Menopause Treatment Charlotte, Cornelius, Huntersville, Davidson, Mooresville NC

welcome everybody to a boutique clinic the Charlotte Center for pelvic health i'm dr. jon heder Agia board-certified urologist specializing in female pelvic medicine here at our clinic we're using a revolutionary laser the Mona Lisa touch to restore vaginal health this revolutionary laser treats women suffering from painful intercourse vaginal dryness recurrent bladder infections and bladder leaks our office is the first in Charlotte to offer this therapy that requires no anesthesia and takes less than five minutes after the first treatment majority of my patients are experiencing significant improvements in sexual pleasure vaginal secretions and bladder control the procedure has changed my life changed my life and my husband's life before the procedure I was having a lot of problems with intercourse dryness painful sex and after my first procedure it was a hundred percent improvement the Mona Lisa laser has been fda-approved for more than two years however it has been available in Europe for many years with multiple clinical studies showing the long-term benefits in restoring the vaginal canal back to pre menopausal health it is an excellent treatment for women who do not want to take estrogen creams and in fact is the only treatment available for breast cancer survivors allowing these women to get back their confidence and intimacy and I'm so excited after the first treatment can't wait till my third treatment and my husband he's very happy too because he says it feels tighter and it's like we were twenty or thirty years old again and I'm thankful to dr. herawati for what he's doing if you are suffering from any of these symptoms coming for a complimentary consultation by me an expert in urology and female pelvic medicine you can gain your confidence and intimacy back you


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