Meghan Takes The President's Physical Fitness Challenge

all this month we're making the grade here on Fox giving you stories to help get this school year started this morning we're going to gym class to take part in a fitness test that is part of Ohio standards watch as I try to pass it running it's one of the best ways to know how fit you are I like the jogging across from there – Julie is one of the students practicing for a physical education test that they'll have to take during the school year the goal is to make it to the other side before the beat and the second time they get a Miss then they're finished or they can stop whenever they've reached whatever level they're trying to get to that level is then written down in the Miamisburg School District and across Ohio a fitness test is part of the Ohio State Standards one exercise down we have three more to go are you guys ready yeah all right go team on three leg stays nice and straight reach out okay thirteen and a half nice the goal is to reach between nine and twelve inches I barely passed I didn't keep the leg down by getting nine and nine yes with the fingernails nine flexibility aerobic capacity muscular strength and muscular endurance are the four areas tested they're graded as a one two or three a tubing methis Tanner 2/3 being exceeding the standard in a 1 the standard is not met so based on all the tests we are they're assessed on those the bar over there that was my favorite and my thing I did this over there – Jake did do great the kids are measured by age for instance a ten-year-old has to hold on for four seconds so PE teacher Jim Ulmer decided I had to do a pull-up hold for 15 seconds 15 16 17 18 19 20 all right 20 you know an hour a day is not that difficult to get your kids out to get them moving and become a much more healthy person most important thing is to have fun and these kids have a reminder for you great job Megan what we legit just watch her hang around for 20 seconds right and the whole time you were smiles you didn't stop smiling clutching my tea that was more of a grimace that a smile but it was a lot of fun and thanks to the kids out there in Miamisburg they were really excited to be part of the story all right well our participation in these things continues tomorrow I'm gonna kind of take my turn in driving a school bus actually who feels like it has hydraulics yeah handles pretty nice I think the challenge is getting used to the different turns Centreville has one of the largest bus fleets in the state almost 140 buses actually will ride along with one of the experts and show you what it takes to drive a bus is not just driving but all the rules and all the things you got to keep in mind I wasn't really out on the roads just so everybody shaking up real kids no you did pick up one fake kid at heart any guesses on who it could be right this is this will be good though yeah there's quite a tease there for tomorrow but you're the best-dressed bus driver I've ever seen oh thank you I just needed a hat and you didn't need the Hat and I should charged admission you should have if they don't do that they're not allowed to do you know I was a try and I thought was fantastic


  1. stupid fucking kids cant even count proper seconds

  2. Kids Think It's Fun?? My Class Thinks It's Hell P.E. Is A Living Nightmare To Everyone!😩

  3. Hey guess what the only say it's fun becouse there on tv

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