yet I think I can be my name is risk and anagen I from France and I have 22 years I'm not freshman I born in Armenia and I living in France when I have 10 years my sport is cheat workout calisthenics my name is Joe I'm from eastern Germany I'm a college student and work as a person trainer in the mean time and this I said I'm body below I compete for stood workouts and I'm a tad professional for Federation and I am judging – I win Europe championships in German two times one time is in Holland I have a record France and the priest blessing of house I am a men's physique athlete so I start metaphysic division in bodybuilding and went to two European Championships and One World Championship now you want to compete in students because that's interested me very much I want to like show my power maybe that's gives it everybody my last to compete anyways I love to compete on stage the same thing I love to compete them at strength for sets that's what's all about so I want to beat people and be the winner tomorrow we're gonna do pull-ups with 20 kilograms 15 reps the Zips 450 kilograms 20 times and last but not least it's going to be X bar that left 160 kilograms or 20 grams for tomorrow all the exercise for me it's good that I have like croutons for pull-ups and dips his police run pull-ups so I'm pretty strong and dips and I think the game change is going to be the hex bartender so we're gonna see you let's battle tomorrow I don't know my enemy I don't know what's his name I don't know where he lived I know nothing about it and I don't wonder first kind is pretty strong and I think it's going to be really really close this time I really don't care if he's a better or dead leaf because I can finish dips in the pull-ups like too fast I think I can I can beat them should be no second calisthenics guys or why not other calisthenics booze because maybe he don't turn really good for that and I am here just deal and for show people the character nice guys can win anything if you want if you train you can win anything if you want gonna be close and I think X bar is gonna be a part of the battle what desired humans I don't care about my enemy because I just caution so I'm pretty confident for tomorrow and I look forward and I think I'm gonna kick answers tomorrow so first can be ready I think I can beat you welcome to strength wars my brothers and sisters all over the world sit back try to relax but I promise you you'll be on the edge of your seat in no time when this is about to go down we have two warriors for you today the powerhouse from Armenia a calisthenics specialist for scar on the other side a guy you might already know he defeated Bertram in a very tight battle this is so Lewis okay my friends so get ready to rumble are you ready watch god yeah so are you ready so let's give this guy's round of applause in 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 Oh Oh very lazy this Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Joe what No disease goodnight Oh okay oops you can intensity my friends right mojo hi MA haha come on you can do it people are come on like right very strong tonight very nice my friend otherwise Oh Oh okay guys the Muslim yeah come come my crime Oh my friends are you already in the exigency can you hear the intensity the wrong power Edison house come on Joe just come arrest ago you're not I heard tiny yeah Oh you were amazing my friend very tight at the very end he never gave it up even though he knew he was behind this is the real fighting spirit she also lost my brother victory you


  1. Physique doesn't matter. Your strength and perseverance does

  2. Every person got their own strength and weakness, this guy got slow at pushups but fast in other areas.

  3. Respect the Calthenics 💪

  4. 8:23 9:45

  5. Both 👍

  6. Damn, that girl in the red on Joe’s side thick asf

  7. Is ur voice real?

  8. Only 22 and he looks like 35 it impacts of exercises

  9. This is so cheesy, oh my gosh

  10. Super zurück gekämpft nach dem Rückstand in den Klimmzügen Joe, Respekt an dich! Und Hut ab, für deine ganze Einstellung, hattest nicht so eine große Klappe wie Voskan. Bescheidenheit zahlt sich eben aus.

  11. Street win

  12. Is this a joke? They both tired from the START! XD

  13. Another armenian genocide…………

  14. If you tren hard, you can win anything.

  15. Fuk the asala ….

  16. very close….

  17. Террорист асала проиграл 🙂

  18. All that shit he talked and lost badly, lol. Clown.

  19. 0:41 He has 22 years? Wha?

  20. F.u.c.k terorrist asala. Counterterrorist WIN! Very good!

  21. I thought the Turks finished them all?

  22. Referees weren't fair regarding dips repetition quality in my opinion

  23. The stress lol

  24. Insssaaaaanity.. what did I just watch!

  25. That fucking beefcake wears an "A.S.A.L.A" shirt which referrers to an terrorist organization which assassinated Turks… I advise you do not show up in Turkey you son of a bitch… If got the balls, go for it and show up here while wearing the same shirt scumbag (;

  26. Be more humble next time my friend 😉 Self arrogance got you.

  27. You can tell that the calisthenics guy took it seriously for real

  28. 4:18 is that a pornstar on the right side?

  29. kevin wolter und so alle voll geschockt :DD

  30. Calisthenic atlet lose ? 😂

  31. saale voshan naam duba diya aur mehnat kar phir aayio

  32. C'est le Fianso du sport

  33. try to compare same as power lifter..

  34. At first, I said that I hope this calisthenic guy wins. Then I saw his f*ckin tshirt. Moron…

  35. Blood came from the A$$

  36. Fucking terorist

  37. Came here to see comments about the thumbnail

  38. loser terorist ahhahahah


  40. Ilan yan? Sabi ni Diana plss reply back.. Muah muah chupchup

  41. Lmfaooo the picture on the link tho

  42. Yes German man you are KING… Big mouth armenian got jammed

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